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Fashion blog with a sense of wanderlust. Always beachy, boho and tropical, 'The Daily Luxe' is your one stop for Summer style.

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  • 07/06/15--22:46: The Look: Posies

  • Floral maxi: Check. Floral necklace: Check. Floral setting: Check. When it comes to florals, a core element of this season, the more is always the merrier...


     Dress: Factorie
    Necklace: Lovisa
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch
    Sandals: American Eagle

    I have a confession to make: I may be a girly girl, but pink is not my thing. As far as magenta, cerise, **insert name for hot pink here** is concerned, this cute floral maxi dress is my limit. I often envy street-style snaps of ladies who can actually wear pink.... Oh to wear a hot pink jumpsuit without someone asking 'where's Ken?'

    I should take is a compliment though, after all, Barbie is the ultimate babe. Plastic dolls aside, I'm actually a huge fan of this printed maxi, the lace cut-out detailing at the waist makes it flattering, even when I've eaten like a trillion chocolate bars. 

    When I saw this statement necklace I wanted needed it NOW, it's just so so pretty and can transform even the simplest outfit into a show stopper.

    Is there a colour you feel that you can't wear all over?


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    Trends may come and go with the seasons, but a simple, tailored, white shirt is forever. Perfect for layering, throwing on with your fave denim or even popping on over that cheeky bikini, the styling options that come hand-in-hand with this staple piece are endless.

    A few weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing a very important common problem: the perfect white shirt is just too darn hard to find. 'This shirt is too see-through'. 'This shirt is too baggy.' Well, thanks to the lovely folks at Sumissara, I got the chance to design a shirt that's 'juuuust right'.


    Look One
    Jeans: Cotton On (Similar)
    Hat: Sportsgirl (Similar)
    Necklace: Lovisa (Similar)

    Look Two
    Bikini Top: Style Moi (Here)
    Necklace: Lovisa (Similar)
    Look Three
    Bralet: Local boutique (Similar)
    Skirt: The Fifth Label (Similar)
    Clutch: Sass & Bide
    Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (Here)
    Earrings: Lovisa
    Boots: Famous Footwear (Similar)

    So recently, I played fashion designer.

    With the help of the tailoring gurus at Sumissara, I had the chance to design my own blouse; pretty awesome right? Choosing from an array of options from classic to quirky, I chose everything on this baby from the cut, the buttons, the collar (yay for peter pan collars) and the sleeve length. Although the website offered a literal rainbow of fabrics, I opted for a classic, white cotton. If I'm gonna get something tailor made, I might as well make it a classic!

    After providing my measurements, the blouse fairies set to work creating this classic beauty. I just love how fitted it is to my figure! And, as shown in my other-half's ever improving photographs (love you), it really is the most versatile piece when it comes to styling. 

    For a classic look that consisted of 100% wardrobe staples, I combined the blouse with ripped boyfriend jeans, a floppy felt hat and pointed black heels. As much as I see myself as an awkward, little nerd, I actually felt surprisingly chic in this getup. 

    White + tan= ** a hallelujah chorus** and that's when it came to mind just how awesome a classic white shirt would look as a bikini coverup. The simplistic nature of the garment leaves room for some oversized boho accessories too!

    You may remember that recently I featured a style post on bralets (here). Well, it's safe to say that as soon as I received this white shirt, I just knew how perfect it would look layered under my fave bralet. This is also the sensible way to wear a bralet after too much pigging out, which is, of course, a hobby of mine!

    Thanks Sumissara garment fairies, this blouse is now in my 'drobe and it's staying there for good!


    P.s. How do you guys like to style the classic, white blouse?

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    Haute Couture may be known for its crazy won't-look-out-of-place-on-Lady-Gaga concoctions, but that doesn't mean it won't influence our everyday looks. Taken from the, erm, understated, side of Paris's latest fashion showcases, are the accessories, which, in comparison to some of the clothes, are relatively easy to wear in everyday life. 

    And is it just me, or can hair accessories totally take your look to the next level? From flirty floral crowns, to glitzy and polished pieces, if we got any more princessy we would actually be running around screaming 'Let It Go'.

    But it's ok to be a Princess, and with these five luscious accessory trends from Haute Couture fashion week (and my luxe on a budget options) we can truly give Cinderella a run for her money.

      Following Valentino's couture treasure-hunt around Rome as a per-requiste to the show, the heavy embodiment of Italy's capital was translated to every detail of the collection. The shiny gold alice bands displayed ancient imperial animals, such as the stagg, the lion and the eagle. What do these animals have in common? They are warriors, of course! So if you're feeling stylishly courageous, why not bring out your inner gladiator with these stunning star-dotted gold pieces?

    Luxe For Less

    Elie Saab
    Saab's gowns were beaded and laced to utter princess perfection. The hair pieces took more of a medieval turn, with voluminous, chunky gold crowns playing contrast against 70s centre partings. Some of the alice bands were more of a nod to the Grecian trend, with foliage-like shapes spread across double hard bands.

    Luxe On A Budget

    Atelier Versace
    Donatella took cues from the return of 70s Boho and melted this into her iconoc high glamour style. Models were transformed into wood nymphs draped in soft lilac, blue and nude tones. The hair accessories were the epitomisation of this fairytale. Beaded and set in soft metallic tones, these delicate flower crowns are sure to set the previous floral crown trend back into motion. Keep it small, dainty and muted and your in for a win!

    (I wrote a piece on this collection for Miro Door, which can be viewed here)

    Luxe On A Budget

    Zuhair Murad
    Glitzy and magic in equal parts, this collection took inspiration from classic regal attire and combined it with the sparkly magicians assistant. Hair pieces were, quite literally, seeing stars. If this is a little bit too 'Sabrina' for you, take a sparkly cue from this collection and seek bands dripping in diamantes.

    Luxe On A Budget
    Alberta Ferretti

    Gilded, baroque motif prints were presented on slightly bohemian shapes, making Ferretti's collection both unique, yet incredibly wearable. Models' hair was twisted at the front and weaved around gunmetal pieces of fabric, creating a look that was surprisingly both Baroque and boho at the same time.

    Luxe On A Budget

    Which your accessory is your favourite?


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    Fernweh (n): A crave for travel; being homesick for where you've never been.

    Having lived out of a suitcase for a thrillingly happy portion of my life, I feel the drive to just pack up, hop on a plane and be a bare-foot nomad.

    Today the vibe of the Greek Islands is coming to me, through clean white and oceanic blue floral prints, topped with a whisper of dainty lace.

    White Vintage Floral Summer Dress: Grab My Look (Get it here)
    Espadrilles: Soludos
    Lace Vest: Vintage
    Earrings: From a market

    This week I have been seriously craving travel. And I mean SERIOUSLY! And I thought my chocolate cravings were bad...

    Although I live in the picture-book-perfect image of paradise, I still yearn to explore new places. Yep, I feel pretty selfish and a bit ridiculous admitting this; after all, just two and a half years ago Tropical North Queensland was that crazy-beautiful place that I was exploring for the first time.  Now I crave the exotic and unknown. Ooo...Don't I sound mysterious. **cough** lame **cough**

    This little blue and white floral number was sent to me by the wonderful folks at 'Grab My Look'. I was lusting after it due to the exotic Mediterranean print: you could just imagine these almost embroidered-like blue flowers painted onto the side of the white-brick buildings in Mykanos, looking out into the warm Aegean see. **Drools**

    For the balmy 'Winter' here in the tropics, I layered on this lacey vest. If the wind blows hard enough it gets a little cape effect and I can pretend I'm Super Woman. 

    Then again, if I was Super Woman, surely I could just magically transport myself to the Greek Islands?


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  • 07/21/15--06:03: The Look: The Happy Blues
  • The blues: What comes to mind is either some cheesy jazz music that our nana's rocked out to or that not so nice feeling that strikes us in hard times. The colour blue has anything but negative connotations. Endless summers and rolling oceans; a sense of cool and an air of alleviation. Give me a blue pin-stripe jumpsuit and a sparkly azure necklace and I'm ready to seize the day.

    Playsuit: Cotton On
    Heels: Famous Footwear (Similar)
    Hat: Factorie (Similar)
    Bag: Dress Link (Similar)

    There's something pretty magical about a statement necklace. It's like some sort of fairy godmother in an accessory: a once average outfit gets **poofed** into something elegant, quirky and feminine. And this is exactly what this crystal mixed blue piece from 'Happiness Boutique' did to my outfit. After being approached by these fashion jewellery fairy godmothers, I decided to choose this mesmerizing blue sky statement necklace that shimmers in dazzling shades of navy, azure and white. Cinderella thanks you!

    There's something about this pinstripe jumpsuit that makes me feel like a real 'lady'. Quite surprising, considering on first glance it sort of looks like something you'd wear to bed. I injected some nonchalent boho vibes with this white fringe bag, and topped off the nautical look with my favorite nude hat. 

    Also, if you thought the whole 'nude heels elongate legs' kaboodle is just an old wives tale, I ensure you it's not. My stubby pins have seriously been transformed by these nude babies. All hail the power of the high heel!


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     Let me you remind you of a scene it in a little film you may have heard of: 'Mean Girls'
    Look familiar? It seems every girl has had these little mirror-hating moments. Whether it's a solo abusive session or a full blown group bash, our mirrors seem to bring out dark self-hating statements like a death eater sucking out a soul. Wow.. that was a nerdy metaphor!

    All jokes aside, according to research gurus at The Guardian, plastic surgery procedures are rising on average 16% per year.  With a whopping one of five in these operations been affected by complications, it's seriously disturbing! After all, I'd rather have a small chest than a botched chest.

    Ok, so I'm not exactly the Mother Teresa of body image, but I do think it's time that we stopped the self hatred and accepted ourselves for who we are; and that's sexy, independent women!

    Let's bring on the self love!

    Ok... so the other day I logged onto Twitter. 'Ah one new follower'. Oh. My face dropped. 'Ugly people quotes'. I laughed it off, realizing that if I had read that a year or two ago, it would have really affected me.

    I owe a lot to both traveling and my blog. Together, alongside some other self help techniques, I have found myself accepting my physical appearance, despite, in the past, considering both lip injections and a nose job.

    Now I can look in the mirror without wanting to pelt it with bricks. **Getting totes emosh remembering the self-conscious 16 year old me**

    Honestly, what is the point of this self hatred? Why would we look in the mirror and internally scream 'thunder thighs' at ourselves when we wouldn't dream of doing it to anyone else?

    It's time to stop bullying ourselves... 

    Learn To Accept Compliments
    When was the last time you gladly accepted a compliment? Is it just me, or do women always seem to answer back a compliment with some critical quip about themselves? 

    According to this could have been drilled into us by cultural expectations and standards. We don't want to be seen as 'narcissistic', so we have learnt to reply to these positive comments by putting ourselves down.

    Next time you receive a compliment, take it! You deserve it girl! Even better, send a compliment back the other way and make someone else feel great too!

    Think of Them as 'Flaws' Not Flaws
    Ok, your cellulite is not  a flaw it's a **does huge dramatic quotation mark** 'flaw'. It has not been proven as a flaw in any way medically. Does it effect your health? No-sir-ee! That cellulite is totally in your head, chances are, people around you won't have even noticed it. 

    Instead of thinking of that little bit you would change as a flaw, think of it as something that is merely your perception of yourself: it IS NOT something physical. Then separate yourself from that perception completely, write it on a piece of paper and burn it. 

    Practice Self Love
    Despite this title seeming a little bit, erm, seedy... this type of self-love is where you concentrate on the parts of yourself that you do love. Got wash board abs- flaunt em! Doe eyes? Concentrate on them next time you find yourself glancing into a mirror. 

    Got a spare second? I want you to grab a notebook and write ten things about yourself that are totally awesome. Keep that notebook handy at look at it on your down days, it will remind you just how darn sexy you really are!

    Holistic therapists also swear by the 'I love you' approach. As bizarre as it sounds, looking in the mirror and saying 'I love you' to yourself each and every day has proved to significantly improve self esteem. Free self-esteem improvement? Sign us up!

    Your Opinion on YOU Is All That Matters
    I remember when I was back in University, a total **insert appropriate swear word** of a guy told me I had the ugliest smile he'd ever seen. It got to me, and, you may have noticed, I never show a teeth smile on my blog photos. 

    You know what... there!

    My point is that we shouldn't let other peoples opinions affect us so much. I know it's hard, but we are the only people that we spend our entire lives with. Would you rather be friends with that person or enemies?

    Accept Them

    We may all want to look like Candice Swanepoel. But can you imagine how boring the world would be if we did? It would look like a scene from minions, and hey: who wants to be a minion?

    Although society puts this immense pressure on young women to look like this stereotypical image of beauty', it is only our perception of ourselves that can take this pressure away.

    Can you honestly say that Leah Michele would be as beautiful if she had a nose job? Or that Rebel Wilson would be more charismatic if she lost weight? NO WAY!

    All we can do is be the best and most beautiful versions of ourselves. Exercise, embrace your own personal sense of style and be kind and loving to those around you.

    It's time for generation acceptance. Are you in?


    (Photo credits:,,,,

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  • 07/27/15--21:41: The Look: And Amalgamate!
    A good print is a guaranteed to liven up your look. With the beachy boho vibe still proving strong on the style stakes, will you be rocking animal prints, aztec or floral? Why limit yourself? After all, two prints are always better than one...

    Skirt: Stevie May (Here)
    Black Cami: Boohoo (Here)
    Black Crochet Top: Local boutique (Similar here)
    Body Chain: Lovisa
    Clutch: Sass & Bide
    Shoes: Factorie (Similar Here)

    Photos by Matthew Barlow
    'I. Need. It. NOW'. That, my friends, was my recurring thought pattern as soon as I saw this thrillingly unique Stevie May maxi skirt. I had been drooling over her designs since I saw her showcase at Australian Fashion Week back in April.

    Above: An OMG- I-need-everything moment courtesy of Stevie May 

    Vibrant? Check! Classy? Check! Boho? Check! Unique? Kaboom! If you're a regular Daily Luxe-r, I think you'll agree that this skirt is the epitome of my style. It's relaxed, beachy and has those undeniable bohemian vibes to it. And now I can print-clash in one garment! Although print-clashing is sometimes considered the antithesis of classy, I think the stunning wrap shape and the fringe detailing firmly places this skirt into the territory we all want to enter: chic!

    Speaking of class, I have a serious envy of girls who can rock these crochet bralets without feeling self-conscious. Rather than flashing a whole lotta flesh, I layered my crochet bralet over a black cami, giving the same textured vibe whilst leaving a lot more to the imagination!

    This cute printed clutch was actually free with Elle Australia, in an issue fronted by super blogger Nicole Warne. So, as you can guess, I had to buy it! It was designed by Aussie fashion powerhouse Sass and Bide. You may remember them as the ones responsible for the noughties skinny jean obsession, as famously fronted by Mischa Barton. A free designer piece? Count me in!

    Do you like mixing patterns?


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    Jennifer Lawrence is undoubtedly the coolest best friend a girl could ever ask for. And who can blame us for our totally OTT J-Law obsession? After all, she is one funny lady. Cue moments of bumbling about french fries in interviews, getting totally tongue-tied when faced with her idols and ripping her dress on the red carpet. Whatever clumsy, yet totally adorable, red-face-enduring calamities she delivers; we can all solemnly raise our hands and declare 'I'd probably do that too.'

    Perhaps it's this down-to-earth air she possesses that makes her fashion and beauty looks easily obtainable for us everyday girls. Whether blonde or brunette, long or short, Jen always looks like that super pretty girl next door. Let's have a total fan girl moment and take a look at the evolution of this A-lister's locks and how we can re-create these looks for ourselves. Well if she can't be our BFF, at least we can have her hair...


    As a newbie to the industry, Jen opted for soft blonde curls that brought out her tanned complexion. A hairstyle that has long epitomized Hollywood Glamour, this look was sure to get this newcomer noticed!

    To steal her all-American look, add some serious length to your hair with CC Hair Extensions in 18 inch strawberry blonde. Then take a wide barreled curling tong and gently curl your tresses and extensions away from your face. Spritz on a high shine spray and you're all ready to go!

     With an academy award nomination under her belt for her work in indie flick 'Winter's Bone', Jennifer had proved herself in the acting world as one to be watched. Donning a natural, golden hue in bohemian waves; Jen looked every bit the beach babe.

    This seventies style is truly coveted right now, with designers such as Marchesa and Elie Saab presenting an ode to this retro look on their runways. If your not blessed with Jen's lovely lengths, try these golden blonde hair extensions that already come in stunning undone waves; no need for styling! Or go au-natural by spritzing sea salt spray on damp hair, braiding and leaving to dry.

    Va-va voom! With Miss Lawrence climbing up the movie charts in 'X Men: First Class', she seriously upped her hair game. Retro Hollywood glamour comes to mind on looking at these voluminous, Bridget Bardot-esque waves. And just how pretty is that glossy beige blonde tone?

    Get the look by prepping your hair with some voluminizing mousse and blow drying upside down. Then simply add some clip in hair extensions and create soft waves with your hair straighteners. The key to this look is so only create the waves on the lengths of the hair, ensuring they are flicking away from the face.

    According to Cosmo Mag, Jennifer apparently tried on six brown wigs in order to determine Katniss's hair colour whilst filming 'The Hunger Games'. After the director chose the darkest shade, Jen then took a leap to the dark side and embraced her character full-throttle. Personally, I think this raveny brunette shade really compliments her skin tone and makes those blue eyes pop.

    For this long, luxurious length, try these Clip in hair extensions. Part hair slightly to the side and use a serum to secure any fly-aways.


    After becoming synonymous with Katniss's long, brunette braid, Jen shocked the world when she cute it all off and sported this pixie cut in 2013. After this, everyone was craving a pixie. Note that she also went back to her previous beige blonde colour, which, in my opinion, softens such a short and quirky hair cut.

    This J-Law look is only for the brave! If you are already sporting that cheeky pixie cut, add some volume and ruffle some styling mousse through your ends. 

    Now this is how you grow out a Pixie in style!  2014 was officially the year of Jennifer Lawrence, with her rocking the big screen in 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1', 'Serena' and 'X Men: Day's Of Future Past'. This short, asymmetric style has 40s screen siren written all over it, with a side parting and soft Hollywood waves.

    If you're growing out a short 'do, style your hair in a side parting and slick back one side; either by braiding, gel or bobby pins. Take the remaining side and tong with a wide barrel curling iron. Spritz with hairspray then separate with fingers. Alternatively, long-layered ladies can also rock this look! Simply secure the rest of your hair back in a low pony or chic bun and leave the shortest layers out on one side. Yep: faking short hair is really that easy!

     It seems she got fed up of waiting for her locks to grow out and opted for some extensions instead! I personally love this bombshell-ish blonde do. I'll let you in on a secret: J-Law actually cut her hair because it suffered from extreme staining when she dyed it for 'The Hunger Games'. These extensions show that this girl is truly a long-haired lady at heart.

    You don't need to take out a loan to get lushious 100% human extensions like Jen's, CC Hair Extensions offer this wavy blonde hair weave for just $60! That's like, cheaper than a head of highlights! 

    Photo credits: (, bustle,com,, Getty Images,

    Which of Jen's looks is your fave?


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     If you had said the phrase 'body con' to me a couple of months ago, I would have screwed my face up. Linked in my mind to some sort of Kim-Kardashian stereotype, I was convinced that the body con shape was best left to skinny minnies and was the kind of garment that brought on tuts and head shakes from old grannies on the street. Thanks to this incredibly flattering, classy and cute-meets-quirky two piece from 'The Kewl Shop', my mind has been changed.

    Bodycon Two Piece: The Kewl Shop (Here)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Here)
    Earrings: Lovisa (Similar)

    Body con may have always been a celeb fave, but to be honest, it's never been my bodies best friend. Always living on the curvier side of life (mmm chocolate), the thought of something clinging to my hips has not been on the top of my sartorial list. Turns out: I just hadn't found the right body con piece for my shape.

    This two-piece is literally like a really sexy version of those granny panties (Spanx?) that holds everything in place. With thick, stretchy bandage fabric, that hugs my curves and is still tight in all the right places, this is one body con piece that I truly feel confident in! Never felt more proud to have a big butt, after all, some people even get implants...(Looking at you Nicki Minaj) **Sings big booty b**ches and dances around**

    I chose this two piece from 'The Kewl Shop' because it totally satisfies my constant craving for co-ords. I also think that the print, on the skirt in-particular, is very flattering, because, as we have read in every single fashion manual: vertical prints are slimming. I also love the quirky off-the-shoulder shape and the way it wraps around the bust; it's a bit like a boob job in a top!

    I teamed the soft lilac colour with a baby pink bag and heels for a look that is way more girly than what I would normally go for. I could honestly see myself wearing this to a wedding. Note to friends: Please get married.

    So if you're in fear of the body con, why not take a step back and look at the garment? Maybe it's just not the right one for you.


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  • 08/07/15--04:50: 6 Ways To Wear Suede
  • Personally, I am all for nostalgia. Whether it's listening to 'Two Become One'  on repeat or in my outfit choices; there's always something very interesting about taking elements of the past and bringing them into the present.

    You may remember the suede trend from the 90s; maybe your mum forced you to wear it, but hey: at least you were stylish! Your childhood may have included 'Blue suede shoes' accompanied by your grandads foot tap or maybe you caught a glimpse of an old photo of your mum in her 70s suede get up. Whatever it was, the return of suede into our wardrobes comes with a sense of nostalgia.

    So rummage through those thrift shop bins, visit all the vintage fairs or maybe even raid your mums closet to get your suede fix. Whether faux or real, black or brown, suede is all about the style choices you make. Here's six ways to wear the fabric of the season...

    1. Pair It With Black

    Let's face it, suede is one of those things that could look a little bit like a fancy dress costume if we make the wrong sartorial choices. As tempting as it is to fully wave the 70s flag and add some florals and crochet, this may result in you looking like you've just come back from a love pageant rally. I suggest you mix it with something classic to keep it looking fresh and does it get any more classic than black?



    2. The LSD (No, not the drug!)

    A simple, little suede dress (LSD) can make a rocking statement all on its own. Opt for a slouchy t-shirt fit and juxtapose with a feminine statement necklace and heels.




    3. Fringe Festival

    Invest in a fringed suede piece to tick off two major trends in one. If you opt for a skirt, keep the top crisp and feminine with a white shirt or lace blouse. Or take a leaf out of Gigi's book and throw a suede, fringe vest over anything and everything!




    4. The Jacket and Jeans Combo

    I'll let you in on a not-so-secret fashion equation. Anything + Jeans= Stylish. Well, unless that's something from Miley Cyrus's wardrobe, but let's not go there....




    5. Thigh High

    You know that cute, but waaaay too short, dress you've been dying to wear? Well now you can totally rock it without a fear of flashing too much flesh. Pop on some suede thigh-high boots and your ready to go! A much less strippery version of their leathery cousin, this boot will take you through the colder seasons (with or without tights).



    6. Fifty Shades Of Grey Brown

    With the strong texture of suede acting as a talking point in itself, opt for various hues in tones of beige and camel. This softens the look, whilst giving it a cool Safari-chic vibe.




    How do you like to wear suede?


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  • 08/11/15--02:13: The Look: Earth
  •  Known as a colour that is 'hard to pull off', it seems ironic that khaki was originally designed to blend into the crowd. Add a sharp belted dress, a patterned silk scarf and a vintage leather bag for a look that says anything but wallflower.


    Dress: TEMT (Similar)
    Scarf: Accessorize(Similar)
    Bag: Miss Selfridge (Similar)
    Earrings & Rings: Lovisa (Similar Earrings)

    Photos by Matthew Barlow

    At one time, khaki would have been the last colour that sprang to mind when shopping for a new look. As a matter of fact, I think until recently I hadn't work khaki since I reenacted Destiny's Child with my friends at the school disco, khaki hot pants and all. Classy girl. 

    Although cargo will NEVER return to my wishlist, khaki is totally my colour-of-the-moment. There is something so earthy, yet warm about the tone that makes it so effortless to style. In other words, whether I want to chuck on my new pointy heels and a sparkly necklace, or just throw on a denim jacket and some boots, this dress has got me covered.

    And it was a bargain and a half at a mere $35. After finding this belted dress so flattering (hello waist), I'm currently on the hunt like a hungry lion for more cute shirt dresses. Watch this space and I'll try to watch my wallet. 

    Don't you just love finding a piece that you've had since you were in nappies and revealing all over again how totally awesome it is? That was the case with this Accessorize silk scarf, which oozes 70s vibes! I must have bought it about 6 years ago, so rediscovering it almost felt like I was going shopping (almost...)

    My regular readers will know my soft spot for quirky accessories, which I guess comes hand in hand with working for a fashion jewellery company. These earrings are amazing, as the little 'twig' (flower?) actually goes on behind your ear lobe. Riveting, scientific stuff.
    Are you a fan of khaki?


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     Yesterday was my third birthday. No, I wasn't born in 2012, (gosh I would be a typing genius if I was), yesterday marks three years since I was came to Australia. After learning that it wasn't all kangaroos and shrimps on the barby, the differences between Australian and English style became more and more apparent. As a matter of fact, as a blogger, the most common question I get asked is how the styles vary between these two opposite sides of the world. 

    And it's not just these two countries; different places around the world have become synonymous with their own 'typical' style traits. Building on my multi-continental travel experiences and with the help of my good friend Google, here's a little look at how personal style varies around the globe.

    What better way to start than on the home turf? Before I migrated to the land of the koalas (believe me, there isn't actually one on every tree), I expected Australian style to be that laid back surfer kind of vibe you associate with their famous surf label 'Billabong'. I could not have been more wrong.

    Fashionista's of Oz take a laid back, minimalist approach to personal style; with a focus on luxury and high quality basics. Think the perfect pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, combined with the perfect white shirt, with an over-sized black blazer thrown nonchalantly over the shoulders.

    Despite being waaay more sunny than the good old UK, Australians tend to stick to a more muted and monochromal palatte.  To be honest, whilst attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, I felt like my colourful abode made me stick out like a (very British) sore thumb! On glancing at my fashion week photos, my mum even asked: 'Rachel, why is everyone at the Ellery show wearing black?'. Well, Mum; style is incredibly different here. As opposed to expressing yourself through vibrant patterns and mish-mashing like in the UK, expression here is done more through fabric choices, cuts and shapes. As a matter of fact, I would describe Aussie style as a more polished version of Scandanavian style.
    Of course, this depends on where in Australia you are judging. After all, this huuuuge country is practically the size of Europe. Up in the tropics, the average person tends to dress pretty 'bogan' in some nice mauled thongs and a beat-up vest. So I look like a total nob tourist when I'm sauntering down the streets in pretty printed maxi dresses, fringe and heels.

    The Style Icons

    Tash and Elle of 'They All Hate Us

    Sarah Donaldson of 'Harper And Harley'

     Margaret Zhang of 'Shine By Three"

    Taking inspiration and hugely uplifting vibes from the traditional sari dressing, modern Indian street style is all about warm, vibrant colours and ethnic-inspired prints. Denim is truly embraced and fashionistas rock a conglomeration of Eastern and Western style garments. Oversized costume jewellery is key: the more embellished, the better!

    Some women still prefer to rock the traditional sari in beautiful striking colors with intricate embellished details.

    The Style Icons
    Sonam Kapoor- Actress

     Ruki Sheikh of 'Republic of Chic'

    Aishwarya Rai, Bollywood Actress

    Let's be honest, Italy is the nation that comes to mind when we think of stylish. Known for their polished and glamorous approach to dressing, Italian women have a certain skill for throwing together a conglomeration of understated casual and glam designer pieces.

    If there's one thing Italy can do better than any other country, it's suiting. Just take a look at Chiara Ferragni in her chic shorts and blazer combos, or the vibrant Anna Della Russo rocking some sort of clashing print over-sized blazer combo.

    Although Italian style is incredibly eclectic, I think it's the confidence and attitude of the Italian women that makes them so darn stylish. A bit of feminine glamour and whole lotta good tailoring doesn't hurt either.

    Style Icons
    Chiara Ferragni of 'The Blonde Salad'

    Anna Dello Russo

    Giovanna Battaglia, ex Vogue Edior

    London is known for it's iconic and quirky style and I must admit that I miss the way that, in the UK, anything really goes when it comes to fashion. Clashing prints? Check! Throwing in some vintage pieces? You got it! The Brit's are truly known for that eclectic sense of style that isn't scared to push style boundaries.
    Layering is key when it comes to British style; you never know when it's going to rain! Bright colours and floral prints are absolutely everywhere. And guess what? Wearing wellies with that sun dress is totally acceptable!

    It's strange how in the UK, wearing vintage and thrift shop items is seen as stylish (and it should be), despite this being 'frowned upon' in other countries. In short, anything goes; and you create your own style!

    Style Icons
    Alexa Chung

    Susie Bubble

    Poppy Delevigne


    The lovely foursome of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland have more in common than just their geographical location. They are all known for their clean-cut, minimalist fashion.
    Scandinavian style is the love-child of creativity and practicality. Discreet colours, and pared-down patterns are made up for in complex shapes and textures. It's all about that perfect pair of jeans, that oversized sweater, and those boxy silk tees.
    Simple style means more comfort! The Scandinavian's have truly got it right!

    Style Icons
    Kenza Zouiten of 'Kenzas'

    Sandra Hagelstam of '5 Inches And Up'

    Elsa Hosk, Model

    How would you describe your countries style? Let me know in the comments below :)


    Photo Credits:
    Australia: getty images,,,, 

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    Each season seems to provide that new 'tricky trend.' Hello flares, I'm talking about you! Although I confess that I was a little skeptical about flared sleeves at first, seeing my second 'Ellery' show at Australian Fashion Week literally got me craving that over-sized flared sleeve in my wardrobe. Luckily, Zaful provided me with a bargain-hunters blissful alternative...

    Flared sleeve shirt: Zaful (Get it here)
    Skirt: Local boutique
    Shoes: Tony Bianco

    Photography by Matthew Barlow

    I am loving this top; it totally looks like it could have been stolen from 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch's wardrobe.' I bet she would have worn it and time traveled to the 70s....ok... now I'm just going bonkers. #Chill

    I was searching for that little black flare top for a while now, and luckily, the wonderful folks at Zaful provided this happily. And guess what? It's only 17 bucks! Boom! And it sure as hell doesn't look it, the quality is fabulous and, with the funky and cute little tie at the back, it fits like a glove. They've also got loads of other pretty little bargains that I have my keen eye one. Cos, as you all know, I have a bargain-hunting shopping addiction.


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    Living down under and having an international audience can be a wee bit baffling when it comes to seasons. As many of you lovely Europeans and American's are excitedly whipping out your swimwear, the southern regions of where I live are covered in snow. Confusing? Yes-sir-ree!

    Although I'm currently a Southern Hemisphere-dweller, June will always equate to me with the start of Summer. I shall always be a Brit chic at heart! Plus: I live in the tropics, so, from a British point of view, it's always summer.

    Whether in good old Blighty or here in Aus, the denim trend rules, with 70s shapes and ripped boyfriend jeans winning the stakes alike. So, wherever you may be, and whether it's snowy or sweaty, you can do denim and here's how....

    This is how to wear denim at 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 degrees (Celsius that is!)

     30 Degrees
    Woah... you live in a Scorcher? You're probably reading this thinking 'gosh... denim sounds super sweaty in this oven-like weather', but stop: chambray time! Chambray is such a breezier, lighter alternative to denim, but still has that 'denimy' sort of look. Boo-ya!

    May I suggest a flowy, chambray dress paired with sandals?

    Or perhaps a long-line chambray button-up vest used as a cute bikini coverup?

    Get The Look

    Dip hem dress- $30, Button up dress- $36, Swimsuit- $29, Denim Shirt- $32, All Style Moi

    25 Degrees 
    Mmmmm... this.. weather is bliss, paradise...ah! Embrace that beautiful sunshine and new found tan full-throttle, with the perfect pair of distressed denim shorts. 

    Keep the look classy with a feminine off-the-shoulder blouse.

    Or tuck in a wrap-around top.

    Get The Look

    Wrap shirt- $26, Shorts- $29 , Paper bag waist shorts- $29, Off-shoulder top- $36

     20 Degrees
    Ok.. I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually freezing my butt off when it's 25 degrees; but, once again, I'm used to tropical climates. For most people, 20 degrees is temperate.

    Is it just me or is there something so chic about a denim shirt tucked into a flared midi skirt? It's totally warm enough for that bit of bare leg too!

    Or switch it around and tuck a mono-colour shirt into a denim skater skirt.

    Get The Look


    15 Degrees
    Ok, so this is that bizarre temperature that some of us may be shivering in, but some may be like 'ah... it's so warm.' Ahhh the British! This midi temperature calls for a cover-up, and a full-sleeved all-over denim look is enough to keep off the chill!

    Try simple denim separates to hit the double denim trend bang on the head. 

    Or if you're feeling experimental opt for an industrial-style all-in-one jumpsuit.

    Get The Look

     10 Degrees
    Brrrr, it's a bit chilly outside. Although it's not exactly snowing, you don't want to skimp down on layers. So, let's get snug!

    Ripped slim-fit jeans and oversized roll-neck jumpers make a warmly refreshing combination. Hint: If it's extra chilly, layer on long-sleeved tees and leggings underneath.

    Still chilly? Throw on a blanket coat. Oh so chic...

    Get The Look

    5 Degrees
    Hello Southern Aussie sisters; hope you're not turning into ice cubes. How do you melt ice? By looking hot! **Cringe** Layering is the key to perfect cold weather style, and denim basics create the perfect canvas for throwing together something wonderful.

    Keep it textured! Start with a basic long sleeve jumper, then layer on a denim jacket. Finally top it off with a faux fur jacket and you are winter ready!
     Get The Look

    What's the weather like where you are?


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  • 06/05/15--04:32: The Look: Rust and Rubble
  • There is something so earthy and warm about wearing terracotta shades and judging by the lashings of rust at Australian Fashion Week, this colour is going right to the top of the trend stakes.


    Dress: Boohoo (Get it here)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get it here)
    Bag: Prada
    Shoes: Just Jeans
    Earrings: From a market in Greece

    Photos by Matthew Barlow 

    Hello June! It may sound strange, but 'Winter' has arrived in tropical Australia.  Ok, so my climate is not exactly a full-thruttle 'Game Of Thrones' style 'winter is coming', hide in fear kinda thing. To be honest, in my opinion, it's still summer. 

    The 'Winter' months give me the perfect excuse to buy clothes in new, and more neutral, tones. (But, hey, as if I need an excuse). This Boohoo off-the-shoulder number ticks all the boxes for me. I've been lusting (like a crazy school girl) over this terracotta shade ever since it featured heavily in several designers collections at Australian Fashion Week. And now I finally have this luxe on a budget piece hanging in my super-duper-crammed wardrobe.

    What's your new 'it' colour?



    P.S. Ohmygosh how often do I talk about the weather? How stereotypically British of me.

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    With #green becoming the fastest growing movement of the insta-generation, it's time to embrace sustainability in all it's chicness. Gone are the days where sustainable= NOT fashion forward. Today I bring you a (slightly cringey) eco-inspired editorial taken by little, old (unphotogenic) me, alongside 'Naja'; the sustainable swimwear line made from 100% recycled bottles. How crazy is that?

     Jewellery from Lovisa
    Top from Sportsgirl

    I picked up this cute earthy tiara, alongside the matching rings and earrings, with the thought of doing some sort of creative alongside the lines of  'eco Queen'.  However being cooped up with glandular fever with all my collaborative buddies studying hard for Uni exams and knowing absolutely zero models, I decided that I would shoot myself in my back yard. DON'T WORRY: I mean with my Nikon! 

    So... Rach; how do I encourperate eco chic into my wardrobe this Summer?

    I'm glad you asked! 

    'Naja' is eco luxe at it's very best. The sexy, yet sustainable brand uses profits to educate women in third world countries. The program, named 'Underwear For Hope', trains Columbian mothers to sew, then hires them to create their own designer-on-a-budget beauties. 

    Through every purchase, women will be given the life skill of sewing. And even better; every bra will directly employ one of these impoverished mothers. Customers will receive a hand-crafted bra bag that has been lovingly sewn by a mother in the 'Underwear For Hope' program.

    We're all about girl power here at 'The Daily Luxe', so 'buy a bra and give a single mother work.'
    Need a new bra? These boob-i-licious beauts will benefit your rack and an impoverished single-mothers wallet. Double whammy!

    Looking for that perfect summer swimsuit?

    They say one mans trash is another's treasureand 'Naja' makes this literal. The red-hot swimsuits are made from recycled plastic bottles. And guess what? They totally look like they have just come from the Miami swim catwalk?

    Here's some of my top picks. It's hard to believe that these babies started off as bottles:

    Get $15 off your first purchase by clicking here  


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  • 06/14/15--02:21: The Look: Chevron Duo

  • There's some kind of off-duty model, effortlessness that comes alongside throwing on a pair of co-ords.

    Number one: That tiny little slither of skin that makes them all the more bit sexier and summer-friendly then a dress.

    Number two: The two piece base makes them a must-have layering basic.

    Number three: Versace, DVF, Giambattista Valli... Need I say more?!

    When vintage-inspired boutique Rose Gal asked me to choose a piece from their website, my heart jumped as soon as I saw this chevron two piece. Finally: A monochrome print that I don't actually have in my wardrobe... Until now!

    Chevron co-ords: Rose Gal (Get it here)
    Denim Jacket: Vintage
    Necklace: Lovisa
    Hat: Factorie

    I'm lovin' these co-ords! The midi length skirt makes them a really classy choice and makes the little (wobbly- haha) tummy gap totally excusable. I'm incredibly impressed with 'Rose Gal's quality; these co-ords are soft, durable and super-duper comfy! And #bargainalert, this lovely duo will cost you a miniscule $22.50 AUD (11 pounds, $16 USD). This lovely vintage-inspired fashion hub is an array of bargain beauties.  Can I get a 'woop woop?'

    The beauty of co-ords is that they are super easy to layer (sorry for the repeat: I'm not a parrot, I promise!) For the little tropical chill that is our Winter, I threw on this vintage denim jacket and added some heat with a red necklace and lips combo. Because, as Marilyn Monroe quite perfectly proved: blonde's can rock a scarlet lip!

    Blogger Of The Month
    I spend far much time checking out new blogs, but this month there was one impressive new blogger that particularly stood out to me. I'd like to introduce you guys to Lilibuzz: An Armenian fashion and beauty blogger, that despite having only blogged for a few months, provides super professional and fun content!

    Plus: How cute is her layout! #Majorcrush

    I am especially loving her newest outfit post, in which she rocks both the muted nude and wrap-coat trends to perfection: you can check it out here. Check out her blog at

    What print are you currently coveting?


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  • 08/18/15--03:02: Dress Codes De-Coded
  • I wonder if the Cinderella's invitation to the ball came with a dress code? If so, I would bet my bottom dollar that she turned to her fairy godmother, confused as hell, asking : 'what does white tie mean?'''

    Today I'm playing your fairy godmother and de-coding those bizarre-sounding dress codes we dread seeing on invitations. And who says you need to have a movie stars budget to look like one? Sherry London provides a (Princess) Aurora of affordable luxe dresses, all under $100. Here at 'The Daily Luxe', I always say: 'you don't actually need a million dollars to look like a million bucks'.

    White Tie
    To be honest, I never even knew this formality existed! Saved for incredibly formal balls and red carpet events, the white tie event calls for a luxurious full-length gown. Dress like your going to a more conservative version of the met gala and you're onto a winner! Opt for classic shapes and classy cuts over more fashion-forward options.

    Black Tie
    Now is the time to flaunt your favorite fashion-forward full-length beauty. For black tie occassions, keep the length full and embrace embellished details to the max. 

    It's time to get out that knee length dress, the cocktail formality is all about that classy-sexiness. If you are opting for a full-length dress, go for a bodycon fit. The more embellished, the better. 

    This oxymoronic dress code has to be the most confusing of them all. Stick to a knee-length dress or skirt and top combo that has more of an 'office' vibe to it. Lay off the embellishments for this one, unless you want to look like the walking disco ball in the room. 

    Fairy Godmother's Tips
    1. Keep it classy: If you're going short, don't go tight or low cut.
    2. Sometimes less is more. Although it can be tempting to don a dress with ruffles, bows, sequins and the whole whammy; it will look tacky. Look for pieces with only one or two embellishing features.
    3. Dress for your shape! If you have a tiny waist, go for an A-line fit. Avoid mermaid shapes if you are bottom heavy.
    4. If you are stuck on what to wear for a cocktail party or smart/casual event, a little black dress is always a fail safe option! Add statement jewellery to dress it up for the former.

    Hope you guys found this useful!


    This post was sponsored by Sherry London

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  • 08/20/15--22:35: The Look: Striped Suedette
  • I
    Suedette: Just ask your mum about it.... Chances are, she had the exact same pieces in her wardrobe in the 70s: mine did. Today I'm going all out hippy with this off-the-shoulder crop and suedette dream team. Top it off by a dream catcher pendant and I'm ready to dance around in the sunshine. 

    Let's embrace the age of Aquarius!

    Top: Style Moi (Get it here)
    Skirt: Boohoo (Get it here)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get it here)
    Shoes: Target (Similar here)
    Choker: Lovisa

    Well I am officially the most easily influenced shopper ever. After writing my piece '6 Ways To Wear Suede', I went on a blog induced suede rampage and snapped up a few pieces to satisfy my cravings. This cute Boohoo mini skirt was at the top of my lust-list, just how cute are the button up details? I have to admit that I don't normally allow myself to wear miniskirts (thunder thighs are on the move), but for this one I made an exception.

    The boyf thought that this top looked like something a genie would wear. To be honest, I should actually dedicate a whole post to the ridiculous things he compares my clothes to. This Style Moi off-the-shoulder top is crazily lovely and looks equally as awesome layered up over a slimline maxi dress. Because we all have huuuge food babies at some point and don't want to wear a crop top.

    Are you loving the suede trend?


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    When premium beauty supplier Luxola contacted me about trying out some of their blushers, I couldn't resist. After all, evolutionists have proven that having that flushed glow is a sign of fertility and attractiveness. Ok... science lesson over.

    I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here, but I get asked about my cheekbones a lot and I always feel truly complimented when people ask my what products I use. The truth is, I like to experiment with a lot of different makeup products, as long as they are not tested on animals. 

    But does a more expensive product always guarantee a show-stopping result? Or are we just paying extra for a whole lotta nothing? I put this theory to the test...

    The Bargain Buy: 'Wet N Wild' blush in 'Berry Shimmer'
    Luxola sell this vibrant 'Wet N Wild' blush for just $5.61! So yeah, that's practically free.


    On first glance, I was a little bit hesitant at how red it looked. The swirly pattern in the blush itself is luxuriously pretty, so I couldn't deny taking a few quick snaps before I dunked my blush brush into it.

    On application, I found it incredibly pigmented and felt like instead of giving me that little, coy, cute blush, it sort of gave me that 'oh my gosh my pants just fell down in public' look. I think that this product is good if applied in incredibly small doses on just the apples of the cheeks, but I would think twice before slapping this all over your cheeks. This product is great, if you use it in moderation.

    - The price
    - Good if you like incredibly pigmented blush
    - Smooth to apply
    - Comes with a blusher brush (I would recommend using this, as the product stained my brush!)

    -Overly red
    -Stained my 'Real Techniques' blusher brush

    Score: 5/10
    The Tantalizing Treat: 'Sleek Makeup Blush' in 'Rose Gold'
    There's something about multi-tonal black packaging that makes a product look so expensive. But this 'Sleek' blusher does anything but break the bank, it  is a total steal at $9.47 from Luxola.

     I actually thought that the colour was like a muted version of the 'Wet and Wild' blusher and luckily, it provided a deep, natural looking flush that was oh-so-flattering. Although the product was not very pigmented, a few swirls with my blusher brush and it gives a flattering glow.
    This rosey-hued beauty is going to become a part of my every day beauty routine. Sorry broken old Clinique blusher; you have been replaced!

    - Natural looking colour
    - Smooth and easy to apply
    - The price
    - Long lasting

    - Not very pigmented

    Score: 9/10

    The Sexy Splurge: 'Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush Face Powder' in 'Rose Diamond'Fast becoming a cult beauty favorite with magazines and You Tuber's alike, Mirenesse's stunning Marble Blush can be picked up on your next pay day from Luxola for $58.27.

     The packaging itself quite literally screams 'PREMIUM PRODUCT', coming in a cute textured envelope partnered with an application guide.

    But it get's even prettier....
    Is this marbled rose blush not the prettiest product you've ever seen. Having quite tanned skin, however, I was a little concerned that it would be too light for my skin tone. I was wrong; the result was almost like that of a blusher-meets-highlighter. A fairyish pink glow that glistened at the touch of sunlight. **Insert angelic choir**

    - Super smooth and easy to apply
    - The prettiest product EVER
    - Highlighting
    - Natural looking
    - Hydrates and protects the skin
    -Made with botanicals and all sorts of good stuff.

    -Very light coloured

    Score: 8/10

     The Verdict
    Although price doesn't necessary equate to how good a product looks when you are wearing it, I do think that a higher price generally does equate to higher quality ingredients.

    My favorite product has to be, without a doubt, the 'Sleek Makeup blush in Rose Gold', which, despite being a whopping $49 cheaper than the Mirenesse product, delivered a clean, natural looking flush. 

    Saying this, I can see the benefits of the Mirenesse product. It delivers such a healthy, iridescent glow that I can easily see myself using to highlight my cheek bones. Plus, with those botanical elements, I know that it's a god-send to my acne prone skin. I would definitely invest in this come pay day!

    Luxola offers a wide variety of blushers and you can read their guide to finding the right blush here . Alternatively, you can browse their rainbow of blushes and find the perfect one for you.

    Luxola is offering my readers 25% off all full price product!!

    Kaboom! Simply enter the code BLX-THEDAILYLUXE at the checkout. (Valid until Sept 30th)

    Which blusher is your fave?

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