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Fashion blog with a sense of wanderlust. Always beachy, boho and tropical, 'The Daily Luxe' is your one stop for Summer style.

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  • 01/19/16--19:19: The Look: When In Romany

  • fringe cardigan 
    Don't leave the gypsy boho trend for Spring/Summer. Layer up in an abundance of tassels, chunky knits and flared jeans to tick all of those Seventies boxes.

    Today I explore the city of Bath's iconic Roman Baths in gypsy-esque attire. You know what they say; when it Rome, or Romany... should I say...
    knit turban
    Roman Baths Bath
    boho style

    Winter bohemianRoman artifacts


    70s Winter

    Photos taken at Roman Baths, Bath

    Am I about to tell your fortune? Am I with some sort of traveling, cart- dwelling mob?

    Nope: Just doing my Seventies thing! Winter style!

    I think that both my enthusiastic sarcasm and seriously lame puns are a result of my jet lag. Please bare with me whilst I continue to defrost from England's brrr-utal weather. (See! I did it again!)

    Although I may be back in the el Paradiso that is Cairns, I thought that I should share with you one of my favorite cold weather looks from when I was visiting my family over in England. A few days after we landed, Jake and I traveled down to visit my sister (who I hadn't seen for 2 years!) and she really enjoyed playing tour guide in her local area.

    We explored the stunning city of Bath, which, like Rome, was built upon seven hilltops. Seriously, with this architecture, who needs to jet off to Italy?

    The undeniable highlight of the day had to be exploring the Roman Baths. Dating back to 60-70 AD (which is really hard to comprehend), the baths are heated by a natural spring which bubbles up from the ground. The Baths were used as both a public bathing facility and a Temple.

    In modern day, the Baths act as an educational 'time travel' back to the Roman times and upon walking around the naturally-heated pools, you can easily imagine the Roman Noble's strutting around in their Toga's, wine in hand.

    I know I'm babbling... gotta love jet lag! So let's move onto my Winter boho dressing tips, before, you, or I, or both of us, fall asleep.

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Just kidding)

    3 Tips For Boho Winter Dressing

    1. Go For Texture
    Although the boho trend may be associated with the entire spectrum of the rainbow, stick to a neutral palette for a more Wintry vibe and, instead, add hippy elements through contrasts between different textures. Knit, suede and denim are all a huge yes.

    2. Shape Does It
    Although January may be too cold for printed dresses, it's not too cold to throw some serious Seventies shapes. Flared jeans and flared sleeves are both great options for the cooler months.

    3. Put A Scarf On It
    An entire outfit can be transformed by a Seventies Boho scarf. Check out my ultimate scarf styling guide for more tips. 

    The Luxe For Less
    Want to extend your collection of 70s Winter pieces? Check out my ultimate bargain picks below:

    The Luxe For Less: Southern Hemisphere
    Even in my jet lagged state (gosh will I ever stop waffling on about it), I can't forget my wonderful Southern Hemisphere-ers! This cute gypsette look can be modified for the warm weather too, check out my ingredients:


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    fashion investment pieces
    Stop: Hold the press! A piece on The Daily Luxe that is not about bargains?! Ladies: You all know I am addicted to bargains and this ain't gonna change! (Just try and hold me back from those sales! I dare you!). But as I get further and further into my twenties, the more I understand the importance of investing in quality and timeless pieces. After all, we need to treat ourselves sometimes.

    Speaking of treats, the other half and I had a stupid  totally valid argument the other day about whether buying a Chanel handbag is an investment:

    Him- 'It's not a diamond ring, which will go up in value.'

    Me- 'But it's a Chanel bag. They are timeless; I can pass it on to my daughters and granddaughters and it will go up in price because it will eventually acquire a vintage status.'

    Ah babe... you will never understand fashion.

    Unlike my boyfriend, the crew at Hiphunters have their hand firmly on the fashion pulse. Thanks to this a premium and luxury shopping platform, finding those investment pieces is now easier than ever!

    Let's take a look at five timeless designer items that are totally worth the splurge...

    1. Louboutin Black Pumps

    Louboutin shoes street style
    Gees: Who wouldn't want to be part of this gang? 
    (Photo Source:

    The slightest flicker of that red sole is enough to drive any fashionista into a lust-filled frenzy! For a pair that will transcend any trends, opt for a plain leather pair with a round toe. As beautiful, and on-trend, as patent and pointed toe Louboutin's are, these babies will never go out of fashion.

     Christian Louboutin FiFi 100mm Black Pumps

    2. The Classic White Shirt

    Alexa Chung White Jeans 
    Alexa Chung shows how a classic white shirt can be added to on-trend pieces for a winning combination. (Photo Source:

    White tops in various shapes will come and go, but a classic white shirt is forever. Just be careful with the red wine and this basic piece could last you a lifetime. It's just like a husband, with less whining!

    If you're looking for quality without breaking the bank, 'The Queen' shirt by up-and-coming designer 'I'm Your Shirt' is a great buy.

    If you're after an investment piece, this Mason Margiela piece is the one for you!

    3. Burberry Trench Coat

    vintage Burberry trench
    Marlene Dietrich rocks the trench back in 1948. The definition of timeless.
    (Photo Source:

    This British icon was born in the trenches (get it!) of World War One and has gone on to be a timeless style statement. Weatherproof and style-proof, it's safe to say that this piece of outerwear is worth investing in! 

    4. Chanel 2.55 Bag 

    Chanel quilted bag
     Need. One. Now
    (Photo Source:

    You would have to reside on Pluto to not know that this is the bag worth investing in! Loved by a-listers and fashionistas alike, the Chanel 2.55 bag is the one to have! 
    If you're after a different handbag investment, check out Hiphunters range of handbags here

    5. The Little Black Dress 
    Taylor Swift little black dress
     Taylor Swift shows off her pins in a classic LBD.
    (Photo Source: perezhilton)
    Ah... the little black dress! Where to start? Hiphunters have a plethora of beauties here to suit every shape and size. Perhaps the hardest thing about this classic is choosing one that will transcend fashion trends. Opt for a classic, A-line shape and a knee-length hem and you can't go wrong. 

    Do you own any of these timeless treasures?


    **This piece was sponsored by Hiphunters. All opinions are my own** 

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    They say: Pack that blouse away for Winter! I say: Layer it up and rock it!

    Today, I show you how I styled my favorite Zara plaid top for the tropical Port Douglas beach, Australia (30 degrees). Then, how I layered it up and rocked it on the streets of York, England (1 degree).

    Want to keep your fave top in high rotation all year round? Read on for my looks and for my top styling tips...

    Plaid Top: Zara (Sold out, similar here)
    Fringe Skirt: She In (Sold out, similar here)
    Sandals: Lee Cooper (Similar here)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Shop here)

    Ahh... you can't beat the tropical Aussie weather! Here I am in the beachy climate my regular readers would all associate me with. I have to admit that sometimes I have a culture identity crisis and sometimes don't know where I really fit in anymore or what exactly my national identity is. My accent is a strange mishmash of Northern English and Australian, my home and partner are in Australia, but all my family are in the UK. It often feels like I am walking on a tightrope that runs exactly down the centre of the earth. If only port keys were real!

    But before I get out my violin and play a poor-British-immigrant ditty, let's move onto the fashion...

    For the beach, I rolled up the sleeves on my plaid tee. This helps to keep the steamy sauna sweat of 85% humidity at bay whilst adding a more casual vibe that is suited to the sand. As this blouse is quite loose fitted and has a slight peplum shape, I tucked it into this high-waist fringe skirt for an instant hour glass shape.

     With the turquoise waters and soft sands, what better finishing touches than gladiator sandals and polarized sunnies? After all, glazed eyes and crispy burnt feet are never stylish!

    My Summer Style Tips 
    • If your top is long sleeved, go ahead and roll em' up! You have the rest of the year to cover your arms!
    • Baggy beauty? Simply tuck into a high waist skirt or shorts for a flattering look.
    • Style your favorite A/W button-up as a beach cover up
    • To jazz up a simple, yet faithful, fave tee, layer a crop bralet over the top.
    • A statement necklace or body chain are a climate-appropriate way to layer up!
    • Reverse a button-up shirt and wear the buttons at the back!

    Plaid Top: Zara (Sold out, similar here)
    Turtleneck Jumper: Style Moi (Sold out, similar here)
    Knit Dress (as skirt): Cotton On (Shop here)
    Coat: Matalan (Old, similar here)
    Knee High Boots: Missguided (Shop Here)
    Gloves: Vintage

    Here I am visiting my chilly old love: Great Britain! These were taken in some of York's oldest streets, the Shambles. Look familiar? These streets were in fact the inspiration for J K Rowling's Diagon Alley.

    Fact of the day time! Did you know that the phrase 'what a shambles' actually originated from here. Back in the 14th and 15th century, every city in England had a 'Shambles'. This was an entire street of butchers shops. The streets were filled with animal giblets and all sorts of mess and tada- the term was born! You can thank my Aunt for that one- she's a tour guide in York!

    For this zero degree day, I layered up to the max! My first layer consisted of a knit midi dress, which I topped with a chunky knit gray marl sweater. I embellished the sweater with my plaid Zara tee. Then I layered a huuuge coat over the top cos it was bloody freezing!

    Knee high boots acted as stylish leg warmers and I stopped my fingers falling off with these cute, camel, vintage gloves.

    My Winter Style Tips
    • LAYERING! Put long sleeved sweaters under your top for a cool and quirky layered look. Turtle necks look extra awesome!
    • If your top is too tight for layering underneath, prep with thermal vests and top with a cute cape and long gloves combo.
    • Layer your tee over a knit dress for both warmth and an instant outfit.
    • When layering your top over long sleeved knits, go for a color that is in the print of the top.
    • Alternatively, if your top is a solid color, make a statement with a stark contrast!
    • Wear your favorite button up with a chunky knit over the top and leave the collar peeping out. Alexa Chung would approve!

     Over to you: is it currently bare-all-on-the-beach weather or cuddle-up-with-a-hot-chocolate weather where you live?


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  • 01/29/16--19:43: The Look: Simply Red
    A very dressy dress doesn't have to be saved for one occasion! Today I dressed down my prom-ish dress with brown leather accessories and just-off-the-beach hair.
    Dress: She In* (Shop here)
    Heels: Schutz (Shop here)
    Belt: Primark
    Bracelet: Swarovski (Shop here)

    Ladies: If you're looking at buying this dress, make sure you get it two sizes smaller! Although the quality of this dress is amazing for the price, the sizing is huge and my size small looked like a large when it arrived! Despite this, I took to it with my trusty needle and thread and somehow made it look good. That's my recommendation when it comes to sites such as She In: Always check the review section for any sizing discrepancies.

    I gave the waist an extra cinch in with my trusty Primark Primarni belt. I think that the casual, brown leather tone is perfect for dressing down this dress and stop it looking too 'prom.' The leather, brown Schutz sandals added some much needed length to my legs, whilst dressing down this piece. With flared midi dresses, I recommend heels with a bit of height, as it stops attracting too much attention to the calves. These sandals totally solved my cankle problem! ;)

    I NEVER want to take off this Swarovski Stardust bracelet! It was a surprise anniversary gift from Jake it and is so timeless. He obviously saw my ogling it with accompanying 'ooos' an 'ahs' last time we were in the Swarovski store. Worn as a double wrap bracelet, it gives an instant stylish edge to any outfit. It also looks super pretty worn as a necklace too.

    How To Dress Down A Dress
    There's no point having a beautiful dress that you can only wear once. Choose your accessories right and dress that baby down!
    • DON'T go for black shoes and bag. Black is a very formal color, for neutral complimentary pieces, try brown or beige.
    • DON'T pair with a clutch bag; they scream evening! Do something a little quirky and different; who says you can't rock a bucket bag with a prom dress!
    • WEDGES add that sexy height without making your dress score higher on the 'dressy scale.'
    • DO add a jacket- but opt for a casual number, such as a denim or leather number.
    • DO opt for accessories in contrasting colours.
    • DO wear oversized jewellery, but keep it wooden and boho.

    How do you dress down your 'dressy' pieces?


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    top islands great barrier reef

    If I had to write a list of my favorite things ever to do, island hopping would certainly make the cut! Living on The Great Barrier Reef, I literally have one of the seven natural wonders of the world right on my doorstep! 

    I am so excited to share with you guys, my own, personal paradise. Get ready for idyllic white beaches, a rainbow of reef, a lot of beachy fashion and enough palm trees to fill all of Yorkshire! Here's my five favorite islands on the Great Barrier Reef...

    5. Dunk Island 

    The relatively unexplored Dunk Island seems to come with a side plate of adventure! If crystal clear waters and drift-wood dotted beaches are your kind of thing, Dunk Island is one for you!

    Mission Beach island 
    The island is a great spot for camping, although unfortunately there is no glam option, as the resort remains closed after the devastating effects of tropical Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

    It is also incredibly easy to access for a day trip, with regular water taxis from Mission Beach (which is a stunning place worth exploring in its own right). 
    Dunk Island
     For a full outfit post, click here.

    The Island has can be explored by several walking tracks, one of which is a huge, sweaty hike to a stunning view of the Family Islands National Park.
    Dunk island beach
    If you're in need of some grub, the 'Jetty Cafe' is literally on the beach and has the most chilled atmosphere ever. 

    The only downside of Dunk Island is the lack of reef worth snorkeling, but it's picturesque beauty still guarantees it a place in my top five!

    Great For:
    - Hiking
    - Relaxing (there is a cafe right on the beach!)
    - Swimming (although marine stingers inhabit waters from December- April)

    4. Green Island 

    Located just an hour off Cairns, Green Island is my go-to haven. I visit here around four times a year and each time I leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired. This coral cay is a little tourist hot spot and is surrounded by colorful reef and an abundance of cool blue Ocean.
    sea turtle ocean 

    Words cannot describe how magical it is to swim with sea turtles! They are so graceful and beautiful, I feel like some sort of tropical mermaid floating alongside them! Green Island, in my experience, is the best place to spot these rare cuties! Snorkel over the grassy areas to find grazing turtles or gaze out over Green Island pier to see them surface to take a breath.

    clown fish great barrier reef 

    Although the quality of reef is no where near as pristine as what you would encounter on the outer barrier reef, there is so much marine life! Whilst snorkeling at this turquoise paradise, I have been lucky to spot rays, clown fish (Nemo), giant clams and reef sharks. Don't worry about the sharks: They're harmless! And kinda cute!

    turtle green island
    When your not being a mermaid, you can enjoy a nice lunch at one of the islands eateries. There's a small aquarium too, where you can see the largest salt water croc in Queensland!

    giant clam great barrier reef

    There's a beautiful resort too, where guests get treated to a personal dinner on the beach: so romantic!

    Great For:
    - Turtle spotting
    -Glass bottom boat/ semi sub
    - Relaxing
    - Swimming (the resort pool is open to the public.)
    - A relaxing getaway

    3. Magnetic Island

    'Maggies', as the locals like to call it, is one for the animal lovers!The island is easily accessible from Townsville and provides both luxury and budget accommodation for those wanting to stay longer. Believe me: you will want to!
    rock wallaby magnetic island

    Holiday here and you will not be along! The island is home to a colony of oh my gosh they're so cute- little kangaroos rock wallabies, who will happily eat wallaby pellets straight from your hand! 

    great barrier reef townsville 

    Although you can snorkel directly of one of the stunning bays, there isn't any reef off the island. However, just a two hour boat trip away is some of the most colorful reef I've ever seen! I totally recommend paying it a visit.

    Magnetic Island has lots of little beaches to explore and can be done in style! Topless Barbie cars and jeeps are available for rent, so make sure you bring your vintage mix tape and your over-sized sunglasses!

    Pull over at the iconic fort track and hike to the historic war fort whilst wild koala spotting. Magnetic Island has one of the largest wild koala populations in Queensland so you're likely to spot at least one furry cutie!

    Great For:
    -A Getaway
    -Snorkelling (Although the barrier reef is a two hour ride from the island)

    2. Hamilton Island
    Ah...Hamilton Island! Once you go there, you never want to leave!

     The most commercial of the stunning Whitsunday Islands, Hamilton Island is like living in a luxurious little Island community! Everyone drives around in topless golf buggies, what's not to love?

    sunset hamilton island

    Hamilton Island comes in at number two due to it's endless plethora of activities. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy parasailing and jet skiing, whilst those looking for more of a relaxed time can indulge in a luxury spa treatment. Add in stunning beaches, cocktails at sunset and a more relaxed vibe than Woodstock and it's obvious why a lot of people spend weeks here!
    parasailing whitsundays 

    You can while away luxurious days at one of the four public pools and top it off with a five star dining cruise. Throw in some snorkeling and kayaking for an adventure hit!

    hamilton island harbour
    See the full outfit post for this look here

    Nature lovers: rejoice! Hamilton Island has some of the friendliest flappy friends that the reef can offer. Cockatoos joining you for your breakfast is totally common, as are lorikeets jumping on your picnic table! One cheeky little cocky even stole a piece of my pizza!
    cockatoos hamilton island
    Hike one of the many walking tracks to discover hidden beaches and out-of-this-world views. And don't forget to head to the best view of the island for 10 dollar cocktails! You will love it, I promise!
    Great For:
    - A get away
    -Water Sports
    - As a gateway to the reef
    - Wildlife

    1. Whitehaven Beach (Whitsunday Island)
    Always ranking at the top of those 'best beaches in the world' lists that clog our Twitter feeds and taking my top spot is Whitehaven Beach. With sands as white as snow as sea's as turquoise as...well...turquoise, this place seems like something from a beautiful dream.
    most beautiful beach in world 

    The island is completely uninhabited, leaving the beach exactly as nature intended it. It is a short 30 minute boat ride from Hamilton Island and is included as a highlight in many of the Whitsundays live aboard cruises.

    whitehaven beach 

    This pristine silica beach stretches for a bright, white, 7kms! I suggest taking a boat trip along the length of the island, before pulling in at Tongue Bay. From Tongue bay, take a short hike up to the lookout to view Hill Inlet: a mesmerizing swirl of white sand and aqua seas.

    white sand 

    The sand itself is the best in the world, it was even used to make the Hubble Telescope! If you ever visit, clean your gold and silver jewellery with the pure white sand to make it sparkling new! I don't suggest that you turn up with a sack of jewellery though, you might look a bit odd!

    whitehaven beach
    Great For:
    - THE BEACH!
    - Scenery
    - Swimming

    Planning a road trip? Here's my trusty map:

    Get The Island Look

    Are you going to add any of these places to your bucket list?


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  • 02/05/16--04:44: The Look: Boho Brown
  • Michael Kors lace up chain dress
    Let's be straight: colours remind us of things. Spring green anyone? Or maybe sky blue? **Insert colour cliche here** So when it comes to brown, does our brain automatically go "poooooo"?

    I'm totally ashamed to say that I had to restrain myself to not call this post 'how to wear brown without looking like a turd', but I thought that would have been a little too far. Note to self: not everyone has the humor of a toddler.

    I think that rocking brown is all about finding that dress that looks anything but a piece of poo poo and this Michael Kors baby totally ticks that box. With a Cadbury-ish shade and cute boho lace-up detailing in luxe gold, this dress is the perfect mix of classic glam and laid back boho. So how do you rock this tricky shade? Read on...

    Michael Kors dress

    statement boho earrings 

    brown lace up dress

    statement tassel earrings 

    lace up chain 

    lace up pumps 

    brown dress style
     Dress: MICHAEL Michael Kors (The printed version is now HALF PRICE here!)
    Earrings: Lovisa (Similar here)
    Shoes: Primark (Similar here)

    Never ever ever would I have imagined myself fan-girling over something brown. But then I spotted this chain-embellished crepe Michael Kors beauty and was hooked. Jake bought it for me for my birthday and I styled it for my birthday dinner like this. Unfortunately this colour is now sold out, but the cute printed version is now half price here if you feel like treating yourself.

    Styling brown can be as challenging as reciting pi to a 50 decimal place, one wrong move and it's all just a mess! I think my dress is particularly flattering due to the crepe fabric and the belted waist, which takes it a million miles from barn yard sack territory.

    As for colour combos, I chose a colourful and suitably hippyish clutch bag and took an alternative colour out of the print to match the shoes. These shoes are from the one shop I miss most from England, Primark! Dear Primark, pleeeease open in Australia!

    I'm obsessed with the huge earrings that are around at the moment and this tasseled tribal pair really suited this boho look and judging by the runways, the 70s isn't going anywhere. **My boho filled wardrobe sings a Hallelujah chorus** 

    My Tips On Styling Brown
    - Add a warm, luxurious vibe with statement gold jewellery.
    - Style with nudes for a stunning neutral look.
    - Brown and cobalt blue make a vibrant and stunning combination.
    - Go for a fitted piece. Baggy and brown= giant turd.
    - Take note of the shade. Warm chocolatey shades are complimenting. Avoid shades with green undertones.

    Would you wear brown?


    P.S. I hope you like the new layout!

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    how to wear a scarf
    If you thought a scarf was simply a matter of ‘throw it around your neck’, I’ll stop you right there! In the world of the stylish, a scarf is not just a fashion accessory, it’s an endless source of self expression. In less waffly terms, there’s a whole lotta ways to tie a scarf that can add style and that little bit of quirk to your look. ‘Erm… so how exactly do I tie it then?’ I hear you ask. Fear not: I have searched far and wide, **cough** google, to find you the ten most stylish ways to tie your scarf!

    So grab your fave scarf, pop yourself in front of the mirror and get ready to endure my mug for the next few minutes! It’s time for a scarf tying masterclass!

    1. The French Knot

    how to tie a scarf

    Fold your scarf in half so that it is one large loop.
    how to tie a scarf

    Drape the loop over your neck and pull one loose end over and through the scarf loop.
    how to tie a scarf

    Repeat with the other loose end.
    scarf tying

    Wearing Tropical floral scarf in berry

    2. The Sailor

    boho silk scarf

    Drape the scarf around your neck, ensuring that one end is significantly longer than the other.

    Wrap the long scarf length around once.
    silk scarf

    Wrap it around a second time.
    silk scarf knot

    Tie in a knot at the side. Ahoyyy matey!

    Wearing Exotic silk scarf in berry

    3. The Back Shawl

    boho shawl

    Drape scarf over shoulders and through the elbows.
    boho shawl

    Secure in a knot for an instant shawl.
    Wearing Striped print scarf in red.

    4. The Turtleneck

    bohemian scarf

    Drape scarf around neck, ensuring one side has most of the length.
    scarf style

    Wrap around until both ends are short.
    wrap scarf

    Tuck the excess scarf fabric behind your neck under the bulk of the scarf.
    Wearing Floral paisley scarf in Autumn.

    5. The Infinity Scarf

    boho scarf

    Begin with your scarf draped around your neck.
    diy infinity scarf

    Make a DIY infinity scarf by tying both ends together.
    how to tie an infinity scarf

    Twist the scarf and place the loop over your head.

    Wearing Solid color scarf in turquoise.

    6. The Bandanna

    make a bandanna

    Fold your scarf to create a square.
    diy bandanna

    Fold in half diagonally to create a triangle.
    bandanna scarf

    Tie the two outer edges together and voila!
    Wearing Solid color scarf in maroon.

    7. The Boa

    boho scarf

    Pull scarf around neck from the back and cross around once.
    scarf style

    how to wrap a scarf

    Take one side of loose scarf length and twist it around the scarf around your neck. Do the same with the other scarf length, twisting around the scarf already around the neck.

    8. The Parisian

    boho silk scarf

    Throw scarf around neck so that it’s cascading down your back.
    bohemian scarf

    Tie in a knot at the nape of your neck.
    70s scarf

    Wearing Exotic silk scarf in berry

    9. The Braid

    scarf styling

    Knot your scarf around your neck.

    Take the right hand side over the left and pull through. Repeat on left and right hand sides 
     alternatively until there is no fabric left.
    scarf braid

    10. The Asymmetric Shawl

    scarf style

    Throw scarf over one shoulder.
    scarf tying

    Wrap the scarf round your back and under your arm and tie.

    Which one will you be trying?



    This post was originally posted on the Banarsi Designs blog here. Make sure to check this blog each week for my home decor and fashion pieces.

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  • 02/12/16--03:44: The Look: Let's Get Lost
  • stripe playsuit style 
    'If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there.'- Lewis Carroll, 'Alice In Wonderland.'

    Ravenshoe wind turbines

    striped wrap playsuit

    girl walking road

    farm fashion

    stripe playsuit

    stone pendant
    Necklace: Lovisa
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get it here)

    Is getting lost always a bad thing? Or do the long roads we take lead us to becoming a more rounded human being?

    I think that we can all sit and cringe about those dozens of 'phases' that we went through when we were younger. Those toxic relationships. Those 'wrong' decisions and those things that, looking back, seem like a big, fat, waste of our time.

    But is being in a stable place really all that? Maybe when we finally land 'that job', or 'that home', our brains may tell us to just get on a plane to a whole new place and get lost all over again.

    Me? I'm 25 and I'm loving being lost in a sea of opportunities. Although I may be at an age of 'settling down', all I want to do is explore the world, write and create. I have my heart firmly set in the creative fashion industry and I'm not going to step off the footpath until I get there.

    Today's look post is brought to you from the middle of no-where, with love. **Sending you some fresh, slightly cow scented, air**
    newly born calf
    How cute?

    This cute New Chic stripe play suit is the perfect outfit for getting lost. With an instant-boob-job wrap neckline and a cinched in waist, it's comfy and cute in equal part. I injected a bit of cow girl with my floppy hat and matching belt combo. And I finished it off with my Tory's, my perfect travel buddy, apart from my other half of course! ;) 


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  • 02/16/16--04:06: The Look: Shipwrecked
     It's not everyday that exploring leads you to finding your new favorite place. Today I show my private idyllic paradise, in my suitably Safari-esque bow-tie shirt and sand shorts combo.



    Shorts: Zara (Shop similar here)
    Hat: Choies* (Shop it here)
    Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (Shop it here)
    Bag: Kass and Ko
    Sandals: Lee Cooper

     With creamy, soft sands and an aqua clear ocean, you would think this beach would be more crammed than a London tube train. Think again! Jake and I had this luscious beach all to our-lucky-selves!

    Dotted on a scary dirt road (argh- the poor car), just north of Cape Tribulation (QLD, Australia) is my new private haven. I was tempted to just pitch a tent here and spend my whole life as some dirty-beach-lovin' hippy, but I think I'm a bit too princessy high maintenance. Plus: this area has a high salt water crocodile population and marine stingers. Grr! I guess other animals wanna live somewhere warm and beautiful too!

    For my day exploring I donned my white Zara layered top. I am obsessed with the key hole neckline at the moment and I love how this one is embellished with a pussy bow. I added my Indiana-Jones style sand shorts and kept sweaty hair at bay with my trusty fedora. 

    And can we just take a moment to oogle over the sheer beauty of this bag? It's so beachy, and boho, yet not too in your face. I honestly think that if I had been a bag, I would have been this one and I had to have it. I picked it up in a cute, little, boutique; don't you think that these little stores are sometimes like treasure chests? 

    Looking at these photos, I bet anyone who saw us would have thought I was some sort of crazy lunatic dressing up so much for a rain forest adventure. But my motto is; who cares? Wear what makes you feel great! Life is too short for ugly clothes!


    P.S. I'm working on one of my classic New York Fashion Week cheat sheets! I'll get it up and running as soon as I get rid of this grotty respiratory infection. C'mon white blood cells: do your thing!

    0 0

    New York, New York... no wonder so many folk write songs about you1 8 days and a trillion garments later, you certainly have provided us with a walk-in-wardrobe's worth of inspiration! 

    As the fash pack jet off to London town for the next lot, let's catch up on all the hottest New York Autumn-Winter 16-17 collections. The best way? Cheating. Duh!

    That's right, I'm back with my demanded Fashion Week cheat sheet series, in which I sum up each key show in 3 photos and 3 words. So basically, I've done all the hard work for you and you can sit back, relax and absorb!

    Your next stop: Autumn-Winter collection expertise. #Aheadofthecrowd

    3, 2, 1, lift off!

     3.1 Phillip Lim
    60s-70s, moss, waistlines

    Alexander Wang
    Street, grunge, 90s

    Prints, nomadic, prairie

    BCBG Max Azria
    Asymmetric, volume, layering

    Calvin Klein
    Relaxed tailoring, animalistic

    Carolina Herrera
    Pastels, ladylike, textures

    Derek Lam
    Mod, feminine, shoulders

    Diane von Furstenburg
    70s, glam, florals

    Dion Lee
    Clean, 80s, bulk
    Hugo Boss
    Shift, lines, earth-tones

    Jason WuChecks, long-line coat

    Jeremy Scott
    80s, brash, cartoonish

    Karen Walker
    Prints, masci-femme, utility
     Oversized, 70s meets 90s 

    Mara Hoffman
    Tropical tribal glam
     Regal, sheer, embellished

    Michael Kors
    Mod, 70s, double-breasted

    Monique Lhullier
    Sheer, floral, 70s

    Naeem Khan
    Disco, 1920s, glamour

    Narciso Rodriguez

    Minimalist, pajamas, slips

    Oscar de la Renta
    Brocades, 60s, princess

    Prabal Gurung
     Floaty, bodycon, off-shoulder

    Rag & Bone
    Boyfriend, Sporty, 90s
     Victoriana, gothic, juxtapositional

    Saint Laurent
    Blondie, glam-rock, 70s

    Relaxed military, pajamas

    Juxtapositional, wrap, architectural

    Tommy Hilfiger
    60s, nautical, kawaii

    Tory Burch
    Golf, colour-block, preppy

    Vera Wang
     Buckles, suiting, sheer

    Victoria Beckham
    Bustiers, checks, earth-tones

    Zac Posen
    Rust, capes, tiering

    Relaxed, Eastern, voluminous

    Which collection was your highlight?


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    lace playsuit beach
     Apologies if you stumbled upon this post expecting me to be in my undies!(You cheeky devil, you!) 

    Today, I bring you a fully clothed, yet slightly risque trend for me; underwear as outerwear. Sorry Mum.

    Slip dresses have been sneaking up on us for the past few seasons and today, I style the slip play suit; all the saucy vibes of the dress, with just that little bit more coverage! 

    fringe choker

    palm tree fashion

    mirrored round sunglasses beach

    boho beach hair

    slip beach

    holster bag

    cairns beach 

    cairns beach
    Jumpsuit: New Chic*
    Bikini Top: Fala (similar)
    Sunglasses: Jeepers Peepers (similar)
    Chokers: Lovisa (similar)

    Donning my 'Paul McCartney' sunnies and my dirty-hippy-beach-hair (#keshaslittlesis), I braved the 38 degree tropical heatwave to bring you this sun-filled, albeit sweaty, outfit post.

    I have been loving the slip dress trend and have found myself having an utter pin-fest drooling over all the fashionistas that can pull this off. However, as the owner of a pear shape figure and being self conscious of my thighs, wearing a slip dress was about as likely as becoming the third Olsen twin. NOT gonna happen!

    Then I stumbled upon this New Chic 'slip playsuit'. With a plunging neckline, lace trimmings and a silky sheen finish, this playsuit has all the vibes of the slip dress, whilst being more suitable to my beachy lifestyle.

    Although it is a little too low to be worn without some sort of modesty coverage underneath, I actually think the bikini top adds another facet to the look. Although the braver ladies may feel comfortable being all out booby, I'm way too much of a nun for that. Oh look... the British in me is coming out!

    I styled the look with my layered chokers and took my beautiful new Holster daytrip bucket bag out for it's first beach trip! The fabric is totally waterproof and sand-proof and it has a removable satin lining, if you wanna pop your wet bikini in it! I LOVE.

    Are you loving the slip dress trend? Here's my top tips:

    • If you have an hourglass or rectangle shape, go for a slip dress
    • Pear shapes and apple shapes should opt for a slip play suit.
    • Does the thought of a slip dress turn you blue? Warm it up with a faux-fur jacket and knee high boots. Oh-so-Hollywood.
    • A maxi slip dress is a fabulous option for an evening wear look. Add polished accessories, to stop it looking too much like you've stolen Nana's nightie!
    • Layer your slip dress or play-suit over a white tee for a cute casual look.
    • Wear with mega-watt confidence! This is one trend your other half will certainly approve! ;)



    Shop The Slip Playsuit

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  • 02/26/16--04:10: The Look: The Scarf Tuck

  • sleeveless waterfall vest
    Ladies: ever wish you could hit that snooze button just one more time in the morning without having to sacrifice looking chic? I have discovered the solution: the scarf tuck!

    Today I show you a style tip so easy a toddler could do it. Brought to you from my favorite wall...

    sleeveless vest

     DKNY bag 

    nude heel sandals

    sleeveless vest heels

    Tory Burch 

     street style sleeveless vest 

    70s floral scarf

    DKNY tote

    sleeveless vest 2016

    Sleeveless jacket: New Chic* (get it here)
    Top: Temt (similar here)
    Denim shorts: Sportsgirl (similar here)
    Bag: DKNY (Sold out, similar)
    Scarf: Lovisa
    Heels: ASOS (similar here)

    I know, I know, yet another scarf styling post. Gees, after '10 ways to tie a scarf' and 'the ultimate scarf style guide', you think I'd turn the notch down a bit when it comes to these fabric-y fiends. But this style tip was just too good not to share!

    I have to admit, I totally didn't invent this, I just took it from the street style pages and made it my own. With fashion season in full swing, I really do find myself just as much in awe of the saucy, stylish ladies on the streets as I do of the collections themselves. Pssttt.. you can re-live New York Fashion Week with my cheat sheet here
    To getthe volume and swing of a lob withouthaving to chop off those precious inches, just tie your scarf around your neck and over your hair. I have to admit that I've been doing this a lot lately, it's a super polished remedy to all of your last-minute hair woes. 
    I'm not letting the Seventies trend get out my grasp anytime soon and I've given it a polished edge with my New Chic khaki green sleeveless coat. My favorite thing about this piece is the way that it swings when you walk. My friends always tell me I have a 'Rachel strut' (cringe), so at least I will be able to take full advantage of its swing power.

    This high neck lace top and denim shorts is my Summer go-to combo. I'm no Einstein here, you really can't go wrong with denim. And I paired my DKNY tote with a classic pair of heeled sandals. 

    Speaking of Einstein, the fashion blogger boffins at 'IFB' chose my NYFW piece as one of their best of the week. If you fancy exploring more of the fashion-blog-o-sphere, check out these beauties below:

    Links à la Mode, February 25
     Have a luxe weekend,


    P.S. If you enjoyed this post, pin it!

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    As fashion week moves swiftly on to Gay Paris, our eyes are still on the street style!

    If street style was a magazine, denim yet again made the cover, but this time, it had more of an undone vibe. Cue my latest obsession: frayed denim.

    Ahhh....Marques Almeida, you have seriously made us want to take a pair of scissors to our fave denim pieces and just hack away! 

    But just before you pick up those scissors, listen up! A good pair of jeans is like a best mate, they are always there for you and are an instant pick up, so why cut em up? Do your old trusties a favor and invest in some frayed denim pieces.

    Here's my Marques Almeida lust list **drools**: 

    If you're wallet is feeling lighter than Donald Trump's brain, fear not! I am back with a brand new rap my luxe for less series and have been bargain-hunting away to find these street style-inspired pieces just for you!

    So get ready for ten street style frayed denim looks I can't stop lusting over and my budget-friendly options! Your wallet will thank me!

    1.The Top Of The Game

    (Photo Source:

    Who cares about the rest of the outfit when the top makes you literally collapse into a pile of your own drool? With romantic ruffles juxtaposed with raw, chunky denim, we are left with that 'undone beauty' that was so popular on the A/W 2016-17 catwalks. 

    The Luxe For Less

    2. The Cold Shoulder 

    (Photo Source:

    This is the perfect transition look for those entering Spring! A long-sleeved off the shoulder shirt has just enough coverage, whilst these wide-leg frayed culottes have some serious 70s styling power!

    The Luxe For Less

    3. Doubled Up
     (Photo Source: 

    If you want to stick with your old trusties down below, why not mix it up up top with a frayed hem tank top? Go for an over-sized, crop fit for that chic, hobo look. Keep the shoes and accessories polished and feminine and watch heads turn at your effortless look!

    The Luxe For Less


    4. Neon Pop
     (Photo Source:

    If you're climate is still a little chilly, layer a frayed denim dress over a neon or bright coloured knit. Who knew hacked out shoulders could look so darn good?

    The Luxe For Less


     5. Feelin' Skirty
    (Photo Source:

    Simple and sophisticated always works and Jessica Stein has proved this with this classic blue shirt and distressed blue skirt. I love a good oxymoron, and I don't think juxtapositions get any better than ripped denim and a Chanel boy bag!

    The Luxe For Less

     6. Summer Uniform
    (Photo Source:

    If I had to remain in one outfit for a month, it would be this! This multi-hued, double-frayed-denim extravaganza is made for tanned legs and sandy toes. Wear with beach waves and coconut scented sun screen.

    The Luxe For Less

    7. Riviera
     (Photo Source: 

    Feeling shy about this trend? Opt for a top with only one frayed hem for a more polished vibe. Add a patent black bag, dark jeans and a neck scarf for the perfect Paris Fashion Week look.

    The Luxe For Less 

    8. Frays N' Mules
    (Photo Source: 

    Go for a frayed jean that falls at the lower calf. Half-mast-Harry's are officially in and what better way to show off your shoes? Mules are the perfect pairing for this Seventies trend.

    The Luxe For Less


    9. The Basic
     (Photo Source: 

    With every trend, there is that piece that can be dressed up or down for every occasion and this dress is certainly that! Add some sex appeal with sky high heels or go boho chic with chunky jewellery and gladiator sandals.

    The Luxe For Less


    10. Patchwork
    (Photo Source: 

    If you're the dare devil of fashion, why not take a bungee jump in a patchwork frayed number? This fashionista has made hers even more quirkier by layering over a white shirt and teaming with sporty kicks.

    The Luxe For Less

    **Looks at full shopping cart**. Doing these posts always makes me shop!  **Hides purchases from boyfriend** Which of these street style looks is your favorite?


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  • 03/04/16--04:41: The Look: Cascades
     'One touch of nature makes the whole world kin', Shakespeare

    Wanderlust leads to the most stunning places. Truly off the beaten track, this pristine waterfall lies in the midst of the tropical rain forest.

    Wearing my suitably bohemian Zara, flare-sleeved dress and my wine-hued floppy hat, I soon felt myself melting into the luscious surroundings and become my good ol' nature hippy self...



    Dress: Zara (Similar here)
    Hat: Sportsgirl (Similar here)
    Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (Buy here)

    TLC once famously said 'don't go chasing waterfalls', I disagree, although their songs are rather catchy!

    Literally speaking, finding beautiful natural places brings about a rewarding sense of adventure. It opens our senses to all the world has to offer and makes everyday worries seem to drift away down the stream.

    Metaphorically speaking (warning: some deep shiz is about to follow), what is life without taking risks and exploring our options? Chase for that dream and, if you fail, at least you will fall among the stars. And more importantly, you will feel that sense of achievement within yourself.

    Jake and I found this beauty on the Atherton Tablelands whilst we tried to decipher an old, barely legible map. So I guess you could say we are pirates? But instead of hunting diamonds and rubies, we are after nature's idyllic treasures.

    I echoed the lush, tropical surroundings in my outfit too. This Zara dress features a lush, keyhole neckline that I am just a tad obsessed with. The retro, floral print makes it a sure fire fit for the rainforest. But my favorite part? These luscious, cascading bell sleeves!

    I brought out the burgundy floral accents with this floppy hat. Style tip: if you're looking to accessorize a printed dress, look for one of the lesser appearing colours in the print and highlight it!

    Due to the rapids of these stunning cascades, I resisted my mermaid urges to just jump right in! Luckily, we found a second falls that was literally a natural lagoon! Stay tuned, as I will be posting a photo of that wonder to my Instagram very soon!



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  • 03/08/16--05:00: How To Re-Style Your Pieces
  • crochet crop top
     You bought it, you love it, so why would you only wear it once?

    In the age of Instagram, it has become a perceived sartorial sin to wear the same outfit more than once. Today, I am here to stamp on that myth with a big fat (heeled) clog! Adorned in some of my fave pieces from past outfit posts, I am here to show that outfit recycling can be a creative and rewarding way to make the most of your wardrobe!

    stripe skirt street style 

    the peach box

    DKNY bryant

    cairns australia 
     summer stripe outfit

    crochet halter crop 

    tropical fashion 

    Top: Zaful*// Previously worn here
    Skirt: Sportsgirl// Previously worn here
    Watch and Bangle: The Peach Box*// Previously worn here
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch// Previously worn here, here, here, here
    Handbag: DKNY// Previously worn here, here, here 

     Hands up if you've ever thought 'Oh crap... I've worn this before...'. I'll stop you right there! Unless you're Olivia Palermo or the Queen you are undeniably gonna wear your pieces more than once. 'Money doesn't grown on trees', as your Nan would say. 

    The key is to style your garments differently through combining different mix ups of pieces. Think of the contents of your 'drobe as chic pantry, sometimes you will make a cake, sometimes you will make a soup.

    5 Ways To Re-style Your Clothing

    1. Opt for a different colour palette.
    You've worn that black fringe skirt in a monochrome look more times than you've craved chocolate, so why not mix it up a little? Team with a hot red top or add some prints and it'll look completely different!

    2. Accessorize
    We all have that dress that makes us feel 100% like Beyonce. If you want to make it look like a whole new piece for another event, try layering a statement necklace, body chain or collar, then listen to everyone rave about your new embellished dress!

    3. Tucking and layering
     If you are wanting to re-style a trusty old top, try tucking it into a high-waisted skirt or half-untucking it. Vamp up a look by layering on jackets, vests and even trousers over skirts.

    4. Do the 'occasion challenge'
    Ok, so I totally made this name up, but the idea is to take a piece and imagine how you would style it for a different occasion that what you've previously worn it to. Chances are, you will come up with a really unique look that is 100% different to what you've worn before.

    5. App It Up
    Apps such as 'Netrobe' allow you to digitize your wardrobe. You simply take a photo of each garment  and place them in categories and are able to test various items against each other without even opening your closet! The result? A handful of creative styling options for each piece.

    3 Ways To Re-style Your Accessories

    1. Make them your trademark
    How often have you seen Victoria Beckham sporting sunglasses over the past 15 years? Take your fave accessory and wear to your hearts content and it will become your trademark. I have worn my Tory Burch polarised sunglasses with too many outfits too remember!

    2. Handbag-over
    Inject a new lease of life into your trusty handbag by tying a scarf around the handle, or even by carrying it a different way. It's totally ok to have a handbag you use everyday. My everyday bits and bobs live in my DKNY Bryant Tote.

    3. Stack up your jewellery
    If you want to make a real statement, layer up your statement necklaces to create a unique and dramatic piece. Mix up your stacking rings to change your look!

    So there's my tips for making the most out of your wardrobe! Do you have any that I could add to the list?


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    playsuit body shapes
    Ah... playsuits! How we love you! A lazy girls bezzie, this all-in-one-outfit takes away all those 'does this skirt go with this top' moments. With all the cuteness of a dress, without the worries of a gust of wind blowing your way (#ICanSeeYourBum), I can seriously never get enough of these cute rompers in my wardrobe!

    I'm a total believer in wearing whatever you want, but have you ever wondered what type of playsuit is most flattering for your bod? Whether your a perfect pair, an amiable apple, a ravishing rectangle or a hourglass hottie, read on for your ultimate romper....

    Firstly, let's do a little bit of revision (don't worry, there is no algebra or learning Shakespeare quotes involved.) Here's a quick reminder of the four most common body shapes. For more of an in-depth guide, check out my piece on dressing for your body shape.

    women body shapes

    (Photo source:

    - Alluring APPLE SHAPE: Larger bust and waist, smaller legs.
    - Pretty PEAR SHAPE: Smaller waist and bust, narrow shoulders, larger hips, butt and thighs.
    - Heavenly HOUR GLASS SHAPE: Equal bust and hips, cinches in to a narrow waist.
    - Radiant RECTANGLE SHAPE: Straight up and down slim figure.

    P.S. It is totally normal to be in-between these shapes! So if you're a pear- hour glass shape, for example, you can probably rock both styles I suggest!

    Pear Shape

    Culotte Jumpsuit
    culotte jumpsuit

    Sexy, sophisticated and suitable for work and play, the culotte playsuit certainly gets my tick of approval. With a cinched-in shape that draws attention to your slim waist and a loose-fitting culotte style bottom to skim over your curves, this baby was practically created for a pear shape figure!

    Off Shoulder Playsuit

    Whether you opt for a cheeky cold shoulder piece or a full on shoulder show, the off-shoulder style will balance out your proportion to a tee. Opt for a piece with a cinched in waist for an extra hint of va va voom!

    Apple Shape

    Wrap Playsuit

    wrap playsuit
     (Photo Source:

    A saucy wrap shape will skim over your curves beautifully whilst showing off what ya momma gave you (boooobies). You can get away with short shorts! Team them with sky high wedges to show off those perfect pins!

    V Neck Playsuit

    v neck playsuit
     (Photo Source:

    I'm a firm believer in working your assets, and yours are those gorgeous pins and full breasts! What better way to show them off than with a v neck piece? Opt for longer sleeves if showing your arms doesn't make you feel a million dollars.

    Hour Glass Shape

    Cinched Waist Playsuit

    white playsuit
    (Photo Source:

    Girrrlll... that waist **goes green with jealousy**. Draw attention to it with a playsuit that has cut out details or a belt. 

    Fitted Playsuit

    fitted playsuit street style
    (Photo Source:

     Those curves were made for flauntin', so show them off in a fitted jumpsuit. Not everyone has your perfect waist- hip ratio, after all!

    Rectangle Shape
    Frill & Ruffle Playsuit

    Jessica Stein playsuit
    (Photo Source:

    Ahh.. Jess, do you ever get it wrong? Rectangle babes can work over-sized ruffles with absolute perfection. Opt for deep V shoulder ruffles to enhance your bust or get that Kimmy K butt with ruffles on the shorts' hem. Zero butt lift required!

    Maxi Playsuit 

    (Photo Source:

    Erm.... wait a minuite...maxi playsuit? Surely that's just a jumpsuit!  Nope. The maxi playsuit is a jumpsuit with a flowing 'train' at the back, a bit like a mismatched, yet chic, lovechild of the playsuit and maxi dress. And they are set to be huge. Your slim and modelesque frame can pull of this baby as much as Beyonce can pull off hot pants! Practice your strut and watch that gorgeous train floooow!

    How do you ladies like your playsuits? Do you like them as tight as your spanx or billowy and boho?


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    summer playsuit style
     'Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea and breathe the wild air.'

    Nothing can uplift your confidence like a new haircut and a killer pair of new sunnies. Today, I wear my new Firmoo* sunglasses with my shoulders on display and shells in my hair...
    boho playsuit summer

    lob blonde ombre

    scarf print playsuit

    rockstud dupes

    summer playsuit style

    Cairns esplanade

    rockstud dupes

    hair beach shells
    Sunglasses: Firmoo* (Get it here) MY FIRST 10 READERS THAT USE THE CODE 'rachelholliday2'will get a free pair of eyeglasses from this page

    Playsuit: Ice
    Handbag: DKNY Bryant Tote (Get it here)
    Flats: Famous footwear (Exact shoes for $15 here!)
    Earrings: Lovisa

    When you live in the tropics, you can seriously never have too many pairs of sunglasses! Whether I'm on the beach, chasing waterfalls with the boyf or going for brunch, there is going to be a stylish pair literally plastered to my face.

    Why? A: The look great. B: If I didn't, my squint-caused wrinkles would be as bad as an 80 year old ladies. 

    I am always on the hunt for a new pair of shades to add to my ever-growing collection and Firmoo* have totally rocked my world with this bargain pair! Costing a mere $19, this quirky, mirrored pair look just as fabulous as a $400 pair and have received me waaaay more compliments than any of my designer pairs. The evidence is here (#MermaidVibes).

    The marble-effect frame and slight cat eye shape make them such a fashion forward piece and I can honestly say that the glare reduction is great. Sun:0 Rach:1. And for $19 (the price of a movie ticket in Australia), I'd be as draft as Simon Cowell's trousers to complain!

    If you wear prescription lenses: listen up! The good folks at Firmoo have 10 free pairs of glasses to giveaway to my readers. (Yes, not kidding.) Simply click here to choose your perfect pair and enter the code 'rachelholliday2' at the checkout.

    To show off my new 'lob' haircut, I teamed my sunnies with my boho-print off-the-shoulder playsuit. I opted for nude accessories to let the print do the talking. I think this print would say something along the lines of 'scarfy gypsy chic.'

    I added my favorite pair of bargain flats from Famous Footwear. One glance and you would seriously think that these lovely jubblies were Valentino Rockstuds, but, I'll let you in on a secret: they were only $40! If you don't live in Australia, don't fret! I've found another perfect Rockstud look-alike for only $15 here! This Topshop pair are a total stylish steal too!

    And, with my bargain shoes and bargain sunnies in tow, I hit the beach and decided to adorn my new haircut with some shells. Rachel, just admit it to yourself, you will never be Ariel!


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    places to see before you die

    WARNING: The following post will increase the need to travel.

    They say that 'travel is the one thing you can buy that makes you richer' and with #wanderlust constantly trending on Instagram and Pinterest, my travel bucket list is becoming bigger than the Grand Canyon itself.

    From breathtaking oceans, to feats of mankind, let's take a look at ten of the most beautiful places in the world and the perfect outfits to wear if you ever were to visit... **Restrains self from driving to airport**

    1. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

    Plitvice waterfall
     (Photo Source: 

    Get.Me.Here.Now. One of the oldest national parks in Eastern Europe, this stunning series of waterfalls is so perfect that it could easily be confused for a painting. With 16 crystal clear lakes to cool off in, it's no wonder that this wanderlust-inducing paradise attracts one million visitors per year. Hopefully, I can be one soon before this wanderlust-fit kills me.

    What To Wear
     If you're visiting in Summer (you lucky devil), show off your Eastern Europe tan in frayed shorts and a white off-the-shoulder blouse. Grab your funky bikini and jump in!

    2. Navagio Bay, Greece 

    navagio bay greece
     (Photo Source:

    This white-sand bay is home to a shipwreck dating back to 1981. Nestled on the coast of Zakynthos, the still and sparkling seas are certainly where I would like to while away my days...

    What To Wear

    Funk up a Grecian classic in a whimsical, yet sexy wrap play suit and calf-high gladiator sandals. Get out your on-trend round towel and soak in one of natures gifts. Watch out though, those locals may be paying you more attention than the shipwreck itself!

    3. Batu Caves, Malaysia 
    temple in cave
    (Photo Source:

    Temples, in a cave? Whaa? Combining two of the most beautiful experiences South East Asia has to offer, the Batu caves are a mish-mash of stunning temples and natural wonder.

    What To Wear
     Respect 'temple etiquette' by keeping your legs, arms and shoulders covered. A billowy, white blouse and printed flares still makes sure you look fiiiine in all your travel snaps!

    4. Bora Bora
    bora bora huts
     (Photo Source:

    When I told my other half that Bora Bora would be my dream honeymoon destination, he laughed. Yep, this much dazzling beauty comes at a price. The Four Seasons Hotel costs approximately 29,000 USD a night (erm..that's like a whole year of average wages...) But for that aquamarine ocean and private floating hut, I'd be tempted. If Heaven existed on earth, it dwells in Bora Bora.

    What To Wear
    Any lucky lady staying in Bora Bora undoubtedly has a plane full of designer goodies being shipped her way. But my dreamy head, I could imagine elegant one-pieces, over-sized hats and flowy gowns. **Bookmarks for future date of lottery win**

    5. Machu Picchu, Peru
    Machu Picchu Peru
     (Photo Source:

    Described as 'one of the seven wonders of the world',  this ancient Incan city is truly an architectural feat. Resting on the top of a mountain ridge above the 'Sacred Valley', its purpose was to serve as an estate for Incan emperor Panchacuti. Fast forward 600 years and this stunning cite can only be reached by a multi-day trek. It's a pilgrimage that is at the top of my bucketlist.

    What To Wear
    Hiking on uneven ground in scorching temperatures calls for comfort. Keep it classic and cute in a striped tee and cotton shorts and be sure to bring a jumper in case the altitude gets chilly.

    6. Svolvaer, Norway
    northern lights norway
    (Photo Source:

    Ever since I read 'His Dark Materials' as a child, I have been fascinated by the Aurora Borealis. The  Lofoten Islands in Norway are one of the places that you are most likely to see those magical lights dance across the sky. Erm... when can I book my flight?

    What To Wear
    As the main Auroras typically appear between September and March, it's gonna be darn cold! I mean, hello; it's freakin' Norway! Snuggle up with a hint of chic in a quilted coat, beanie and gloves. Throw on some classic Hunter Wellies; perfect for stomping around in the snow!
    1. Hat- ASOS  2. Gloves- Target  3. Coat- The Iconic  4. Scarf- ASOS  5.Wellies- Hunter

    7. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
    Neuschwanstein castle
    (Photo Source:

    Well doesn't this just look like it's jumped out of a Disney film? This 19th Century castle high upon the Bavarian mountains in a land far far away has got my inner Princess child bursting at the seams. I can practically hear 'Tale As Old As Time'....

    What To Wear
    If you're going to fulfill all your Disney dreams, it's time to get your Princess on. Ok... I don't recommend a full on 'Cinderella' gown. A faux-fur coat is fit for a snow-princess and knee high boots bring the look into the present. Add an oh-so-European faux fur hat and get ready to waltz around this castle!
    1. Boots- Warehouse  2. Mittens- H & M  3. Coat- ASOS  4. Hat- Joy The Store  5. Trousers- Topshop

    8. Emerald Pool, Zion National Park
    (Photo Source:

    Trail walks are a bit like choosing a Quality Street with your eyes closed, sometimes you get something incredible, sometimes it's a darn waste of time. Zion National Park is full of incredible walking trails, and it will feel like you've truly struck gold when you reach the Emerald Pool.

    What To Wear
    Beautiful, yet ready to trek, why not head on the beaten trail in a not-so-beaten outfit? A loose printed playsuit and savvy sneakers make for an easy walk, whilst this tasselled backpack will be store your water, phone, camera and amenities **Cough** makeup.

    9. Bigar Waterfall, Romania
    (Photo Source:

    Is this place even real or is it an artists interpretation of a fairy tale waterfall? Situated in Oratavita in Western Romania, this cascading diamond was recently voted the worlds most beautiful waterfall. 

    What To Wear
    With a temperate climate averaging around 18 degrees in Spring/Summer, layering is key! A cute shirt dress with floral embroidery embraces the Eastern European vibe.

    10. Waitomo Glow Worm Cave, New Zealand
    glow worm cave new zealand 
    (Photo Source: 

    Ok, I can solemnly raise my hand and say that this place does actually exist, as my other half has visited. Me? Jealous?  Yes. 

    As you canoe through this enchanted cave, the ceiling lights up to create a natural indoor-star display. These fairy twinkles are caused by a rare species of glow worms that are no bigger than mosquitoes. Magic.

    What To Wear
    New Zealand can be pretty cool at times, throw in a cave and it gets a whole lot chillier. Keep the cold at bay in a light jumper and distressed jeans combo. If you're feeling a bit quirky, layer on a button up skirt too!

    Which of these places makes you want to pack your bags ASAP?


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  • 03/22/16--04:00: The Look: Crochet & Culottes
  • feeding rock wallabies

    Hippy can still be haute. Mis-match a crochet bralet with some flowy culottes and a fedora for a more polished vibe.

    Today I take you on a rain forest adventure and introduce you to some of my favorite marsupials...
    crochet bralet style

    camel hat summer style

    Kuranda markets

    rainforest fashion

    granite gorge rock wallaby

    granite gorge rock wallabies

    stripe culottes summer

    kuranda markets

    Kuranda markets

    feeding kangaroos travel australia

    rainforest boardwalk Kuranda

    Bralet: City Beach (Similar here)
    Culottes: Style Moi* (Similar here)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get it here)
    Hat: Choies* (Similar here)
    Bag: Holster Australia* (Get it here)
    Brogues: Primark (Similar here)

    If you've got to this point, your brain is probably screaming something along the lines of 'awwww nawww naww lil furry kangaroos, maaahhh **insert inaudible noises**'. Introducing my furry, little friend: the rock wallaby.

    Although these wallabies are wild, they love people and actually eat from the palm of your hand! At one point, I was literally surrounded by about 10 of them. It was the most amazing and most terrifying thing, as they started hissing at each other, much to the amusement of my other half. However, the ultimate funny moment had to be a little wallaby pulling on the bottom of my culotte legs with his hands, as if to say 'Please Sir, can I have some more'.

    Now that our zoology lesson is over, let's talk about bralets. Is it just me, or have bralets gotten themselves a bit of a reputation for being overtly sexy? Being the least sexiest person ever, I've sort of avoided them with a ten foot pole. That is, until I found this gorgeous, crochet number. With a slightly longer length that doesn't scream 'look how many planks I've done', it's totally suitable for everyday wear without passers by raising a judgemental eyebrow at you.

    I teamed it with the culottes to be totally random. You know those moments when you think that something won't work and then it will. I think it sometimes pays to just randomly pick two pieces out of your wardrobe and try them together. Sometimes you will look like you've stolen the contents of your local weirdos wardrobe and got dressed in the dark, other times people will look at you and think 'how did she think of putting those two things together?' And it's totally worth it for the latter effect.


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    over knee boots spring summer
     Northern hemispher-ers: Spring has officially Sprung! And if you're currently in the process of tossing those heavy layers to the back of your wardrobe, there's one piece that you may wanna leave at the forefront: knee high boots. 

    After styling my suedette, knee-high boots for my trip to the UK (here and here), I figured why not rock them for tropical Australia too? After all, no one likes a one hit wardrobe wonder!

    Today, I'm going to show you how you can rock those over knee boots for the balmy weather! Aussies; these trans-seasonal looks are perfect for your Autumn weather too. FYI they will last you through the dropping temperatures too. #WorthyInvestment

    If styled wrong, over knee boots and bate legs can leave you looking a little bit like Kandi the stripper (that's Kandi with a K, duh!), but styled well, they can look pretty darn awesome!

    Here's three ways to style your over knee boots for the Spring/Summer season...

    Look One: The Lace Dress
     dress knee high boots Pairing your over-knee boots with a dress is headed into the tacky danger zone. Stay on the chic side by teaming a feminine lace or crochet dress with your boots. It's time to give this angelic baby a bit of sex appeal!

    summer dress knee boots

    over knee boots style

    over knee boots spring/summer
    Dress: Sportsgirl (Similar here)
    Bag: Local Boutique (Similar here)
    Earrings: Lovisa

    Crochet is set to continue to dominate 2016 and this Sportsgirl number is perfect for dressing up and down. I wore it for Jake's graduation last month with tan lace-ups and a cute clutch and I've been looking for a way to funk it up a little for daywear. Enter it's perfect partner in crime: over knee boots!

    I think the reason that this particular dress works so well is due to it's demure and innocent vibe; the delicate lace, the white, the classy length. 

    When choosing a dress to pair with your boots, avoid bodycon and overly short dresses, otherwise you could look like the red light district is calling your name...

    Look Two: Denim Shorts
    denim shorts over knee boots
    Give a timeless classic a twist with knee high boots and an off-shoulder top.

    off-shoulder top summer

    knee high boots bare legs

    summer over knee boots street style
    Top: Boohoo (Get it here)
    Shorts: ASOS (Similar here)
    Boots: Missguided (Similar bargain pair here)
    Bag: Miss Selfridge
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get it here)
    Watch: Daniel Wellington (Get it here)
    Bracelet: Swarovski (Get it here)

    I tried a camel hat with this look, but I looked like I was suited to screaming 'yeee-hah' on a mechanical bull. Safe to say, I threw it back in my wardrobe and decided that less is more with this one. Instead, I accessorized with my Daniel Wellington watch, Swarovski stardust bracelet and good old Torys.

    I think the key to this look working is the length of your shorts. I personally say a huge 'nooo' to hot pants, as I think they will cheapen the look. On the contrary, don't go for a knee length hem either, as you will look like your about to go collect the harvest with Uncle Billy. Regular length fit are it!

    As for the top, just keep it classy girl! I adore the on-trend, yet simple, vibe this Boohoo off-shoulder scuba top adds.

    Look Three: The Shirt Dress
    shirt dress street style 
    A shirt dress is the ultimate trans-seasonal staple. Whether your in Spring or Autumn, the temperatures are practically made for a shirt dress and knee boot combo!

    statement tassel earrings
    shirt dress boots style
    Dress: Primark (Similar here
    Clutch: Tony Bianco (Similar here)
    Boots: Missguided (Similar here)
    Earrings: Lovisa (Similar here)

    When I visited family in the UK in January, I couldn't resist a trip to Primark (or Primarni, as my Mum likes to call it). I picked up this cute burgundy and white shirt dress for a tenner and the rest is history! Primark doesn't have an online store **my bank account lets out a sigh of relief**, but I did manage to find a very similar dress to mine at Missguided.

    A longer sleeve shirt dress and knee high boots provides just enough coverage for the Spring weather, whilst looking a whole lot fresher than a plain sweater and jeans combo. 

    These tassel earrings are my new 'ohmygosh' jewellery piece. Please note, my other half seems to think that they look like hula dancers. Gotta love a male perception on fashion!

    Jokes aside, I am begging you down on my knees, don't put those over-knee boots to the back of your closet!


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