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Fashion blog with a sense of wanderlust. Always beachy, boho and tropical, 'The Daily Luxe' is your one stop for Summer style.

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  • 06/10/16--05:00: The Look: Extra Long Sleeves
  • extra long sleeves trend

    If you've been coming to 'The Daily Luxe' for sometime, you will know that I'm as much as a sucker for a flare as Disco Stu. 

    But recently, the flare has taken a slightly longer and less voluminous direction: the extra long sleeve. From knuckle grazers, to finger-tip skimmers, these extra long blouses are the item to invest in this summer.

    Read on for all this long, flowy goodness and my top tips on how to style extra long sleeves...

    blonde ombre lob

    boho gold pendant

    summer white shirt look

    fringe clutch bag style
     clog heels street style

    Victorian lace blouse

    how to style extra long sleeves
     beach shell clutch bag
    cairns fashion model
     style extra long sleeve blouse
    oversized sleeves street style
     Blouse: H & M (Here)
    Skirt: Style Moi (Similar here)
    Necklace: Bo Boutique* (Get it here)
    Bracelet: Bo Boutique*
     Clutch: Local Boutique (Similar here)
    Clogs: Famous Footwear (Similar here)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get it here)

      If there was one street style trend at Australian Fashion Week that took the crown, it was oversized sleeves. Draping low and un-cuffed towards the fingertips, this is the newest look that has stemmed for fashions love affair with the masci-femme.

    Being girly little me, I opted for this H & M lace neck, oversized sleeve blouse. Feeling inspired by what I'd seen on the streets of Sydney, I picked up this Victoriana beauty from H & M on the last day between shows. Yes: H & M EXCITES me, as we have such limited shops here in Cairns. My inner British self was laughing at me and my H & M- fueled excitement.

    Although you might be like H & M, smaysh and M...I am seriously loving this blouse, as it covers two looks I was shopping for in one piece: Victoriana and ultra long sleeves.

    I balanced out the proportions of this vintage-y shirt with my button-up denim skirt and clog heels. And, as I feel totally naked if I'm not dripping in accessories, I added this stunning brass filigree pendant and beaded bracelet from Bo Boutique*.

    Are you wanting to add some arm length to your life? Here's my top tips...

    My Five Tips For Styling Extra Long Sleeves
    1. Balance them out with a short skirt or shorts. Opt for a hemline that skims your legs at the same point as your sleeves. It gives you the illusion of long legs.
    2. Throw- off oversized sleeves and tops with slim leather pants or jeans. Pencil skirts would work a wonder too.
    3. Layer under jumpers and let the sleeves peek out. Let them be a chic statement accessory. 
    4. Combine a fitted, long sleeve blouse with culottes or flared pants. This will create a balance, on-trend silhouette.
    5. Add extra frilly femininity by topping your shirt with a tiered or pleated dress. As worn by this fashionista below, snapped by me at Australian Fashion Week.

    Shop The Extra Long Sleeve Trend

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    nude beach dress

     Kick off your heels and wander barefoot along the sun-kissed, sandy shores.

    Hitting my sandy habitat in this easy-breezy trapeze dress, topped with lashings of natural stone jewellery.

    beach dress outfit
    beach barefoot

    marble jewellery

    how to layer jewellery

    nude dress lace up

    how to layer jewellery

    marble jewellery

    marble jewellery

    beach outfit idea
    Trinity Beach Cairns

    lace up neckline

    nude dress outfit
     trinity beach cairns
    Tory Burch panama sunglasses
    Dress: Valleygirl
    Scarf: PALM Swim
    Necklace: eManco* (Get it here)
    Open marble cuff: eManco*(Get it here)
    Marble cuff with stone trio: eManco* (Get it here)
    Marble ring: eManco* (Get it here)
    Blue stone ring:eManco* (Get it here)
    Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get it here)
    Heels: Schutz (Similar here)

    Breezy beach days and trapeze dresses may not go hand in hand for some, but with this dress, it's a total exception. The over-sized cut and classy length ensures that any sudden gusts aren't met with a Marilyn Monroe style flash, and, believe me, none of the beach go-ers were craving that cheeky glimpse of my behind! (At least I hope)

    As you know, I am a self-confessed fake tan addict, and I probably use as much product as half the cast of bloomin' Geordie Shore. But, it's all about the application process; this ensures that you look more Daisy Duke and less Donald Trump. But I'm going off on a tan-gent.... this nude-tone is perfect for showcasing a faux sun-kissed glow. When shopping for your own nude toned dress, I suggest trying out slightly different shades to see which is that perfect fit to your skin tone. 

    I topped off the look with an overdose of stone jewellery from online retailer eManco*. I have a total obsession with anything marble at the moment, so this cuff duo and ring really gave me literal heart eyes. I mixed in some blue stones for a mix and match vibe and brought out the blue a little bit more with my printed clutch. When styling a nude dress, I think it's important to bring out little pops of color to stop it looking too washed out. Plus; these turquoise tones were totally made for days next to the sea.

    If you saw my post 'Pastels in paradise', you would have seen my cheeky DIY choker hack. I've tied this scarf like a choker too, as lashings of jewellery isn't enough accessories for Rach! Over accessorizing say whaaaat? Don't think that term exists when it comes to my style!!!


    P.S. I have a fake tan FAQ post in the pipeline. Got any fake tan mishaps or questions? Pop them in the comments below and I shall answer!

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    Boho Blouse: The easy way to nail boho chic

    boho blouse

    If there's one item you need to invest in this Summer, it's the boho blouse. Flowy, festival-y and all round pretty, it's the one piece you need to truly nail the over-riding 70s trend.

    If you've been reading The Daily Luxe for a while now, you will know that beach boho is practically my middle name. So surprise, surprise...I've got yet another dippy-hippy look to share with you! Predictable? Me?

    Today, I show you how I styled my blouse and share my top styling tops on how to rock the boho blouse! 

    Don't be afraid of shapes
    boho chic
    The best thing about boho chic is the chance to try out flowy, flouncy and retro shapes. Embrace the chance to try something different and opt for a boho blouse with flares, pleats or peplums. As long as you are sticking to one statement boho piece, nothing is too much!

    Balance it out
    boho summer outfit
    Balance out all those pretty pleats and shapes with plain denim shorts. Although the phrase 'boho chic' may make you want to don frilly gypsy skirts and headscarves and skip down the street declaring the beauty of nature, this will result in something that looks like a bad costume.

    Make it a statement
    folk print blouse
    Although some may suggest to go with either a boho shape or print, I suggest you do most. This boho blouse is a happy medium, with luxurious, folk style embroidery.

    Flares, flares, flares!
    bohemian blouse
    Newsflash: Flares are such a thing at the moment. Rock two boho chic trends at once with flared sleeves and nomadic prints.

    Denim Is A Beginners Best Friend
    boho woman
    If you're too shy to go full on dippy-hippy-maxi-dress, a simple top and denim combo is an easy and simple stepping stone into the boho trend.

    Go For Embroidery

    summer beach outfit
     Boho chic may be all about the undone, but you still want it to look expensive. Subtle embellished details such as beading, crochet or embroidered will make your boho blouse look more exclusive designer and less Primark reject.

    mirrored sunglasses
    When styling up your blouse, opt for a few statement accessories to carry the bohemian trend through the whole look. As you become more comfortable with wearing the trend, feel free to add more burnished jewellery and head chains to your hearts' content.

    Unique Elements
    embroidered blouse
     The brilliant thing about the boho trend is that it gives us ladies the chance to rock something that little bit unique. Don't feel pressures to indulge in the newest designer swag bag for this one, a cute crochet bag from a market is what this trend is all about. 

    Gypsy Jewellery
    boho earrings
    Coins, ethnic embellishments and lashings of color, opt for boho jewellery in all its hippy glory. With a high-necklined blouse, such as this one, statement earrings are complimentary, without taking away from the pattern of the top.

    Find somewhere beautiful & get lost 
    summer beach girl
    A boho blouse is made for wandering. So grab yours, get outside and feel that breeze blow through your hair!

    boho beach outfit

    Shorts:Missguided @ ASOS
    Bag: Local market
    Earrings: Lovisa
    Shop Boho Blouses

    Have you got your boho blouse for Summer?


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    black maxi dress summer

    A black maxi dress= your new Summer best friend. Although fashion magazines, your Mum and apparently the whole bloomin' internet seem to disagree. **Puts on Regina George voice** 'duh... black is for Winter.'

    Sorry to break it to you love, but this popular colour, or should I say lack of, is totally Summer appropriate. Just make it a black maxi dress and add funky details such as a semi-sheer skirt or cute buttons and it's as playful and cute as a floral, lace-y, sun dress (without the twee!)

    button up maxi dress stevie may

    velvet choker street stylehow to wear a velvet choker

    styling a black dress for summer

    stevie may giesel maxi dress

    stevie may byron bay blogger

    slit black dress

    90s red velvet choker

    black summer maxi dress

    Dress: Stevie May (Get it here)
    Choker: Lovisa

    For the two years that The Daily Luxe has been in this world, I have always posted bi-weekly. Before I get out my mini violin and play some sort of woe-is-me-I'm-such-a-bad-blogger symphony, let me explain. I have landed myself a full time career job in social media marketing and content writing. **The one person reading this applauds**. As time seems to be ticking away like I'm the little white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland, I found myself in a bit of a hiccup. I could A; write 2 blah posts a week, or B; write one kick-ass piece of content I knew you'd enjoy! Blowing of own trumpets aside, I went with the latter. So set your alarms for Tuesday, as it's the day of the tropical luxe!

    Enough of the murmurings of my fuzzy brain... let's talk about the unwritten rule that black dresses and Summer are a huge no! **fingers snaps** black is totally year-round appropriate; it all depends on a few factors: the fabric, the cut and the details.

    Although June is not made for sweating up a storm in long-sleeve, black knitwear, maxi dresses can be totally appropriate. The maxi dress itself is a Summer staple and I think that the sheer, fishtail detail and cute buttons on this Stevie May Dress make it super duper suitable for Summer!

    Stevie May is a brand that is bohemian at heart, so I can only trust that this dress would absolutely ooze wanderlust-y, boho-y goodness. I paired it with a red, velvet choker to give it a slightly 90s vibe. You can just call me Courtney Love Luxe.

    This has to be the most sarcastic post I've written in a while...maybe it's the stress, maybe it's the fact its 10PM, or maybe it's just cos I need to be double as sarcastic now I'm only writing one post ;)

    And with that, my lovelies, I shall leave you with a plethora of quirky black maxi dresses to drool over...



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    ways to feel more beautiful 
    We all deserve to feel more beautiful. 

    There's a tiny part of my brain snickering right now. She is that girl that called me fat when I was 15, she is that voice of self doubt that tells me 'you're not good enough', she is my anxiety and depression, she is every single nasty thing anyone has ever said to me.

    I shut her off and laugh. And you should too!

    'Beauty' is a term that's really drilled into us from a young age. And by drilled I mean hammered, stapled and nailed to us.

    But what exactly is beauty? I like to think of it as something that's not just physical, but something that's inside.  It's happiness. It's self assurance. It's being as physically healthy and beautiful as you can naturally be.

    I look back on photos of myself from five years ago and I can just see how darn miserable I looked. Suffering from extreme depression, low self-esteem, I was overweight, unhappy and stuck in an ultimate rut! I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would finally feel beautiful.

    But this isn't about me and my violin-themed 'sad story'; it's about you!

    I found ways to feel incredibly beautiful without that nose job I planned when I was 14, without crazy diets, without becoming 'Instagram famous'!

    Today, I'm going to share those techniques with you...

     Find Your Inner Peace With Nature

    girl in waterfall

    The beauty of nature is something that can inspire and uplift us. Whenever I'm having an 'ugly' or down day, a simple walk in somewhere really beautiful can totally turn this around.

    Find somewhere in your local area where you can really loose your mind in nature, this could be a local park, a beach, a walking trail, or even a street full of beautiful architecture.

    Focus your mind solely on the physical beauty of your surroundings and feel your insecurities slip away!

    Be As Well Groomed As You Can Be

    blonde hair half top knot

    I'm not saying do a full-blown Kylie Jenner-style lip thing or bleach your naturally dark hair, but personal grooming is a must for both looking and feeling your best.

    Find a hair-cut that flatters your face shape and makes you feel great (Byrdie has a great piece on this). Paint your nails your favorite colour or spoil yourself with a manicure. And never underestimate the power of good old-fashioned hair removal!

    Smile, Laugh: Repeat

    blonde girl smile

    Imagine the most physically perfect girl you know, now plaster a constant frown on her face. NOT pretty! 

    Smile and laugh and it becomes contageous! You will feel happier and more beautiful. Plus: your positivity will uplift others too!


    curvy girl in bikini on beach

    Exercise is a two way street: it makes you look better and makes you feel better. Since exercising regularly, I have felt happier, more energetic and felt more positive when I've stood in front of the dreaded mirror!

    If the idea of squats and burpees terrifies you, don't fret! Try yoga, a sportsclass or go for power walks with friends. If you enjoy exercising your more likely to stick at it. And more exercise means more endorphin's and endorphin's feel GREAT!

    Know Your Makeup

    makeup for blonde hair blue eyes

    The right or wrong makeup can physically transform us for the right or wrong reason! Use your makeup as a tool kit to enhance what your momma gave you!

    If you're not sure what kind of makeup look suits you, pop into your local department store and let a beauty consultant advise you.
    Develop A Confident Sense of Style

    floral summer playsuit street style

    Being sure in your sense of style and feeling amazing in what you wear is a sure-fire way to make you feel more beautiful! 

    If you're not sure, don't be afraid to experiment! Fashion is all about having fun! If you want more advice about finding your personal style, I wrote a piece on it aaaages ago that could help.


    girl meditating on beach

    I order to you stop right now and breathe in for three seconds. Now out for four. And relaxxxx! Do you feel a bit better already. Taking out time to take a breather, chill out and watching Netflix in your knickers is a must and is nothing to feel guilty about! If a train keeps running all the time, it will eventually run out of steam.

    Find Your Passion

    bohemian jewellery metallic tattoos

    Having a hobby is so rewarding and fulfilling and having a strong sense of love and purpose is a core part of feeling beautiful.

    For me, the joy I get from The Daily Luxe and you, my readers, is something that makes me feel incredibly beautiful. Gosh Rach... pass the cheese...

     Find your passion, whether it be painting, dance, sport, website building, and put your heart into it.

    Connect With Animals

    feeding rock wallabies at granite gorge

    Animals do not judge physical beauty, these just judge kindness. Find some furry friends and interact with them!

    Whether it's walking your dog, cuddling your cat, or simply watching the majestic birds in your garden, animals fill us with joy and make us feel beautiful.

    Check out this gorgeous dog with only two legs. He isn't physically 'perfect', but he is still happy, lovable and inevitably beautiful.

     Add Sparkles

    Micheal Hill diamond jewellery

    Jewellery adds a bit of sparkle and can make us feel like a Queen when we were feeling like a pauper. As well as adding to your physical beauty, jewellery can remind us of loved ones and happy memories, especially when we wear keepsake or gifted jewellery.

    I know this post was something a little bit different from me, but I felt like being a bit more raw and real.

    Stay beautiful!


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  • 07/12/16--05:31: That Boho Beach Outfit
  • boho beach outfit
     Boho and the beach go together like sequins and December. Here I come with another boho beach outfit, brought from another slice of Australian paradise.

    Make easy-breezy, printed wrap skirts and choker tops your Summer uniform. Wear with fake tan, a smile, and a bucketful of self confidence!
     choker neck top summer

    Sunday Somewhere sunglasses 

    boho fashion look on the beach

    boho scarf print skirt

    choker neck top street style

     how to style boho on the beach 

    bohemian Summer outfit
     black choker neck top
    bohemian print outfit

    bohemian print wrap skirt

    summer vacation outfit boho

    oversized cat eye sunglasses

    beach outfit

    boho beach blogger
     Top: Sammy Dress*
    Skirt: Sammy Dress*
    Earrings: Moonstone Magic*
    Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere*

    I have to admit that I was overwhelmed by your response to my personal D & M, pass-the-tissues post last week. Self confidence and feeling beautiful is something that I've struggled with for a long time and it actually makes my day/month/year, to hear that my tips uplifted you. **I send my smooches all round the world to you**. A lot has changed in my life lately, I've just started a full time, social media marketing & content writing position (that I LOVE) and I have some more exciting news in the pipeline (don't worry Mum, no mini Rachel's on the way) and I was super scared that The Daily Luxe would disappear under a growing pile of adult responsibilities. Having dropped it back to one post a week, I'm so happy that you all have stood by me and read along! You're messages of congratulations, understanding and general loveliness make me feel so blessed.

    **End of deep and meaningful**

    Right now on to the nitty-gritty, this boho beach outfit! Skirts don't get much more me than this! I am seriously having a drool fest over this mustard, scarf print and this flattering wrap shape. I paired it with this choker top, which I can't get enough of! I have to admit that I was sort of confused when I started seeing these tops popping up, as I thought the choker was separate. But just when I thought that no more tops could be invented in this Century, the go and stick a bloomin choker to one! Totally loving life! Psssttt... I don't mean to feed your shopping addiction, but you can get both of these pieces for $20.50

    These real moonstone and sterling silver earrings are the perfect addition to this hippy beach outfit. The best thing about natural stones is that they have spiritual powers and moonstone claims to aid your inner journey. I finished off the look with my new Sunday Somewhere sunnies! Oversized AND cat eyes? Yes please! Plus, they are glittery!

    These photos were taken over the weekend when Jake and I took a trip to his grandparents beach hut down the coast. When Jake's grandad found this beach, he was literally driving around in a boat and stumbled upon this golden haven. He built a house on the beach side from scratch and the community soon grew around this little beach bungalow!

    Fast forward 40 years and that rustic beach home provides a perfect escape from our fast-paced society. No internet, waves hitting the shore as you fall asleep and sand constantly between your toes.

    Stay beautiful, go outside and wander,


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  • 07/19/16--03:59: 8 Steps To Beach Beautiful

  • The beach= my happy place. Turquoise shores golden & rays are, quite literally, a symphony to the mind. But unfortunately, the most relaxing place in the world can see our body insecurities thrashing upon our confidence like a tidal wave.

    "Darn...if only I'd done those 50 million sit ups, maybe I'd look like Candice Swanepoel's little sis..."

    I'll stop you right there! There are so many things you can do on the week/month/day to look like a total goddess upon the sands.

    Get out your faux tan and fave sunnies, as I share my 10 steps to beach beautiful...

    Disclaimer: I know I am not the biggest beach beauty in the world, but without these tips, I would look like a wig-donning Shrek.

    1. Find Your Sunglasses and Rock Em'!
    Sunglasses are like putting on a more confident persona. Your favorite sunglasses have the power to turn you from a frowning mess, to a mysterious hottie! And the best part? Your eye makeup can be either a runny mess, or completely non-existent, and everyone will be none the wiser.

    2. Get Your Bronze On!
    Never underestimate the power of a great self-tanner! Apply the night before a beach trip to look instantly more taught and toned. Application is everything! Done right, and you can be Sofia Vergara's saucy Latino twin, done wrong, and you may look like you've had a fight with a giant mandarin. If you need to up your tanning skills, check out my piece on how to get the perfect fake tan.

    3. Smooth Operator
    How can I put this whilst still remaining, suitably demure and classy... Shave your bloody legs! And, erm, everywhere else too! The beach is not the natural habitat for beavers.

    4. Go For A Bold Lip
    A bold lip is a total life saver when it comes to beach beauty. Chances are you're not caked in foundation, concealer and eye-shadow for the beach (unless your Kim Kardashian) and a bold lip can make you look instantly sexy! Opt for a long-lasting cream formula to survive the salt and sunscreen.

    5. Get The Suit For Your Shape
    The right suit for your body will ensure you look, and feel, like a total bombshell. If you're not confident with your waist, say hello to the one piece. Balance out a small bust with ruffles and bold patterns. I opted for this sporty style, as I wanted to draw more attention to my abs.

    6. Moisturize!
    In the weeks up to your beach trip, up your moisturizing routine! A body brush is another great way to fight cellulite and get that smooth bikini bod!

    7. Messy Hair? Rock It!
    Salty, greasy, sun-screeny...your hair is not going to look red carpet ready when you're at the beach! Rather than worrying about it, rock it! Scrunch it up, spritz in some salt and rock that gyp-sea look! If it gets a little too out of hand, slick it back in a top knot and voila!!

    8. SPF
     I wish I could scream this one from the centre of the earth: PLEASE WEAR SPF! Although your mind may be filled with images of bronzed limbs when you apply that factor 2 tanning oil, the reality is far less pretty. Sunburn, wrinkles and melanoma, anyone? No-sir-ee! Pass the factor 50! 

    Life's a beach, enjoy it!


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    Ladies: Raise your hands if you have a soft spot for anything black! Thought so!

    Although I am a self-confessed walking rainbow, as I get older, black is becoming more and more appealing to me. But, living in a constant tropical paradise, black seems about as fitting to my climate as an Eskimo in a bikini.

    As Summer is here for most of the world, and hopefully not too far away for my fellow ladies down under, I thought I'd share 3 vibrant ways to style black for Summer.

    All it takes it takes is one black playsuit (with an oh-so-lush choker neckline...)
    1. Add Some Brown & Neutrals

    how to wear black and brown together 

    choker neck playsuit
    safari style playsuit look
    shell embellished clutchblack playsuit with brown accessories

     Choker Neck Playsuit: Sammy Dress*
    Belt: Vintage (Similar here)
    Clutch: Kass & Ko (Similar here)
    Boots: Rubi Shoes
    Hat: Choies (Similar here)

    I always let out a little giggle to myself when I talk about styling brown **tehehe**. Why? Cos I'm stupidly immature and brown equals what you're likely to find floating in the....I'll leave it there! Brown itself brings to mind some sort of disgusting tone you wouldn't be seen dead in (I lie, I styled an all brown outfit here), BUT tan accessories are always a great thing! As are neutral toned accessories in general.

    Adding tan/brown goodies to an all black look will dress it down and make it super Summer appropriate. The belt and boots combo add a bit of cowboy to the look. To ensure I didn't look like I was about to scream 'yeehah' and break down in Cotton Eye Joe, I opted for a sophisticated fedora rather than a floppy hat. 

    In short, the of the story is that brown in small quantities is great, unless it's chocolate, then the more the merrier!

    2. Over-Accessorize With Bright Boho Pieces
    bright jewellery with black
    how to layer jewellery

    bright coloured boho jewellery

    how to wear jewellery with a choker neck

    layered boho jewellery

     Choker Neck Playsuit: Sammy Dress*
    Sunglasses: Firmoo*
    Feather Necklace: Sportsgirl
    Coloured Necklace & Earrings: Lovisa
    Bag: Local Market

    Although adding jewellery pieces is commonly known to dress up an outfit, it can dress down a look too! It's all about the pieces you choose! Opt for lashings of brighter-than-life boho jewellery and that becomes a casual, Summer look.

    Using unusual, bohemian handbags will immediately move your black look into casual Summer territory. I bought this horse printed, ethnic extravaganza at a local market and it's perfect for when I want something that little bit quirky!

    3. Go For Simple & Sporty
    black for Summer

    street style Adidas superstars
    fold over mon purse clutch
    the choker neck trendpolkadot sunglassesblack playsuit for summerChoker Neck Playsuit: Sammy Dress*
    Sneakers: Adidas Originals
    Clutch: Mon Purse
    Sunglasses: Vintage (Similar here)

    My new life mantra: if you don't know what to wear with it, just throw on some Adidas Superstars!And if you want to tone down a formal black look, they will do just that! I kept it pretty minimal with a fold over leather clutch and did my best attempt at that Scandinavian minimalist thing. But, me being me, I couldn't totally commit and had to add some boomshakalaka with these vintage polka dot shades. Styling black for Summer, with a touch of Hepburn!

    Todays wander-luxe was brought to you from the Cairns Botanical Gardens and the Cairns Wharf Terminal. Yep: I live in paradise!

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    best places to visit in Far North Queensland

    Far North Queensland, in any language, should literally translate to paradise. With sparkling aquamarine seas and serious natural wonders right on my door step, I couldn't imagine living anywhere more serene.

    As many of you enter serious wanderlust territory when you see the backdrop of my outfit photos, I thought I'd share with you a few places around the Cairns area that a little bit off the beaten tourist track. Believe me when I say, these places are quite literally wanderlust on legs!

    Here's my top beautiful places around Cairns, tropical North Queensland, that you just HAVE to visit!

    Spa Pools, Cardwell

    Cardwell spa pools
    natural blue pool in Australia
    spa pool Cardwell

    Yes: this is actually real! Much like something from a mermaid-y fairytale, the Cardwell spa pools are a magnificent shade of turquoise. The colour is due to a mineral present in the water and is the most beautiful blue rainforest pool I've seen in Far North Queensland. If you are looking at visiting the blue hole in Daintree, I beg you to visit here instead. The blue hole is an area very significant to the spiritual beliefs of Indigenous Australians and the spa pool is just as stunning!

    Emmagen Beach, Cape Tribulation
    secret beach Cape Tribulation

    Emmagen beach Cape Tribulation

    cape tribulation beach beach

    When you see those seriously blue seas and white sands, you expect this beach to be packed! But, luckily for us, there wasn't a Hawaiian-shirt-clad tourist in sight, leaving us to live out our deserted island fantasies!

    Emmangen beach sits at the start of the dirt track at the very north of Cape Tribulation and is, by far, the most stunning beach in the region! As it is only a few kilometres down the dirt track, you don't necessarily need a four wheel drive. Although, be prepared for your car to get seriously grubby!

    Oak Beach, Port Douglas
    oak beach port douglas

    crochet swimsuit on beach

    beach swing in paradise

    Another relatively quiet beach, Oak Beach is nestled between Cairns and Port Douglas. I personally love it for it's dreamy beach swing and soothing golden sands. Such a big kid!

    If you're a beach bum, I recommend doing a 'beach crawl' between Cairns and Port Douglas, there as so many stunning beach along the Caption Cook Highway that are always empty.

    Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands 
    walking down the steps into lake eacham

    lake eacham blue rainforest lake
    lake eacham atherton tablelands

    This reflective, blue crater lake sits in the middle of the rain forest. Although it's icy-cold to the touch, just the sheer beauty of it will make you want to jump in and live out your mermaid fantasies. If you'd prefer to stay dry sit in front of this magnificent work of nature and enjoy a picnic.

    Speaking of paradise, Jake and I have just bought our first house, which is one street back from the beach! Apologies for being as useless as an ash tray on a motorbike on social media, I'm back on track now!

    rose gold font

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    vintage floral slip dress over shirt 90s style with black ankle boots and Tony Bianco black clutch. Australia beach outfit
    "She may be young, but she likes old things"

    The vintage slip dress can be a little bit daunting. Lying in that strange fashion grey zone, it's both see through and can look like you've stolen it straight from your Nan. 

    After re-discovering this saucy, vintage Dolce and Gabbana slip dress at the back of my closet, I was seriously determined to wear it. Layered over a white t-shirt and crochet skirt, it's perfect for giving a bit of 90s grunge to a Summer look. Just call me Courtney Luxe!

    Well, as Macklemore said: 'I wear your grandmas clothes, I look incredible...'

    vintage Dolce and Gabbana slip dress layered over t-shirt Summer style on beach with girl with blonde balyage lob

    rose print slip dress layered over crochet floral white lace skirt on Summer beach

    vintage Dolce and Gabbana slip dress outfit idea styled over t shirt Summer look

    leg selfie of bare legs with black ankle boots. boho festival style on beach
     layering a floral rose print vintage Dolce & Gabbana slip dress over a white shirt on the beach girl with boho blonde ombre lob with top knot

    Australia slip dress outfit idea on beach slip dress over shirt 90s style with black ankle boots

    Dolce & Gabbana vintage slip dress layered over a white tee outfit idea beach Summer street style blogger style

    blonde balayage beachy boho lob with top knot on beach tumblr

    90s style vintage slip dress layered over top styled with black ankle boots for Summer

    dirty blonde ombre lob beach hair long bob styled in messy top knot

    vintage Dolce & Gabbana slip dress outfit idea layered over white tee 90s grunge look
    vintage rose slip dress over tshirt boho beach style australia
    Dress: Vintage Dolce & Gabbana (Similar here)
    White Tee: Mink Pink
    Crochet Skirt: New chic (Similar here)
    Ankle Boots: ASOS
    Clutch: Tony Bianco

    Hello dearies! Today I bring you a cheeky bit of zimmer frame chic, in the form of this vintage, rose print slip dress. I came across this Dolce & Gabbana gem when I was unpacking my clothes after we moved. Having bought it from a vintage shop back when I was at uni, I had totally forgotten about it and all it's rose-y glory. Don't you just love it when that happens?

    But this vintage slip dress, like many other slips causes one huuuuge problem: it has about as much coverage as Nicki Minaj's hot pants. I guess that's because the piece was designed as actual underwear (no kidding Rach), as opposed to those thicker, silky slips that are designed to be worn as a dress. That's when a bit of Summer layering comes in! I added a crochet pencil skirt and white tee underneath, which compliments the white roses in the print perfectly. I grunged it up a bit more with black ankle boots and I seriously loved the result. I felt like it ended up more 90s glam, less your nan.

    The vintage slip dress may be as love/hate as Kanye, but if you're looking at styling a slip dress for the day time, here are my tips:

    • If it's sheer, hide your modesty dear!
     Get creative and layer longer skirts underneath and add a turtleneck to play with proportions. If you don't want to take away from the slip, a nude or white cami and shorts are a must.

    • Layer Up Complimentary Colours
    Highlight one colour in a printed slip by layering on a tee of the same color. Or play up your textures with a knitted cardi. Give a black slip dress an instant pop by layering over a bright coloured tee.

    •  Collars=cute
    Slip dresses look adorable layered over collared shirts. Go for crisp and white for an office-appropriate look or go for a Mod edge with a Peter Pan collar.

    In short, slip in, slide on the layers and work it!

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    how to find the best swimsuit for your body shape apple shape pear shade hour glass shape
    The thought of donning a swimsuit can make even the most confident of us ladies run to the hills.
    Hello: I haven't done squats in 2 years! I hate my love handles. I'm too skinny.
    **Finger snaps** Girlllll you better stop!

    EVERYONE can rock a swimsuit, chances are you just haven't found the best swimwear for your body type yet.

    I have to confess that I've had this post in the bag for a while now, and with the Northern Hemisphere still enjoying the heat and Australia about to head into Summer, I thought now would be the perfect time. Being in reverse climates/ constant Summer can be confusing!

    So get ready for a little styling session and learn how to flaunt all that sexiness your mamma gave you in the right swimsuit for your body type!

    Pear Shape
    the best swimsuit for a pear shape body underwired boho print bikini flatlay sunglasses

    The pretty pair shape is all about that bass! If you're not down with the kids, that basically means she  has a full hips and thighs, smaller waist and small bust.

    girl with an hour glass shape in triangl bikini on the beach
    As the biggest, most typically-British pear shape myself, I know how daunting it can be to flaunt your wobbly behind in what is basically a glorified pair of pants. I always tend to go for a full-butt shape for extra coverage. 

    What To Wear
    You should opt for a swimwear that will allow you to flaunt that teeny waist, whilst adding volume to your bust area, in turn balancing out your figure. I would recommend going for a two piece where you buy different sizes in the top and bottom just to get that perfect fit!

    The Push Up Bikini 
    Under-wiring and padding are your new BFFs! Opt for a push up bikini to add some oomph to your chest, balancing out your body and giving you that enviable hour glass shape.

    The Detailed Bust
    Embrace this seasons fringe trend with your swimwear and go for a fringed top. Ruffles & embellishments also add volume to the bust and balance out that bod!

    Apple Shape
    the best swimsuit for an apple shape body underwired boho print bikini flatlay sunglasses

    Apple shaped beauties have those huge tatas we all dream of! They have a top-heavy frame, with a larger tummy, breasts and arms and slimmer legs and hips.

    What To Wear
    Girrrrlll with those legs you can go for it! Although swimwear may be daunting for you because of your curvy tummy, a stunning one piece or tankini is your key to ultimate beach babe status!

    The Crochet One Piece
    Crochet has to be the prettiest and most feminine trend around at the moment, so why not rock it with sand between your toes? A one piece will skim across your curves and crochet will be loose and more flattering than spandex.

    The Tankini
    If you're more of a two piece girl, but don't want to bare those abs for all to see, a tankini may be the solution to all your problems.

    Rectangle Shape
    the best swimsuit for a rectangle shape body underwired boho print bikini flatlay sunglasses
    All round slim and athletic, rectangle girls may as well be supermodels! You sport a straight up and down figure with small hips, bust and waist. 

    What To Wear
    You are seriously blessed when it comes to that beach body, so you can wear anything with a bit of confidence. Whether you want to rock the athletic vibes, or add curves through your swimwear, you are sure to look gorgeous either way!

    The Racer Back Bikini
    This sporty shape might as well have been made for you and your slim beauty! Add to the sporty vibe by opting for mesh, or add curves with horizontal stripes or cleverly placed cut-outs.

    All About Those Details
    Add curves by adding volume to your waist and butt. Ties, bows and ruffles are all great ways to do this.

    Hourglass Shape
    the best swimsuit for an hourglass shape body underwired boho print bikini flatlay sunglasses

    Hour glass girls ooze sex appeal. With a teeny-tiny waist and balanced, yet curvy bust and hips, hour glass hotties are total body goals! Got a bod like Miss Monroe? Flaunt it! 

    What To Wear
    You've got those stunning proportions, so it's all about showing them off to the max! Flaunt that small waist and show off those curves girl: you were born with them!

    Cut-Out Waist Swimsuit
    A swimsuit will show off that super hot bod and cut-outs at the waist will draw attention to those abs!

    High Waist Bikini
    Embrace the vintage, pin-up elements of your figure with high waisted bottoms! Plus, these babies make your legs look instantly longer.

    Now that you know which swimsuit is best for your body type, it's time to hit the beach and rock it!

    Like it? Pin it!
    how to find the best bathing suit for your body type

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    aztec print artisan plunging playsuit outfit for summer in the tropical Australian rainforest

    "We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it."

    Direct from the Australian tropical rain forest, comes this punchy, tribal-print look.

    tribal print playsuit with polka dots long sleeved with vibrant pattern and low cut neck

    blogger style australia oversized cat eye sunglasses from Sunday Somewhere
     tropical Australian fashion outfit playsuit with wooden tassel earrings
    Cattana Wetlands Cairns fashion shoot wanderlust with tribal print romper

    tribal vibrant print romper outfit styled with wooden earrings

    outfit shoot near tropical palm tree tribal playsuit
    aztec print playsuit summer style
     Playsuit: Local market (But I've found it online here)
    Earrings: Lovisa (Buy here)
    Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere*
    Shoes: Just Jeans

    I have a confession to make: I almost didn't post this. I've been feeling a little under the weather lately, and I've been about as motivated to work out as a sloth. #MyBad. As a result, my legs are so big that they deserve their own theme song. But, you know what: I am not going to Photoshop them! We all have insecurities, we all have times we don't feel motivated. We are just human after all.

    **End of the get-it-off-my-chest Rachel rant**

    I picked up this really cute play suit at a local market, as the print really caught my eyes. It reminds me of Indigenous Australian traditional prints. Plus: the colour combination is unexpectedly divine. It was seriously low, and by low, I mean, practically to my belly button, but I wore it back to front and added some stitches and now I love it. I like to call i the Nun DIY!

    With a short playsuit, I like to wear heels to lengthen my legs and these clog wedges are my go-to casual shoes. 

    I want to apologize to all my blogger friends and my readers for my lack of social media-ing/comment-ing; been feeling totally low. 

    But all rain brings a rainbow and I'm back on it like a car bonnet!

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     how to style a lob
    If you told me I was going to cut my hair into a ‘bob’ 5 years ago, I would have laughed. Or cried. Then walked around in a swimming cap in fear that someone with scissors was watching. ‘Bobs’ belonged on that 55 year old lady round the block. She was predominately called Sue, she loved angora jumpers and she was about to go through a mid-life crisis. I mean… what kind of sexy hairstyle is named after a guy called Robert?

    Fast forward a few years and I am loving my long bob! The lob is one heck of a do’! At that gorgeous, shoulder skimming length that’s super flattering, I’m officially on the ‘bob’ train. Although the long bob is far more versatile than ‘the Anna Wintour’ or ‘the Pob’ (god remember that?!), it can be a bit tricky to mix up your look, especially if you previously had long hair.

    I’ve been experimenting with my mid-length tresses, and there’s actually loads of options when it comes to styling your lob! Today, I’m going to show you three cute ways to style your lob: the beachy waves, the fishtail braid and the half top knot.

     Lob With Beachy Waves

    A good old 'effortless' fave, beachy waves are my go-to style! There's just something so darn Pinterest-worthy about a wavy lob.

    tutorial on how to get textured waves in a lob long bob 

    First, I spritz my hair all-over with a heat protective spray. You can use whatever product you want to keep heat damage at bay, but I swear by GHD Heat Protect Spray.
    how to get loose waves in a lob long bob using curling iron 

    Take about an inch of hair and wrap around the outside of your curling iron, without clamping. This stops it from looking too much like ringlets.

    how to get loose waves in a lob long bob using curling iron 

    Make it last by spraying with high hold hairspray. I adore Redken Control Addict 28, it smells incredible!

    using a rose gold blowdryer and hairspray to add volume to hair 

    If you've got fine, flat hair, like mine, spritz extra hairspray on your roots and blast them with a hairdryer. This handy trick works when ever you want to give your hair that extra lift! I used my Remington Pro Air Turbo. I'm actually obsessed with it because it's rose gold! **Insert heart eye emojis**

    how to get the perfect pinterest tumblr wavy lob long bob 

    Gently loosen the curls by brushing with a soft metal brush.
    how to get the perfect pinterest tumblr wavy lob long bob

    Scrunch some styling spray in your hair to define those waves! Wella grip cream gives soft definition without looking greasy.

    beachy waves lob tutorial blonde balayage long bob with loose waves

    Lob With Half Top Knot
    loose waves blonde balayage lob with top knot cute boho hair 

     I always get a ton of comments on Instagram when I rock this little bun on my head! A top knot is an easy way to add volume to flat hair and looks fabulous with shoulder-skimming hair.

    half top knot length for mid length hair tutorial 

    Take the section of hair from your ears up and brush back into a neat, slightly loose ponytail on the top of your head.

    how to get the perfect long bob hairstyle topknot hair trend 2016 

    Inject some volume by dividing the hair in half and pulling down, tightening the ponytail.

    lob long bob half top knot hair tutorial 

    Gently push the ponytail forward to form a slight bouffant at the crown. Secure from behind with bobby pins.

    how to style a half top knot tutorial blonde lob 

    Twist the ponytail and wrap around the hair tie to create a bun.

    how to get the perfect wavy lob with half top knot hair tutorial 

    Secure with a hair tie and bobby pins, then spritz on some hairspray for the ultimate hold.

    blonde ombre wavy lob with top knot blogger
    trendy lob hairstyle wavy with top knot online tutorial
    Meet Artie, our kitten!

    Lob With Fishtail Braid
     lob fishtail braid tutorial long bob half updo 

    One thing I miss about my longer hair was trying out different hair braids. I would honestly spend hours in front of YouTube trying, and failing, to recreate those triple-dutch braid concoctions. This fishtail braid is simple, cute and looks great with a lob: Boom!

    hairstyle ideas for mid length shoulder length hair

    Pop your locks into a deep side parting and de-tangle with a hairbrush.

    fishtail braid tutorial for lob long bob 

    Take a handful of hair and divide into two.

    how to do a fishtail braid in a lob long bob style 

    Time to braid! Create a fishtail braid by taking a small section (about a cm) from the outer of one hair section, cross over allow it to join the other section. Repeat on the either side. Continue doing this until you have about one inch of hair left at the bottom of the braid. Secure on the hair below the braid.

    braid lob hairstyle tutorial 

    Spray with hairspray and leave to dry.

    how to braid shoulder length mid length hair 

    Pull the segments of braid gently to make the braid larger. Continue along the length of the braid.

    fishtail braid style for lob long bob hair tutorial easy

    Secure at the back of your hair with bobby pins.

    easy braid tutorial for mid length shoulder length hair

    Finish with a hearty mist of hairspray.

    wavy blonde balayage lob long bob with fishtail braid


    Have a happy hair day!

    P.S. Love it? Pin it baby!!
    easy and quick trendy ways to style a lob

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  • 09/05/16--18:29: The Look: Folds & Folk Style
  • folk style floral embroidered stripe shirt outfit with wrap skirt and oversized cat eye sunglasses in Kuranda girl drinking coconut

    Bring on a flourish of trumpets for my latest trend obsession: folk style!

    Embroidered Eastern European embellishments (try saying that fast 10 times) are my newest fashion love affair. Today, I team my newest folk style embroidered blouse, with a colour matched, folded skirt and go for a dippy-hippy adventure in Kuranda, Far North Queensland.

    outfit shoot in the woods floral embellished stripe skirt worn with folk style bag and wrap skirt blogger outfit style

    blogger instagram photo with painted wings wall mural floral folk striped shirt outfit
    You've always had those wings, you've just been afraid to fly.
    adidas superstars outfit with assymetric wrap skirt and floral embellished folk blouse street style summer

    girl holding tropical coconut kuranda
    Just being a general nutter.
    eastern european style floral embroidered folk blouse outfit idea girl blogger lob with topknot

    girl in kuranda markets holding coconut blogger style folk print floral stripe blouse

    fashion shoot in rainforest lake embroidered folk blouse with cameo wrap skirt blogger outfit the daily luxe
    One person alone in the woods is a scary tale, two is a fairy tale.
    floral red rose embroidered folk blouse

    adidas sneakers with wrap fold skirt and stripe floral embroidered skirt Australian blogger style

    drinking a fresh coconut tropical far north queensland kuranda
    Do you know the muffin man? The muffin man? The muffin man who lives on Drury Lane Fairy Lane.
    girl drinking coconut summer vacation tropical paradise

    girl in front of butterfly wings painting instagram folk style floral embroidered blouse and cameo wrap skirt

    Trainers: Adidas Originals
    Bag: Local Market
    Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere*

    When I first put this skirt and shirt together, I couldn't believe how similar the shade of blue was. As a matter of fact, so many of my Instagram followers have asked me about my 'dress'. And that, ladies, is the magic of fashion! Two garments can magically fuse to become some sort of magical fashion 'transformer.'

    The real magic of this look, however, lies in that stunning folk style embroidery. I could waffle on about my love for folk florals until the sun goes down. Perhaps it's my total NEED to visit Eastern Europe that has subconsciously morphed its way into my wardrobe? Either way, this Zaful* shirt has got my trend fix sorted at a ridiculously low price!

    I mixed it up and added some minimalist folds and splits with this C/Meo Collective skirt. You may remember me wearing this baby at fashion week here. **Whispers** I won't tell your other half, but this beauty is totally less than half price now! I topped it off with Adidas Sneakers as they seem to contain some power to weave any outfit together seamlessly.

    These photos were taken when Jake and I went up to the hippy village of Kuranda. A tie-dye tourist town surrounded by pristine rain forest, a little trip there makes me feel like I've jumped into a psychedelic fairy tale.

    Just call me Gretel and play me some stereotypical Eastern European tunes any day!

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    bargain summer beach outfit ideas for under 50 dollars cheap swimwear playsuits and trends

    Northern hemispheres: please don't scream blasphemes at your screen! (hows that for assonance?) Here in the land down under, Summer is officially on it's way, so I thought I'd share some pieces I've collected over Winter (everyday is Summer in Cairns).

    Whether you're a USA babe off on holiday, or a Melbourne fashionista welcoming the Spring days, you can totally up your beach style game without your wallet being as empty as orphan Oliver's bowl. EVERY SINGLE look in this look book is less than $50!!

    Ohmygoshreally? Yep. Come join the tight thrifty bandwagon with me as I show you 4 beach style looks under $50.

    long sleeve denim playsuit bargain cheap australia beach summer style outfit idea

    long sleeve denim playsuit bargain cheap australia beach summer style outfit idea

    long sleeve denim playsuit bargain cheap australia beach summer style outfit idea

    Total: $27

    I love a good denim piece and this jumpsuit is a total keeper for me! Although this piece is a little bit leggier than something I'd normally opt for, I think that the longer sleeves really balances it out.

    boho style pink playsuit with scarf print beach style holiday style australia fashion shoot cairns

    boho style pink playsuit with scarf print beach style holiday style australia fashion shoot cairns

    boho style pink playsuit with scarf print beach style holiday style australia fashion shoot cairns 

    Total: $24

    'I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.' I normally avoid pink like the plague, but this playsuit is more boho beach and less Barbie's dreamhouse!

    curvy girl on beach in cut up swimsuit aztec style australian beach girl

    I was super scared of posting these photos, but everyone has insecurities, so world: embrace my thighs!

    boho oversized wine floral dress with choker neck worn as beach coverup with navy floppy hat
     boho oversized wine floral dress with choker neck worn as beach coverup with navy floppy hat

    Total: $37

    A flowy, oversized dress or top makes a fab beach cover up and will be your new BFF come those sun down chills.

    high waist vintage style floral orange bikini australian fashion blogger cairns beach
    high waist vintage style floral orange bikini australian fashion blogger cairns beach
    Swimsuit: $45

    I love a retro cut swimsuit and this floral one allows me to flaunt my curves with confidence.

    Sending you lots of sunshine, wherever you may be!

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  • 09/19/16--19:32: Cami Slips & Hypocrites

  • The cami slip is one item that you need to invest in this season.

    Today, I've given mine a beach-y, boho edge with lace shorts and Coachella-inspired accessories.

    Plus: I share what I really look like when I blog...

    slip cami lace look summer australia boho style slip cami styled with rainbow round sunglasses and camel fedora on the beach

    round rainbow sunglasses boho festival on the beach boho girl
     sea reflected in sunglasses round rainbow boho sunglasses tumblr
    wanderlust girl walking along tropical cairns beach wearing a lace cami slip and lace shorts

    cami slip styled for Australian summer beach blogger look

    boho girl lying on tropical beach wearing lace cami slip lace shorts round reflective sunglasses
    sea reflected in round rainbow sunglasses blogger look with boho choker

    cami slip summer style lace slip with lace shorts
    boho cami slip look with beige fedora and round boho sunglasses on tropical beach

    Cami: Cotton On (ONLY $25!)
    Shorts: Boohoo
    Choker: Lovisa (Similar)
    Hat: ASOS (Similar)
    Sunglasses: Jeepers Peepers (Similar)
    Shoes: Just Jeans (Similar)

    If these posts were provided with webcam footage of me as I’m writing them, you would shut your laptop right now. Although you may think I’m donning some sort of pretty dress, adorned with jewellery and rocking a full face of makeup, I’m not. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing Sesame St PJs, absolutely zero makeup and my hair is about as sexy as a pile of hay.

    I call it off-duty blogger. Jokes aside, does this make me a huuuge hypocrite? Would you take fashion advice from a chick who has the cookie monster plastered over her chest and isn’t even wearing a bra? 

    Working from home, sometimes I don’t leave the house and, if I work first thing in the morning, I WILL be in my undies or PJs. 

    In celebration of this, I thought I’d style up one of my favorite trends at the moment, the suitably underwear-esque slip cami. Due to my beach-y climate, I left the expected minimal element of this trend aside and boho-ed it up to the max. 

    I added my fave 'John Lennon' sunnies and boho choker to make it appropriate for the Aussie Summer. The hat was the perfect way to banish sweaty hair, as sweaty hair is only appropriate when I'm stuck at home, glued to a laptop, writing away.

    And if you expect a post on Sesame St PJs any time soon, it's not gonna happen!

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    braided hairstyles for a lob or mid-length hair

    Ladies with lobs or mid-length hair: you can rock beautiful braids! Today I've put together 3 braided hairstyles for a lob that will ensure your shoulder-length hair is just as versatile as your long haired buddies.

    After seeing bucket-loads of amazing feedback after my last hair tutorial for lobs and mid-length hair (blushes), I'm back with another! I have to say, I am surprised that is becoming a regular 'Daily Luxe' thing, as I have about as much hair as a three year old baby. 

    Nonetheless, get thee to a mirror, as your lob's about to become one heck of a braidy lady!

    Boxer Braids

    Boxer braids are totally the in-thing! And as the biggest 90s kid, I just had to find a way to create boxer braids for my lob! 
    boxer braid lob mid-length hair
    Separate your hair into two halves, tie one side. Begin to braid one half of your hair by taking a one inch chunk close to your parting. Begin to do a dutch braid (crossing over, rather than under) and pick up hair to add to the outer strands as you go. Pull tightly as you go along.

    braided hairstyles for a lob 

    When all of your hair is included in the braid, braid the lengths in a dutch braid. Repeat on the other side.

    boxer braids lob mid length hair

    Out of all the braided hairstyles for a lob, I really think that this one takes the trend crown!

     The Triple Threat

    Ok.. so I sort of stumbled across this hair braid by accident, hence the made up, utterly ridiculous, X-Factor style name! When I was just sitting and messing with my hair, as you do, I ended up combining three braids and looping them around each other to create this cute ponytail braid. 

    braided updo for lob shoulder length hair

     Scoop the two sections of hair above your earlobes backwards and grab a chunk of hair from the center of your head at the same height. Ensure the bottom section of your hair is still loose. Create a dutch braid (crossing the hair over each other, rather than under). Secure with a hair tie.

    braided hair tutorial

    Take the bottom section of hair and divide into two. Dutch braid both sections.

    braided ponytail for lob

    Cross the two smaller braids over the large braid and then tuck the loose braid ends over the braid.  Secure with bobby pins.

    blonde braided lob ponytail braid tutorial for mid length hair

    Wonder if this is the type of triple threat that gets Simon Cowell going?

    Half Up Half Down Ponytail Braid
    Half up and half down braids are some of the prettiest out there, and this lob ponytail braid is made for mid-length hair!
    half up half down braid tutorial

    Begin by taking a small chunk of hair from close to your parting and french braid for about three inches. When the french braid has reached behind your ears, braid the rest of the hair as a detached braid. Secure. Repeat on the other side.

    half up half down fishtail braid lob

    Take the two braids and secure in a low ponytail behind your head. Undo the rest of the braids length and create a fishtail braid. Secure with a hair tie, spritz with hairspray and then pull the strands gently with your fingers to add volume.

    how to create effortless beach waves for your lob

    Give your lob beachy waves by curling with a curling wand, then gently separating.

    wavy beachy lob with braid

    Ta-da! Lob braid wins again!

    Did you try any of these braided hairstyles on your lob? Let me know!!

    P.S. I took my other half to his first ever fashion event this week (Cairns Central Spring Meets Summer Launch) and he had to sit in the front row with me! **Insert evil laugh** Here's a GIF for your amusement:
    Cairns Central Spring Meets Summer launch fashion blogger
    Ah... the perks of being a Cairns fashion blogger.

    cairns fashion blogger Rachel Holliday

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    girl on beach summer style flare off shoulder coral top with assymetric stripe skirt
    As the Australian Spring/Summer season arrives, it's time to embrace an abundance of florals, cute frills and enough off-shoulder pieces to make you think that straps never really existed.

    Today I team up with Valleygirl for a Summer Lookbook to show you some of my favorite Australian Summer trends.

    The Trend: Flared Sleeves
    Australian summer lookbook with valleygirl flare sleeve off shoulder trend blogger style
    cute summer outfit off shoulder flare sleeve top with assymetric stripe skirt nautical trend

    Sportsgirl striped skirt (Similar here)

    Mink Pink sunglasses (Similar here)

    Flared sleeves have to be one my current sartorial obsessions: the bigger the better! Wear them skimming across your wrists or past your fingertips. Mix and match them with other wacky shapes for a look that wouldn't look out of place at London Fashion Week.

    This dreamy coral top is flared out in all the right places. Plus: it's off-shoulder, making it a double whammy trend piece.

    The Trend: Florals & Frills

    summer outfit on beach off shoulder floral top with ruffles and red velvet choker summer lookbook

    Summer blogger Australia outfit floral off shoulder top with button up denim skirt and red velvet choker
     girl on Cairns beach wearing off shoulder floral ruffle top with red velvet choker and cat eye sunglasses 

    I used to think frills were better off left to our Nan's tea cosies, but bit by bit, the lashings of ruffles and frills on the catwalks started to turn me! Now here I am, posting this Summer lookbook, totally digging this floral and ruffled, off-shoulder beauty!

    Why am I so obsessed? It's off shoulder, it's floral and it's like taking dainty babysteps before diving headfirst into the full-blown frilly trend.

    The Trend: The Floral Midi Dress

    beach summer style floral midi dress with split worn with wedge heels and oversized sunglasses
     holiday style australia beach floral maxi shirt dress with oversized gold boho earrings bohemian fashion style
    white floral shirt dress and tassel tan clutch bag on beach

    Valleygirl floral midi dress*
    Paint It Red clutch (Similar)

    My Mum used to scream at me for how short my dresses were **cough** cheek flashers **cough**, but now, I'm all for the long and lovely!

    A floral midi or maxi is an absolute must and the cute shirt dress vibes of this one make it one huge yes! Pssst... there is also a cheeky slit, so hopefully my 16 year old self wouldn't be too disappointed in me!


    The Trend: Pastel Playsuit

    boho beach style pastel floral playsuit styled with oversized rose gold coin necklace and aztec arm cuff

    pink pastel floral playsuit on tropical beach styled with bohemian rose gold jewellery
    tropical Australian summer lookbook floral pastel playsuit styled with rose gold boho jewellery

    You can't beat pastels when it comes to showing off a tan and this pastel floral beauty was made for endless beachy days! If there's piece in this Summer lookbook that's made for the beach, it's this one.


    The Trend: Lace Up Crop

    pastel summer beach outfit lace up knit crop top with choker and floral culottes
     summer lookbook Valleygirl beige knit lace up crop top styled with choker and floral culottes
    summer lookbook Valleygirl beige knit lace up crop top styled with choker and floral culottes

    Topshop culottes (Similar here)Colette Hayman choker

    I've been loving lace-ups for a few seasons now, so I couldn't resist this cute nude crop! The colour makes it really versatile and the light, knit fabric makes it just that little bit different.

    I don't normally bare my abs, but I adore how this piece looks with these high waist culottes. Keeping it classy all the way!!

    Although it is arguably Summer in Cairns all year round, this week has seen it the temperature soaring into the scorching 30s! 

    My Northern Hemisphere readers: I'm sending you a little warmth for this Autumn. Fellow Aussies: it's gonna be a long, hot and stylish Summer: bring it on!

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    nude off shoulder ruffle playsuit from bardot. Australian summer look styled with fringe and shell clutch 
     When it comes to how to style ruffles, one wrong move can place it smack bang in 'little miss moffat' territory.

    Today I show you my fave ruffled piece and give you my top ruffle styling tips.
    baby pink frill ruffled playsuit with off shoulder summer style

     1. Keep it grown up
    Ruffles have that twee vibe that could quite easily translate to five year old at a school dance. To style ruffles with a sophisticated edge, opt for pieces with a little bit of sexiness. Go for something that shows a bit of bust, or even a saucy slip of the shoulder. 

    I may be anything but sexy, but my playsuit certainly is!

    how to style ruffles off shoulder playsuit
     nude pink frill sleeve playsuit bardot ruffle outfit idea

    2. Little Does It
    As tempting as it may be to don a head to toe ruffled dress a la Paris fashion week, I wouldn't jump right into it! Start small with little flounces of frills on hem edges, sleeves and skirts. If you dig this, go ahead and opt for full-blown frilly: all it takes is a little confidence! This girl has got it right!

    girl wearing a ruffled playsuit looking out to a beautiful blue tropical ocean

    how to style ruffles ruffles outfit idea ruffles street style

     3. Use Plain or Edgy Accessories
    Too much sugar will make a cake too sweet, just as too many girly pieces will make a look too sweet. When you style ruffles, go for edgy pieces such as solid jewellery and oversized sunglasses to lesser the girly effect. Plain accessories will ensure that the ruffles are left to do the talking too.

    blonde windswept hair and a ruffled off shoulder summer playsuit

    ruffle outfit street style for summer

    4. Use Ruffles To Add Volume
    If you're pear shaped, ruffles are a great way to add volume to your bust area. Opt for flowing down, vertical ruffles for a  more slimming effect.

    nude heels photographed over blue water

    5. Neutral Does It
    Prints and bright colours on ruffled pieces can easily take it to trashy-brashy territory. Keep it slick and chic by going for pieces in softer, pastel hues, blacks or greys.

    off the shoulder ruffle playsuit style

    marc bale rose gold watch and minimalist choker

    6. The Smaller The Ruffles, The Easier It Is
    Smaller ruffles are undoubtedly easier to pull off. If you do to style ruffles that are larger and more theatrical, keep your accessories and colour palette to a bare minimum.  

    cute ruffled summer playsuit styled with nude heels sunglasses and a fringe clutch bag
    Playsuit: Bardot (sold out online, but still available in store) Similar style here
    Sunglasses: Mink Pink (Similar)
    Clutch: Local Boutique (Almost indentical)
    Watch: Marc Bale
    Shoes: ASOS
    Bracelet: Lovisa 

    Are you ladies ready to ruffle it up? Give in to the frill with my picks...

    Ruffles For Spring/Summer

    In the Southern Hemisphere? Here's some ruffled pieces you will love: 

    Ruffles For Autumn/Winter
    This one goes out to all my Northern Hemisphere ladies...

    I apologize for my hair in these photos, the wind was not on my side haha!

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    how to make your outfit look more expensive

    When the majority of your wardrobe is high street, how do you make your outfit look more expensive?

    Well ladies; it is about how you style it.

    You don't have to break the bank to look luxe everyday and to help; I'm taking it back to my blog's name and helping you get that daily luxe look!

    Here's my tips on how to make you outfit look more expensive, most of which won't cost you a dollar!

    Drape Your Jacket

    draped leather jacket as cape fashion week street style

    Above: Doing my drape-y thing at fashion week. 

    Instead of putting your sleeves into your jacket, drape it over your shoulders like a cape. I don't know if it's because of the endless number of designer-clad fashionista's 'caping' it, but this luxe tactic really does make your outfit look instantly more expensive.

    Tuck It In

    flare sleeved top tucked into assymetric stripe skirt summer style

    Above: By tucking this flare sleeve top into the skirt, it balances and the shapes and makes the outfit look for expensive.

    Tucking a baggy top into a high waist skirt or pair of trousers is like a magic trick. As well as making your outfit look more expensive at no extra cost, it's also going to make you look a dress size smaller.

    Be Your Own Tailor

    off shoulder red prom dress tailor your dress yourself

    Above: A brand sent me this dress and it was a literal sack on me. I sewed the seams in at the waist and it ended up looking surprisingly expensive.

    There's nothing that cheapens a piece like a bad fit. If you really love a piece, but want to make it look more expensive, you can get it tailored. This is worth it if it's an expensive piece.

    For everything else, get a needle and thread and give it a go! I am considering doing a post on how to DIY tailor your own clothes if you guys are interested.

    Add A Silk Scarf

    silk scarf is a great way to make an outfit look more expensive

    Above: I got this C/Meo Collective scarf when I went to see their show at Australian Fashion Week. The luxe fabric and monochrome print make the rest of the outfit look more expensive.

    Although silk isn't exactly as expensive as gold nuggets, there is something so darn luxurious about it. Wear a silk scarf around your neck or tie one to your bag to instantly up your look.


    Invest In Your Sunglasses

    pinstripe fifth label shirtdress with dolce gabbana sunglasses and choker

    Above: This $70 dress and $20 looks super duper expensive due to the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

    If you have to spend your hard earned dollar on something, make sure it's a luxurious pair of sunglasses. They add an air of expense to any outfit, whilst making you look just that little bit mysterious.

    With the average pair of designer Sunglasses costing $300, it's a far cheaper investment than a dress too!


    If It's Had It, Bin It

    **Insert photo of scuffed/ripped/peeling bag or shoes here. 
    Oh, wait... they are all in the bin**

    Sure you may have loved that faux leather handbag once, but its peeled facade isn't doing anything for your outfit now. Do yourself a favor and ditch any handbags and shoes that are scuffed, ripped or peeling, all they are going to do is cheapen that gorgeous outfit!


    Go For Gold

    lace up chain michael kors dress with gold chain oversized earrings

    Above: the gold chains on my dress ensure my Michael Kors dress looks super expensive. The earrings? 15 bucks! 

    When choosing jewellery, slightly polished gold pieces look far more expensive than silver, diamante and resin pieces. I recommend opting for solid pieces or fine chain; this is sure to make your outfit look more expensive.


    Never Underestimate The Power Of An Iron

    floral embroidered folk striped shirt and skirt outfit

    Above: I call this skirt, which is actually one of my favorites, my wrinkle skirt, as it takes a ridiculous amount of ironing. However, if I don't iron it, it looks crap!

    If I had a dollar for every woman I saw wearing a crinkled shirt or a crumpled skirt, I'd be rolling on it. Nothing... and I repeat NOTHING ever looks good when it's crinkled. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a stunning piece, but add a few wrinkles and you may as well have got your outfit from the local skip.

    By purchasing a piece that wrinkles like a nightmare, you need to be willing to spend that extra five minutes to iron or steam it. Ironing cheaper clothes is also an instant way to make your outfit look more expensive.

    Right, that's it: I'm off to do a wardrobe clear-out!

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