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Fashion blog with a sense of wanderlust. Always beachy, boho and tropical, 'The Daily Luxe' is your one stop for Summer style.

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  • 04/27/15--16:14: The Look: The New Glamour
    Gone are the days where the ball gown is the epitome of elegance, it's time to embrace the new work-play staple: The culotte. Add a pair of classic drop earrings and you're ready to go!


    Lace Top: Local Boutique
    Culottes: TEMT
    Heels: Tony Bianco
    Neck scarf and Rings: Lovisa
    Bag: Oroton for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

    Photography by Matthew Barlow

    I've been coveting culottes for a while now. I finally managed to get my hands on this timeless black pair and I was pleasantly surprised at how flattering they are. Pair shape girls: take not! Culottes add movement to your lower half in a slimming manner.

    Being the perfect work to play basic, I decided to give them a good old glam-up. I added this stunning off-the-shoulder lace top.

    And what is a glamorous look without a pair of statement, yet classic earrings? I received these stunning antique pearl earrings from Pearl and Clasp. They offer an array of stunning freshwater pearl earrings and also offer pearl re-stringing for those vintage beauties that you want to bring back to life. With cubic zirconia and genuine pearls, these earrings reminded me of something Marilyn Monroe or Jacqueline Kennedy would have in their satin-lined jewellery boxes.

    This is glamor 2.0, for the woman who works hard and plays hard.


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    As I was carefully hiding another purchase at the back of the wardrobe, I was hoping he wouldn't come into the room.

    I've always been a master of the excuses: 'babe, it's not new, I've had it for aaages', 'it was so cheap' or everyone's personal favorite: 'erm... I needed it?'

     (Image from
    Above: me on a good day

    It's safe to say that our other halves will NOT understand the point of our newest ASOS haul.

    As I sit and ponder (and make excuses for my shopping habits) I was wondering, why? Why do a lot of women find the need to have a wardrobe brimming with the latest trends, when their male counterpart is just as happy in their 5 year old jeans and tee combo.

    Surely it's scientific.

    After hours of academic research (called Google), here's five reasons your man will never understand your new purchase.

    1. The Caveman Complex
    Ok, so I named this theory, however, linked male and female shopping habits to our Neanderthal counterparts. Apparently, the modern man enters a shop, 'hunts' that one item they were looking for and leaves. The woman on the other hand forages through racks and racks of pretty dresses before they choose 'the one'. Get me to the cave, I mean the shopping centre... pronto!


    2. Bros Before Clothes
    Maybe your man wants to dress in the latest trends? There's just one thing that's stopping him: his mates. Sociologist Gidone Savareikaite puts it down just to this, stating that 'men are afraid of dressing the way they want to because they don't want to be teased, especially excluded from the community' (source). The result? The good old jeans and tee combo...


    3. You Are A 'Social Catalyst' or 'Cultural Artist'
    Upon analysis of female shoppers, discovered 4 distinct types of female shoppers. Which one do you think you are?

    1. The content resposibles (practical, loyal, efficient)
    These ladies are hassle-free and not swayed by social status. They see shopping as a chore. They make up 20% of the female population and sit alongside our boyfs as those who don't get shopping and trends.

    2. The natural hybrids (confident, balanced, classic)
    34% of women sit in this category. They buy classic, long-lasting products over trends. They sometimes like to try new products.

    3. The social catalysts (social, smart, trendy)
    These ladies plan and organize, but keep up with the latest trends. This group is the majority of women (35%)

    4. The cultural artists (creative, impulsive, adventurous)
    11% of women are in this category of big spenders. They are the key influences in fashion food. health and beauty. They shop for fun and love to try new things.

    I bet $50 (to spend on shoes) that your partner does not understand your shopping habits if you fall in the latter two categories. Guilty as charged!

    4. Eat, Sleep, Shop, Repeat
    Lawrence Colberg's cognitive development theory states that we learn behaviors that we see from our respective genders as a child and repeat them. Could it be then that men have just 'learnt' never to place shopping and fashion on a level of high importance?

    I guess this explains why your boyfriends dad/ brother/ uncle/ nephew all never understand your shopping habits either. Similarly, what are your mums shopping habits like? I don't know about yours, but my mum loves a good bargain!

    It may seem like its in the genes, or jeans, more appropriately, but who knows... it could be learnt.

    5. They Just Want Their Big Boy Toys
    Whereas women crave looking great through fashion, our other halves would rather save up for that crazy splurge that make them look accomplished or give them a certain sense of power. Chances are your man would love a boat, jet ski or Mercedes-Benz. Then again... so would we!

    Photo source:

    Over to you: Is your other half baffled by your fashion purchases?

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  • 05/03/15--18:54: The Look: A Haute Harvest
  • Overalls: they would appear under 'tricky trend' in the fashion dictionary alongside their saucy vintage sisters harem pants. I LOVE a good challenge and threw on this stunning black pair, added a plain tee and statement necklace and went time traveling to the pioneering days...


     Overalls: Style Moi
    T-shirt and Necklace: Sportsgirl
    Slides: American Eagle
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch
    Bag: From a market
    Rings: Lovisa

    Although it may look like I'm on the set for some sort of Western movie, I won't be becoming the new Clint Eastwood anytime soon. These photos were actually taken during a day at 'Herberton Historic Village', an open-air pioneer 'museum' in Far North Queensland that literally transported you back to the pioneer days. Old shops, houses and farming equipment were all of plenty and many guests even donned the traditional pioneer clothing. My personal highlight was cuddling some adorable donkeys eeeekk! Just call me the crazy donkey lady! Eeeyyyoreeee!

    Anyway... the outfit. I've never owned a pair of full-length overalls before, but this black pair from Style Moi caught my eye and I gave them a good styling! I added this chambray tee and statement feather necklace to dress down the black fabric and went all-out farmer girl with this horse printed bag that I picked up for a pretty penny at a local market. I think these super classy Tory Burch sunnies stopped it looking too much like I was about to go to a barn dance. I got these babies with a Sunglass Hut voucher I won at Fashion Week- Score!

    What do you think of overalls?
    AND, more importantly, how would you style them?

    Wishing you a wonderfully stylish week,


    P.S. The title is a bit cringe, but what the heck? I love a good pun!

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  • 05/08/15--04:27: The Look: Ariel
    Once upon a time Mermaids remained in story books and Disney blockbusters. Inject the little mermaid into your wardrobe with a split and flared jumpsuit. This is fantasy, meets boho, meets classic Grecian...

    Jumpsuit: Style Moi
    Jewellery: Lovisa

    Sometimes you can completely take your surroundings in your every day life for granted and whilst standing on this stunning, sandy beach shooting these photos, I realized I'd become one of those people. Am I crazy? Yeessiree! I live in the hard back, coffee-table photograph of paradise, which, whilst growing up in dreary old Yorkshire (I love you really) I could only dream of.

    Onto this mighty white ensemble. I'm not going to lie, white always scares me a little because I'm so clumsy- cue splatters of sauce, makeup stains and general, unclassified dirt... argghh! But I'll be extra careful with this white, lace detailed jumpsuit. It is officially my favorite item in my wardrobe; it ticks the 70s bohemian trend box beautifully and looks insane with a tan. 

    But the best bit is the flared slits, they sort of whoosh in the breeze as you walk so it gives you an excuse to strut down the beach like Cara Delevigne's weirdo sister. AND, is it just me or is it totally like having a mermaid tail?

     This week I'm gonna look extra hard at my surroundings; they are something to be grateful for!


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    As a fashion blogger, a common question I often get asked is ‘how would you describe your personal style?’ I’m not gonna lie, at first I answered this query with a confused, raised-eyebrow look. **Insert emoji with confused face here** Translation: I knew what my personal style was, my mouth just couldn’t put it into a few, simple words. 

    If you were to ask me now I would say modern bohemian with a sprinkling of timelessness. Although my slightly-cringey description of my personal style now seems as clear as some sort of recipe, it wasn’t always this way. Personal style is something that develops with age and continues to develop throughout our lives. 

    But one things for sure; personal style is all about expression. It’s our personality, tastes and vibes expressed through fashion as a form. It makes us feel confident. It makes us feel unique.

    ‘But what is MY personal style?’ I hear you girrrlll! Keep reading for five simple steps to help you develop your own personal style.

    1. Find a handful of celebs whose style you love
    A quick google of ‘celebrity street style’ will give you a whole caboodle of fashionistas. Select a handful whose styles you really admire. The trick here is to choose something you would feel amazing in wearing yourself.

    Got your list? Give it a good look over and jot down what these fashionistas have in common. Maybe they all have a preppy look? They wear a lot of colour perhaps? Or maybe they echo to a certain era in style? And here you have the elemental underlay of your own personal style…

     Poppy, Olivia and Alexa never get it wrong! (Images from and

    2. Find 2 outfits you already own that you feel fab in
    We all have those failsafe go-to outfits that we feel a million dollars in. Get out those babies! Now ask yourself, what is it about this that makes me feel so confident? 

    -          Is it a particular colour or shape?

    -          How does it flatter your body?

    -          Does it give off a certain vibe?

    -          What fabric is it made from?
    Once we know the answer to these questions, it will help us make better clothing choices in the future. The result? A wardrobe full of fabulousness!
    I will always feel awesome in this dress. 

    Why? 1- The slits elongate the legs. 2- Timeless fabric. 3- quirky shape. 4- Draws in at my slim waist. 5- Chambray blue suits my skin tone. 6- Gives off a laid-back, yet classic vibe.

    3. Be Open To The New
    If you’re not happy with your personal style, chances are you’re not taking enough risks! Do you live in your denim? Try a quirkier denim dress or shirt.  Taking those all important baby steps are massively important in personal style development.
    Disclaimer: Trying something new is one thing, doing a full-blow Miley Cyrus is on a whole new (disturbing) level... (Photo from

     4. Think Of Yourself As A Pinterest Board
    The key rule of personal style is: DON’T PUT YOURSELF INTO ONE STRICT CATEGORY. You ARE NOT just one type of chocolate, you are a combination of the whole darn box! (Anyone else really want Quality Street now?) 

    Think of yourself as a Pinterest board, you are many elements of different style types. After all, it’s so boring to be a stereotype! Be the trend setter instead!

    Speaking of Pinterest boards, start an inspiration board where you can pin anything you come across that you really like and inspires you. This can be anything from the hottest bloggers looks, to a pair of shoes from a random boutique, to a certain print on a wallpaper.

    5. Know Your Body Type

    Think of your fave fashionista, why does she always look so stylish **swoon**? Chances are that she knows her body type like the back of her perfectly moisturised hand. And you can too…

    Thanks Daily Mail, for this cheeky diagram!
    Now, it's time to highlight your best ass..erm, I mean assets! Are you a pear shape? Draw the eye to that teeny waist/ Lean column? You've got those legs, honey, show em off! A general rule is- let the fabric skim and hide those bits your not confident on and have it come in or sit snugly around your hot bod parts! 

    I feel like body types is a whole other article..... Coming soon!! (#bookmarkthissite)

    How would you describe your personal style?


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    The wonderful fashion-fairy godmothers from 'The Shopping Bag' sent me this incredible quilted jacket. Timeless, classic and with just the right amount of quirk... I'm looking forward to wearing this baby for the balmy Aussie nights.


     Jacket: The Shopping Bag (Buy It here) Use code THEDAILYLUXE for 25% off
    Top: Ava and Eva
    Shoes and Clutch: Tony Bianco
    Sunglasses: Rayban
    Jeans: Sportsgirl

    Here at 'The Daily Luxe', we (well, I) love a good bit of luxury on a budget (luxe every day: get it?) and this quilted jacket from The Shopping Bag is so similar to Chanel pieces I have seen throughout the years.

     With it's high-sheen quilted effect and chic gold chain detailing, it echoes the classic Chanel 2.55 bag. As a matter of fact, Lagerfeld himself sent an array of quilted beauties down his 2016 'Brasserie De Gabrielle'. Throw your hands in the air for designer luxury on a budget a la 'The Shopping Bag'! Woop Woop!

    Today I combined my new jacket with a flash of flesh (hello sit ups and burpees- this is your result) in this mint crop and threw on some high waist jeans because I don't like showing too much tummy. My Tony Bianco black clutch and pointed pumps have made yet another appearance! Although crazy myths may tell you we do,bloggers do not have an unending corridor of accessories.... (if only!)

      I can't wait to throw this jackett nonchalantly over the shoulder with denim or to edge up a feminine maxi dress. And The Shopping Bag have treated you lovely readers too, you can shop away with 25% off (yes, like, a quarter- eee!) by entering the code THEDAILYLUXE at the checkout.

    Here's my wishlist. Oh gosh.. that parfum Paris bag **heart eyes**....
    Get 25% off all these lovely pieces by hopping onto The Shopping Bag and entering THEDAILYLUXE at the checkout! 


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    Here's a shocking fact for you: women spend a whopping 55 minutes a day on their hair! **Gasp**

    Who would rather spend 5? Yes, I thought so...

    Although my life is literally ran by fashion (as is anyone's who works in this industry), there are some days that I prefer to take an, erm... understated approach (trans: lazy) to hair styling. So I've composed a list of my four fave hair creations for you to feast yours eyes on. (Albeit photos of my mug is hardly a feast...)

    HAIR CARE, on the other hand, is a totally different matter. Healthy hair means happy me and I've become accustomed to a daily blow drying treatment with Redken Diamond Oil. And the good news? I have 3 bottles to giveaway to you guys!

    Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the giveaway. Good luck :)

    1. The Full-Head Braid

    Good for: If you haven't washed your hair in a few days!

    This is my go to greasy hair look. The best thing about it is that people are like 'oh my gosh, how did you do that?, when, in reality, I rolled out of bed and did it in two mins.

    1. Spritz on your fave dry shampoo.
    2. Part your hair in a deep side down near you ear.
    3. From the ear begin a Dutch French braid (this is basically where you cross the pieces of hair over each other, rather than under as you do in a normal plait) across your head.
    4. Once you reach your lengths, continue to braid and then wrap your braid around your crown and pin under where you originally started the braid.

    I think this look is very 'Game of Thrones', and yes, I confess: I am a total GOT nerd (insert looser chant here). Stansa Stark: Eat your ginger little heart out.

    2. The Half Top Knot

    Good for: if you are feeling a bit quirky.

    My boyfriend calls this my 'Samurai hair'; shows you how much men know about hair trends, ey? This is probably the hair I sport the most often, there's just something I like about it.

    1. Take the top half of your hair and scoop into a high pony.
    2. Wind into a bun and secure with a hair tie.
    3. Pin down any fly-aways with bobby pins.

    3. The Twist and Pin
    Good for: A quick injection of volume.

    I NEVER straighten my hair and as someone with very naturally fine and flat hair, simply backcombing never gives me that Brigitte Bardot- style volume. Then I learnt this easy hair style and voila!

    1. Lightly backcomb the top layer of your hair.
    2. Take a section from behind your ear and twist away from your head and secure with bobby pins.

    4. The Low Pony

    Good for: Showing off a pair of statement earrings.

    I think there's something really beachy and understated about a textured, low ponytail. Unlike it's high, horsey sister, this look is a lot more grown up...

    1. Backcomb hair.
    2. Secure loosely at the nape of the neck behind the ear.
    3. Pull out strands around face.

    Feeling a bit glam? Simply curl the stray strands. Boom!

    Redken Diamond Oil Giveaway

    After discovering that Redken Diamond Oil was THE product that Fashion Week Hairstylists used to keep the models' hair healthy, I was hooked! I mean, if it works on models who put their hair through that much heat and styling trauma, it was sure to work on me!

    Bingo! My hair is silky, shiny and healthy; no wonder they call the product 'Shatterproof Shine'

    Its shine strong complex contains coriander, camelina and apricot oil, which smooth, soften and condition hair for that supermodel shine! It also rebuilds surface protection and strengthens the hairs core. LUXURY!

    This pricey product is only available at salons.

    I have three bottles of this awesome stuff to give to my lovely readers. Just a way of saying thank you for supporting 'The Daily Luxe.' The giveaway is International so everyone is welcome :)

    The more tasks you complete, the more entries you have :)

    Enter below:
    Win 1 of 3 Bottles of Redken Diamond Oil

    If the app doesn't work, click here>> 
      (The products used in the giveaway were sourced by myself. This IS NOT a  sponsored post)

    What's your go-to hair look?


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    Embracing the 70s trend with a casual, modern edge in the Tropical Australian Rainforest. Florals, fringe and tree hugging permitted.

    Necklace: Lovisa (Buy a similar piece here)
    Head Chain: Local Market (Buy a similar piece here)
    Sandals: Birkenstock (Buy here)

    My regular readers will be well aware of my love for all things seventies-bohemian. And this time: I took it to a whole new level! Fringes? Check! Coloured suede? Check! Florals? Check! Hippy hair chain? Check.

    Just box me up and send me to Coachella!

    These photos were take in the stunning tropical Australian rainforest, so I could quite literally and appropriatly (with this bohemian look) be a tree hugger.

    I think this love-affair of all things 70s in here to stay, so grab your notebook, put on some old Woodstock tunes and dance around like a crazy idiot whilst looking at some my fave casual 70s picks.... (I don't judge... girl: I'm joining in!)

    Save (these pieces are under $40 AUD- woweee)
    $25.99, Ally Fashion

    Dress, $40, Boohoo
    Dress, $10, Boohoo

    Spend (An acceptable, yet wallet-lightening $50-$200 AUD)
    Cape, $130, French Connection

    Dress, $162, Free People
    Bag, $158, Rebecca Minkoff


    P.S. there's till time to enter my Redken international giveaway here

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    **Sings** Everybody.... rock your body! Rock your body right! Backstreets'The Luxe' is back alright!

    Ladies: it's time for round two of my series on finding your personal style! (You can check out my first post here).  This time, it's all about dressing for your figure and flaunting what your mamma gave ya! Cos honey... we all have those individual and unique features and assets and it's time to ROCK THEM!

    What's My Shape?
    Although there is inevitably a huge array of body shape variations (that would take me months of text to cover), scientists and celebrity stylists alike have cleverly pin-pointed four shapes that focus on your proportions.  

     It's time to enter the fashion fruit bowl..... (nom nom nom)

    (Photo from 

    .... Feeling fruity? Maybe you are An Apple Shape?
    These busty babes are characterized by a body ratio that is top heavy.

    Do you:
    • Tend to carry your weight around your tummy?
    • Have a small waist to hip ratio? (i.e. your waist is larger than your hips and booty)
    • Wear a smaller size in trousers than in tops?

    ....Are you all about that bass? Maybe you are A Pear Shape?
    And your body's too Bootilicious for you babe... (ok, no more song puns I promise) Welcome to the pear shape club (with meeee!)

    Do you:
    • Have a large breast to hip ratio. (i.e. your hips are much wider than your breasts and tummy)
    • Tend to carry your weight on your thighs and booty?
    • Consider your waistline as your smallest part?
    • Wear a larger size in trousers than in tops?
     ... Got a Monroe-esque bikini bod? Maybe you are An Hour Glass Shape?
    Your breast and hip ratio are equal and you are cinched in by that teeny waist.

    Do you:
    • Wear the same size in tops and trousers?
    • Have equally wide breasts and hips?
    • Consider your waistline your smallest part?
    ....  These fruity figs seem unrelatable to you? Maybe you are A Rectangle Shape?

    Do you:
    • Wear the same size in all clothes?
    • Hold your weight equally all-over your body?
    • Have equal/ similar body measurements in your breasts, waist and hips?

    So, first things first... choose your shape...

    (Photo from
    Perfect Pear as perfectly demonstrated by Miss Bootilicious herself.

    (Photo from imgarcade,com)
    The Hourglass hottie a la Halle

    (Photo from 
    The Alluring Apple like the original 'Pretty Woman'

    (Photo from cleo, 
     The Ravishing Rectangle like beautiful Kiera.

    An important note: Some of you guys may be thinking that these ladies are all very slim: true! And sadly, I apologise... But rest assured that body shape isn't about dress size, it's all about those proportions girrlllllllll! Hopefully one day the internet will supply pictures of celebs above a size 12 in bikinis that are not purposefully insulting :(

     Anyhow, there's my wee body image rant over. Here's the nitty gritty!

    Although all four body shapes are incredibly different (like cheese and chocolate, you might say!), the rules of dressing have the same motive:
    Draw attention to you best assets!

    Apple Shape

    Ah.. apples! You guys have those wonderful slim legs ad hips that us pear shapes could only dream of... So, let's draw attention to those pins!

    Your tummy is where you store those cheeky treats, so the secret here is to not draw attention to this area in order to balance out your top heavy bod. So highlight those shoulders!

    • Flowy tops
    • Off-shoulder shapes.
    • Swing coats, tops and dresses.
    • High waist A-line and skater skirts.
    • Low rise, straight leg jeans or trousers
    • Wear tops and dresses that start to flow out from just under the bust.

    • Body con tops and dresses.
    • Midriff tops.
    • High waist bodycon or pencil skirts.
    • Waist belts

    Try These

    Pear Shape

    Girlllll you have a seriously envious waist: THIS is where you want to draw the attention to. By dressing like a superstar, you can balance out that heavy lower half. 

    •  Fit and flare dresses.
    • Crop tops
    • High waist skater and A-line skirts
    • Wide leg belted pants
    • Embellished necklines and tops
    • Layer up on the top half
    • Waist belts

    • Short shorts
    • Baggy or swing tops
    • Trumpet skirts
    • Low rise trousers or jeans
    • Babydoll or smock shapes
    • Bodycon skirts

    Try These

    Hour Glass Shape
    Hey sexy lady, you have all the right curves in all the right places and it's time to show 'em off! Cinch in  that tiny waist and let those perfectly proportioned curves do the talking.

    • Wrap dresses
    • Waist belts
    • Body con shapes
    • Crop tops
    • Tight fitting tops and dresses
    • Skater dresses and skirts
    • Pencil skirts
    • Cut-out waists

    • Baggy dresses and tops
    • Babydoll/ smock shapes
    • Crop jackets/ layers   

    Try These

    Rectangle Shape
    Well, aren't you one lucky pup? Why, you ask? Because you can wear anything! 

    However, to create the illusion of sexy curves, it's important to highlight your waist as your most cinched in part. How do you do that? Read on...


    • Add volume with A-line, skater and trumpet skirts.
    • Waist belts
    • High waist shorts, trousers and skirts
    • Cut outs 
    • Wide leg pants
    • Crop tops
    • Bodycon skirts and dresses

    •  Combine baggy tops and bottoms.

    Try This

    Now you know the ins and outs of your body shape, it's time to rock it!


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    Each season seems to provide that new 'tricky trend.' Hello flares, I'm talking about you! Although I confess that I was a little skeptical about flared sleeves at first, seeing my second 'Ellery' show at Australian Fashion Week literally got me craving that over-sized flared sleeve in my wardrobe. Luckily, Zaful provided me with a bargain-hunters blissful alternative...

    Flared sleeve shirt: Zaful (Get it here)
    Skirt: Local boutique
    Shoes: Tony Bianco

    Photography by Matthew Barlow

    I am loving this top; it totally looks like it could have been stolen from 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch's wardrobe.' I bet she would have worn it and time traveled to the 70s....ok... now I'm just going bonkers. #Chill

    I was searching for that little black flare top for a while now, and luckily, the wonderful folks at Zaful provided this happily. And guess what? It's only 17 bucks! Boom! And it sure as hell doesn't look it, the quality is fabulous and, with the funky and cute little tie at the back, it fits like a glove. They've also got loads of other pretty little bargains that I have my keen eye one. Cos, as you all know, I have a bargain-hunting shopping addiction.


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    Living down under and having an international audience can be a wee bit baffling when it comes to seasons. As many of you lovely Europeans and American's are excitedly whipping out your swimwear, the southern regions of where I live are covered in snow. Confusing? Yes-sir-ree!

    Although I'm currently a Southern Hemisphere-dweller, June will always equate to me with the start of Summer. I shall always be a Brit chic at heart! Plus: I live in the tropics, so, from a British point of view, it's always summer.

    Whether in good old Blighty or here in Aus, the denim trend rules, with 70s shapes and ripped boyfriend jeans winning the stakes alike. So, wherever you may be, and whether it's snowy or sweaty, you can do denim and here's how....

    This is how to wear denim at 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 degrees (Celsius that is!)

     30 Degrees
    Woah... you live in a Scorcher? You're probably reading this thinking 'gosh... denim sounds super sweaty in this oven-like weather', but stop: chambray time! Chambray is such a breezier, lighter alternative to denim, but still has that 'denimy' sort of look. Boo-ya!

    May I suggest a flowy, chambray dress paired with sandals?

    Or perhaps a long-line chambray button-up vest used as a cute bikini coverup?

    Get The Look

    Dip hem dress- $30, Button up dress- $36, Swimsuit- $29, Denim Shirt- $32, All Style Moi

    25 Degrees 
    Mmmmm... this.. weather is bliss, paradise...ah! Embrace that beautiful sunshine and new found tan full-throttle, with the perfect pair of distressed denim shorts. 

    Keep the look classy with a feminine off-the-shoulder blouse.

    Or tuck in a wrap-around top.

    Get The Look

    Wrap shirt- $26, Shorts- $29 , Paper bag waist shorts- $29, Off-shoulder top- $36

     20 Degrees
    Ok.. I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually freezing my butt off when it's 25 degrees; but, once again, I'm used to tropical climates. For most people, 20 degrees is temperate.

    Is it just me or is there something so chic about a denim shirt tucked into a flared midi skirt? It's totally warm enough for that bit of bare leg too!

    Or switch it around and tuck a mono-colour shirt into a denim skater skirt.

    Get The Look


    15 Degrees
    Ok, so this is that bizarre temperature that some of us may be shivering in, but some may be like 'ah... it's so warm.' Ahhh the British! This midi temperature calls for a cover-up, and a full-sleeved all-over denim look is enough to keep off the chill!

    Try simple denim separates to hit the double denim trend bang on the head. 

    Or if you're feeling experimental opt for an industrial-style all-in-one jumpsuit.

    Get The Look

     10 Degrees
    Brrrr, it's a bit chilly outside. Although it's not exactly snowing, you don't want to skimp down on layers. So, let's get snug!

    Ripped slim-fit jeans and oversized roll-neck jumpers make a warmly refreshing combination. Hint: If it's extra chilly, layer on long-sleeved tees and leggings underneath.

    Still chilly? Throw on a blanket coat. Oh so chic...

    Get The Look

    5 Degrees
    Hello Southern Aussie sisters; hope you're not turning into ice cubes. How do you melt ice? By looking hot! **Cringe** Layering is the key to perfect cold weather style, and denim basics create the perfect canvas for throwing together something wonderful.

    Keep it textured! Start with a basic long sleeve jumper, then layer on a denim jacket. Finally top it off with a faux fur jacket and you are winter ready!
     Get The Look

    What's the weather like where you are?


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  • 06/05/15--04:32: The Look: Rust and Rubble
  • There is something so earthy and warm about wearing terracotta shades and judging by the lashings of rust at Australian Fashion Week, this colour is going right to the top of the trend stakes.


    Dress: Boohoo (Get it here)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get it here)
    Bag: Prada
    Shoes: Just Jeans
    Earrings: From a market in Greece

    Photos by Matthew Barlow 

    Hello June! It may sound strange, but 'Winter' has arrived in tropical Australia.  Ok, so my climate is not exactly a full-thruttle 'Game Of Thrones' style 'winter is coming', hide in fear kinda thing. To be honest, in my opinion, it's still summer. 

    The 'Winter' months give me the perfect excuse to buy clothes in new, and more neutral, tones. (But, hey, as if I need an excuse). This Boohoo off-the-shoulder number ticks all the boxes for me. I've been lusting (like a crazy school girl) over this terracotta shade ever since it featured heavily in several designers collections at Australian Fashion Week. And now I finally have this luxe on a budget piece hanging in my super-duper-crammed wardrobe.

    What's your new 'it' colour?



    P.S. Ohmygosh how often do I talk about the weather? How stereotypically British of me.

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    With #green becoming the fastest growing movement of the insta-generation, it's time to embrace sustainability in all it's chicness. Gone are the days where sustainable= NOT fashion forward. Today I bring you a (slightly cringey) eco-inspired editorial taken by little, old (unphotogenic) me, alongside 'Naja'; the sustainable swimwear line made from 100% recycled bottles. How crazy is that?

     Jewellery from Lovisa
    Top from Sportsgirl

    I picked up this cute earthy tiara, alongside the matching rings and earrings, with the thought of doing some sort of creative alongside the lines of  'eco Queen'.  However being cooped up with glandular fever with all my collaborative buddies studying hard for Uni exams and knowing absolutely zero models, I decided that I would shoot myself in my back yard. DON'T WORRY: I mean with my Nikon! 

    So... Rach; how do I encourperate eco chic into my wardrobe this Summer?

    I'm glad you asked! 

    'Naja' is eco luxe at it's very best. The sexy, yet sustainable brand uses profits to educate women in third world countries. The program, named 'Underwear For Hope', trains Columbian mothers to sew, then hires them to create their own designer-on-a-budget beauties. 

    Through every purchase, women will be given the life skill of sewing. And even better; every bra will directly employ one of these impoverished mothers. Customers will receive a hand-crafted bra bag that has been lovingly sewn by a mother in the 'Underwear For Hope' program.

    We're all about girl power here at 'The Daily Luxe', so 'buy a bra and give a single mother work.'
    Need a new bra? These boob-i-licious beauts will benefit your rack and an impoverished single-mothers wallet. Double whammy!

    Looking for that perfect summer swimsuit?

    They say one mans trash is another's treasureand 'Naja' makes this literal. The red-hot swimsuits are made from recycled plastic bottles. And guess what? They totally look like they have just come from the Miami swim catwalk?

    Here's some of my top picks. It's hard to believe that these babies started off as bottles:

    Get $15 off your first purchase by clicking here  


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  • 06/14/15--02:21: The Look: Chevron Duo

  • There's some kind of off-duty model, effortlessness that comes alongside throwing on a pair of co-ords.

    Number one: That tiny little slither of skin that makes them all the more bit sexier and summer-friendly then a dress.

    Number two: The two piece base makes them a must-have layering basic.

    Number three: Versace, DVF, Giambattista Valli... Need I say more?!

    When vintage-inspired boutique Rose Gal asked me to choose a piece from their website, my heart jumped as soon as I saw this chevron two piece. Finally: A monochrome print that I don't actually have in my wardrobe... Until now!

    Chevron co-ords: Rose Gal (Get it here)
    Denim Jacket: Vintage
    Necklace: Lovisa
    Hat: Factorie

    I'm lovin' these co-ords! The midi length skirt makes them a really classy choice and makes the little (wobbly- haha) tummy gap totally excusable. I'm incredibly impressed with 'Rose Gal's quality; these co-ords are soft, durable and super-duper comfy! And #bargainalert, this lovely duo will cost you a miniscule $22.50 AUD (11 pounds, $16 USD). This lovely vintage-inspired fashion hub is an array of bargain beauties.  Can I get a 'woop woop?'

    The beauty of co-ords is that they are super easy to layer (sorry for the repeat: I'm not a parrot, I promise!) For the little tropical chill that is our Winter, I threw on this vintage denim jacket and added some heat with a red necklace and lips combo. Because, as Marilyn Monroe quite perfectly proved: blonde's can rock a scarlet lip!

    Blogger Of The Month
    I spend far much time checking out new blogs, but this month there was one impressive new blogger that particularly stood out to me. I'd like to introduce you guys to Lilibuzz: An Armenian fashion and beauty blogger, that despite having only blogged for a few months, provides super professional and fun content!

    Plus: How cute is her layout! #Majorcrush

    I am especially loving her newest outfit post, in which she rocks both the muted nude and wrap-coat trends to perfection: you can check it out here. Check out her blog at

    What print are you currently coveting?


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    (Photo from
    It’s 1953 in downtown Los Angeles and the cameras are in clear focus in the 20th Century Fox Studios. The camera pans down to display a sparkling sight that would soon become engraved in feminine history. Marilyn Monroe is literally dripping in diamonds. ‘Square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don’t loose their shape… diamonds are a girls best friend.’
    Fast forward 60 years and this sparkly mantra still runs strong. Timeless, delicate and everlasting; the perfect piece of gemstone and diamond jewellery can last a girl a lifetime. 

    Angara, trans, ‘the fire within’ provides classic, handcrafted gemstone jewellery at shimmering prices and today ‘The Daily Luxe’ is gonna get a whole lot more sparkly…

    Don’t know which gemstone to choose? Read on for the ultimate guide to choosing the right piece for your personality…

    Love and Passion Your Thing? Go For Ruby
    With its scorching red tones and regal associations, it should come as no surprise that ruby is in-fact the most powerful gem in the universe. But before you begin warbling ‘I’ve got the power’, make sure to wear your ruby ring on your left hand, as it helps you to be more powerful in bed (ooo-aye!) No wonder Mrs Beckham chose this as her engagement ring!

    Whether classic or vintage, pear of square, Angara has got your ruby ring fix covered.

    If you’re born in July this is your birth stone! Rock it!
    Bring out your inner fire with a ruby necklace. Can I have one of each please?

    Are you spiritual & wise? Sapphire’s Your Gem!
    Throughout history this ethereal blue beauty has had close connotations with the Divine, the spiritual and good judgement. Wear it close to your heart in a necklace to bring order to the mind and turn those ever-yearning ideas into reality. Hello next Steve Jobs!

    Sapphire rings have become synonymous with Royal engagement rings. I’m sure your mum (or maybe you) will remember Princess Diana’s perfect Sapphire engagement ring. **Drools** More recently, the same ring graces Kate Middleton’s hand. Oh, to have Royal hand me downs!

    The best part? Maybe you can get your own Princess ring! **Leave this page open for your partner to ‘stumble upon.’ **

    Flower Child? Get some Emerald!
    ‘All green of nature is concentrated within the emerald’, making it an inaugural element in freshness and vitality. If Spring, flowers and the beauty of nature is your calling, I suggest you invest in this timeless gem.

    And if you’re born in June, you have an extra reason to: this is your birthstone!
    Like to be a little different? Hello Tanzanite!
    This baby’s almost like the hipster version of Sapphire; still the same dreary blue, but it comes with that oh-so-cool side of underated-ness. It’s been crowned as ‘the gem of the 21st Century’ and has been known to have calming and soothing effects.

    Being ‘the gem of the moment’ means that tanzanite has a huge celebrity following. Who wouldn’t love to copy SJP’s necklace or Lilly’s earrings?

    Claw Set Tanzanite and Diamond Double Halo Pendant With Fine LatticeworkClaw Set Pear Tanzanite and Diamond Halo Dangling Earrings

     Finished drooling over all these diamonds yet?

    Shop now to enjoy an additional 15% Off on your purchase. Apply coupon code ‘GIFTS’ at checkout and receive the best jewelry deal ever. One super-exciting advantage of shopping from Angarais that the store offers you a free jewelry gift with your buy and other benefits of free shipping and 30-day returns.

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  • 06/19/15--03:24: The Look: Classy St Mawes
    Trends: they come and go with the seasons, but some pieces are forever. Today's look juxtaposes a very 70s-trend-led look of fringing and lace with a classic leather and Swarovski timepiece from Daniel Wellington*.

    Top: Style Moi
    Skirt: She Inside
    Denim Shorts: Jay Jays
    Slides: American Eagle
    Clutch: Ugg Australia
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch

    My hunt for the perfect everyday watch has come to a glistening end; thanks to the lovely team at Daniel Wellington. When faced with choosing one of their classic, timeless watches, my eyes were quickly caught by the 'Classy St Mawes' model. This piece of utter leather lusciousness is dotted with elegant Swarovski stones around the dial; meaning my life has a little bit of sparkle at every hour.  With smooth Japanese-quartz movement and a ultra-sleek dial of just 6mm, this Swedish timepiece is perfect for dressing up or down.

    And how cute is the brown leather strap? I feel like it is actually my personal style in a watch; that laid back beachy-ness of the leather strap, together with the classic glamor of the Swarovski crystals. It's water resistant too- perfect for my humid, tropical climate.

    Inspired by 'preppy perfection' and classic Swedish minimalism, the folks at Daniel Wellington strive for perfection in every single model. And, I can safely say, my 'Classy St Mawes' watch is yet  to leave my wrist. And the best thing? It matches EVERYTHING in my wardrobe! Daniel Wellington offers an array of modern classics and there's one for every lady or gent with impeccable taste.

    The Daniel Wellington team are also offering you lovely jubblies 15% off!! Simply enter the code Rachel15 at the checkout. Boom!

    To check out the full collection head to and follow their drool-worthy Insta-feed @danielwellingtonwatches & the hashtag #danielwellington.


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  • 06/22/15--01:03: 10 Ways To Style A Bustier
  • Bustiers, bralettes, corsets: whatever you call them, these sexy underwear-as-outerwear pieces are so understated when it comes to hitting it high in the style stakes. Although the idea of wearing something so 'revealing' could scare the pants off you, there are so many styling options that make this piece heavenly for layering.

    Whether you're in scorching Europe and ready to bare all, or want to wear your fave summer bustier for the Aussie winter, here's 10 clever styling ideas that will blow your mind.... (Boom! My mind just blew- see...)

    1. 'Ello Sailor

    Ooh-lala! This inspiration looks like it's been taken straight from the French Riveria. Team an otherwise revealing bralet with a super chic stripe jacket and bottoms combo. Don't have stripes in the wardrobe? A colour block jacket and bottom combo would work a treat too. Add a statement necklace if you feel like your cleavage is over-ruling your look.
    2. Layer Over A Simple, White Shirt
    My personal favorite, this clever pairing of a crisp white shirt and a patterned bustier can take you from the office to the dance floor. Add some ripped boyfriend jeans for a weekend-worthy look, or slide on a pencil skirt and watch that promotion roll in. Extra style points for pointy shoes. Is it just me, or does the pattern of this bustier just scream 'pair me with pointy heels'!

    3. Clash Those Monochromes
    Key tip: If Aimee Song does it, then it must be right! If you're gonna clash patterns keep it monochromatic ladies. Simple accessories keep it on the ah-mazing side of busy. 
    4. Simplicity Is The Key
    Want to dress up your jeans? Look no further than a peplum bustier. If you're heading into Summer (you lucky thing), swap your jeans for ripped denim shorts. This look would look incredible with a patterned bustier too.

    5. Good Things Come In Pairs
    Hit two trends in one! Co-ordinate your bustier with your bottoms. To add interest go for a contrasting silhouette and juxtapose a tight bustier with some loose fitting culottes or an a-line midi. 
    6. Short On Top, High Down Below
    Don't you just wish you had this chicks outfit? If you're going crop, keep the bottom high to ensure it looks classy. Inject some serious 70s groove by pairing a peplum piece with some flares. Super-high clogs will lengthen those already-looking-long pins too!

    7. The New LBD
    Combine your bustier with a high-waist black skirt, killer heels and sassy accessories and you're ready for a night on the town!

    8. Denim, Denim, Layer
    If you're on a chillier climate, get that bustier back in your wardrobe rotation, pronto! Layer a bustier over a double denim shirt and jean combo and then top with a trench or leather jacket. For a more polished look, try tucking the denim shirt into the jeans.

    9. The Tee Makeover
    Wowza! Never has a simple tee ever looked so darn street-style-snap-worthy. Top your fave basic tee with your bustier and add a skater or a-line skirt for a silhouette you'll be proud to flaunt. 
    10. Juxtaposing Fits
    If your bustier is on the more, erm, revealing side, mix up those fits to push it into bohemian territory. Like the lovely lady above, a fitting, high-waist skirt works a treat. Then cover up with a flowy cardigan or kimono

    Current Bustier Crushes
    1. Laveer2. Ally3. C/Meo Collective4. Style Moi5. J.O.A6. Style Moi7. Ally8. C/Meo Collective

    Are you a bustier kinda girl? Have I convinced you yet?


    P.S. I am currently on vacation on Hamilton Island in The Whitsundays, one of the most beautiful places in Australia. Follow me on Instagram  @thedailyluxe for an overdose of pretty beach photos and style.

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  • 06/26/15--23:59: The Look: Bohemian Nights

  • It’s official: the wardrobe of your mums crazy youth is actually the in-thing. After a boho influx was presented on the runways, it seems that every fashionista is after her fair fix of crochet, retro florals and flares. But why limit this trend to the daytime? Pair down the colours, work your textures and add some statement gold to take the bohemian vibe to a whole new evening territory.

    Dress (as top): Style Moi
    Skirt: The Fifth Label
    Sandals: Novo
    Clutch: Tony Bianco
    Earrings & Hair Chain: Lovisa

    Those of you Instagram-mers will know that this week I have been holidaying away on 'Hamilton Island' in 'The Whitsundays'. Luxury is an understatement. This place is like paradise on steroids. No lies. I’ll be back tomorrow…. Don’t make me leave!! **Grabs onto apartment bed**

    Jake and I decided to be posh totties for a night and went on a sunset dinner cruise. The menu was absolutely drool-worthy and we were total fatties and finished every single, seven-course, scrap of it. But what totally topped off the cruise was the breathtaking view of the sun slowly setting over 'The Whitsunday Islands' and the sparkling sea. Bliss. 

    For this tasty occasion I decided to take my love of all things hippy and give it a little eveningwear twist. This lace, flare top from 'Style Moi' is certainly a subtle nod to the seventies and I let the textures do the talking by keeping it completely monochrome. And what’s a night out without a bit of glitz? A gold-hued head chain is the perfect pairing of boho and glam and I added my oh-so-suave 'Daniel Wellington' watch for some extra sparkle.

    How would you wear the boho trend for an evening out?


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    It's time to grab your travel bucket lists? Why? Because paradise actually exists. With baby powder white sand twirled amongst turquoise tides, it's not surprising that Whitehaven beach has been voted the most picturesque beach down under. Wearing a suitably summery, pastel blue, maxi dress and shimmering flash tattoos, I relaxed on the whitest sands and truly entered haven.


     Dress: Style Moi
    Flash Tattoos: Style Moi (Get yours for free here!)
     Watch: Daniel Wellington (Get 15% off with the code 'Rachel15)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch

     Whitehaven Beach is magical. Not in a freaky, Harry Potter kinda way, but in a way that will make you stand in awe at the fact that such magnificent natural beauty really exists. 

    Paradise deserves an extra pretty get-up and I truly felt like some kind of mythical mermaid in this icy blue maxi dress. The cut-out details are the just the right amount of sexy and I just loved how it flowed in the wind. 

    If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know my crazy love for metallic flash tattoos. Honestly, I think that the beach is the place to work them! They just look super pretty against sun kissed skin sparkling in the sunlight.

     If you want to rock them, you are in luck, I have 8 packs to give away to my lovely Luxers. Just enter below:

    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    Want to be guaranteed your sparkle fix? Style Moi are giving them away for free when you sign up for their newsletter here.
     Now you just need to find a suitable paradise to wear them in.

     Just for your travel wish list: Whitehaven beach is located on Whitsunday Island, part of a group of luscious islands (The Whitsundays) off the coast of North Queensland, Australia. Pack your bags pronto! 

    Take me back to paradise


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    Warning: If you thought this was a post about hotel resorts you might as well hit that little x in the corner of your screen. Yay, you're still here! Today's style article is all about the Resort 2016 collections.

    What exactly are 'Resort' Collections? Commonly also called 'cruise', 'high summer' and 'first summer', they basically act as a little taster for the larger collections that will be shown in the September Spring/Summer collections.

    So, in other words, they are sort of like the entre before the main course.

    After, quite suitably, drooling at many of these fashion 'tasting platters', I have assembled the five hottest looks you will need to copy, pronto!

    But...Hello! I don't have a million dollars!
    Girl... you're on 'The Daily Luxe' **finger snaps***, here we don't equate style with money and here's how to get the 5 hottest resort looks on a budget...

    Mary Katrantzou

    The Queen of prints treats us to this luscious two piece. This uncanny pairing of oversized sparkles and stripes will see you from the yacht to under the Christmas tree. 

    (Click to buy)

    Wow. Have nudes ever been prettier than this? With ethereal textures and a slightly naughty (oh yeahhh) cut; this is 'naked fashion' at it's finest. Just look at that pleated detailing **drools**. 

    Sass And Bide
    As 'Sass and Bide' and 'Chloe' keep the bohemian goods coming, it looks like the seventies trend is going to be around for a whole lot longer. This beachy, tribal-inspired do will be in your wardrobe circuit for seasons to come. Now, just time to work on my figure for that bralet...

    (Click to buy) 

    Whoever said clashing prints was a no no obviously wasn't doing it right! Valentino takes the seventies vibe tropical by a mish mash of florals and cute parrot prints! This was made for those laid back days in paradise! I'm walking on sunshine, woahh...
    (Click to buy) 

    If I could insert all the heart eye emojis in the world here right now, I sure would. This ethereal and dainty creation from Zimmerman is a day to night staple of this seasons trends. The floral print lace is so intricate and pretty and just how cool does it make the neckline look?

    Which look is your fave?


    P.s. You can still enter my metallic tattoo giveaway:
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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